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Posted by CFMBabs , 05 June 2008 · 746 views

Dentist! The mere mention of the word causes a reaction no matter who you talk to. "I've just been to the dentist! and all of a sudden that person you were talking to shudders, shakes their head and begins to tell you of the horror that they succumbed to whilst sat in the chair!

"He hurt me and wouldn't stop drilling" a friend said! Her every word was flinched with a facial expresion to match." I hate going to the dentist after that -- poor you!"

I was walking to my car with my face froze like I'd been hit with a flat-bottomed pan full on in the gob. The last person you want to see is an old flame that wants to talk to you even though it's quite obvious that talking is the last thing you want to do with a numb mouth which won't work to form words no matter how hard you try!

"Ave bi do da demphist, can't talk berry well at da momempt" trying to smile whilst I formed some jibberish from my flappy lip.

"Have you had a tooth out?" My enquiring friend said!

"No dust a bit of cofmetic work"

Fact is my crown was old and looked more like a piece of wood had been stuck on my gum. My dentist promised a much more realistic tooth which matched the colour of my real teeth. What he meant to say is it looked dreadful and was the wrong colour because my teeth are no longer white.

"Oooh my last visit for cosmetic work cost me a fortune and in the end I had to have them all out" she said!

So much for boosting my confidence, that's definitely not what I wanted to hear. I've spent so much money in the last 12 months trying to get a near perfect smile, not that I have much to smile about but I don't have much to be miserable about either so if I'm gonna smile I may as well do it in style.

Much of my dental problems stem from my 2 year hospital stay and my definite lack of nutrition which followed. I had a lovely set of gnashers which gradually ended up like Stonehenge! bits fell off here and there! One of my visible rear teeth fractured and had to be removed leaving a gap. I had a bridge put in place. One of my front bottom teeth broke and left a jagged sharp edge that had to be filed down so it's now smaller than my others. My front tooth -- the one which is crowned, began to break away from my gum, my whole mouth needed more renovation than the house we're currently rebuilding.

Back home with my mouth still frozen, I'm rather perplexed upon looking in the mirror to find that I've got white glue on my chin and all around my mouth, and I've been to the petrol station looking like that; Really!

My attempt to drink a cup of coffee was like trying to force it down a beak. I couldn't feel the rim of the cup so it either went all over me or dribbled down my face, either way I made a mess! I'll wait for the numbness to wear off before I try another cup.

So I'm just sat here listening to some music and hoping the phone doesn't ring. I shall have to learn to speak properly again but at least my smile has improved- when I can manage one that is!


One Fine Day!

Posted by CFMBabs , 03 June 2008 · 761 views

I have to say this quietly -- the sun's shining! Don't tell anyone will you or else it may go away! We managed to get one part of the wall errected last night, after scooping out the rainwater from the foundations. I watched on as my hubby laid each block on the internal wall -- we're up to window level!

There's a certain sense of satisfaction, standing back admiring your handiwork. There's even more sense of achievement when you've waited so long for this moment. It finally looks like we're getting somewhere instead of staring at an unchanging building site. You wouldn't believe how much preparation went into taking the wall down and then making the area good for laying foundations. It's taken almost 7 weeks to clear the area, clean the bricks and fill the trenches with concrete and stone. The weather played a huge part in delaying progress. Typical! it always rains just when you attempt to do anything.

I'm already planning curtains and other soft furnishings for my new extension and although I may be getting ahead of myself slightly, you have to put these womanly touches into perspective. My dreams of a country home complete with log fire and roses around the door have certainly been put on ice over the last few years and whilst I may never have roses around my door on account of the geese, I do have a log fire!

Right now I look as if I've been electrified! My hair is stuck up on end. I went to bed with slightly damp hair last night. I'd decided to take a late bath, then relaxed so much that I needed my bed straight after. It's taken half a tub of gel to stick it down this morning and I'm about to re-style it because this afternoon I'm collecting my aunt from the care home; it's her birthday!

My hubby is eager to continue building this evening. I won't stop him for whilst he's in this mood I may see my dream of a finished home a reality.

Attacking the day with a smile on my face and shocking hair!



Posted by CFMBabs , 03 June 2008 · 853 views

There is a well known phrase! "An Englishman's Home Is His Castle" Of course it has some meaning but in my case it's taken literally! I woke this morning to find a moat around our home, no! it's not to stop an invading army, nor was it an intentional feature of our home, more a torrential overnight downpour and deep foundations around our property. It's gone well beyond a joke, I must say! But the sun will come out, oh yes! I hope?

Flaming June is another phrase but the first week of the month shows little promise. I've often joked about building a boat, perhaps an ark instead of a fixed abode and although a joke at the time, it's becoming more of a realitly! The weeds are climbing and creeping around the yard and pretty soon we'll be engorged in a jungle! My hubby is forbidden to touch any of the flora since our nightmare episode on vacation last year where we had to cut our holiday in Crete short on account of my hubby turning into Freddie Kruger after doing a spot of cultivating prior to departure. He's allergic to blackberry bushes and Himalayan Balsam of which we have plenty -- hence the goats who are eating to the point of bursting but are sick of the sight of blackberry canes.

It will be up to me and my daughter to weed the yard this year but a funny thing happens when I mention the task out loud, my daughter mysteriously disappears and I'm left with a pair of clippers and a relunctant heart. I began pulling up the Balsam yesterday. It comes up with relative ease but I'm sure as I pull one, another shoots up beside it. They're like a plague!

We have stinging nettles too! My attempt in the kitchen to make the plant edible failed. I made soup and fritters from an old entry in my equally old cookbook and although they were willing to try the nettles, they quickly shook their heads in disappointment as I took the fritters out of the pan. I swear they looked like owl droppings -- the soup was dark green. I have to admit that the whole dish looked more like a potion than a delicacy!

"You'd have to eat it if you were stranded on a remote island and starving," I said.

"But Mum we're not, never shall be and even if we were I still wouldn't eat it," she snapped with contempt!

Of course she's right! We're not ever likely to be stranded on a remote island but actually my home comes pretty close to being an island itself this morning. They say it's global warming, so why is it that I'm sat here with one functional finger, the rest are frozen and wearing my winter clothing. I'm contemplating making a fire it feels so cold indoors. It doesn't help that we have no wall, however warm it may be outdoors! The draught still works its way through and being such damp weather it feels rather unpleasent sitting here. I worked out long ago that I must be very tolerant, not to mention patient! How many people would put up with living in a half-finished house for so long. If I was normal and not suffering from a condition, it would still be hard.

That's it! decision made. I've shivered long enough. Where's the wood for the fire? June or no June it's cold, I'm cold and that means only one thing in my book, to make a fire!

It's 1pm and I've got a warm fire leaping up the chimney. My hubby came home for lunch, frowned, moaned and then commented it was too warm in the living room. He began to peel off layers huffing and puffing like I'd set him on fire. As for me well, I was just comfortable and a whole lot warmer than earlier. My fingers had returned with a healthy glow and no matter how much my husband moaned, I wasn't about to extinguish my lovely warm flames, he'd be back at work shortly and then I'd be putting on more fuel for an afternoon in total warmth and relaxation.

Looking out of my window I can see dark skies and the haunting howl of a brisk easterly wind! The weeds are dancing and the trees are bent to the left. The chickens are fluffed up like little footballs under the wagon. The geese are sheltering under the conifer tree. This picture I'm painting is one of early winter rather than early summer! No wonder we Brits head for the Mediteranean sun. As far as weather goes Britain has all the grot. The weather man on TV is on antidepressants I'm sure, delivering such bad news on a daily basis. The usual grim face and a map with more arrows than Robin Hood's quiver! He delivers!

"Not good again I'm afraid, a low depression creeping in from the north bringing with it torrential downpours and a strong easterly wind. Outlook unsettled but should become brighter by the end of the week. Temperatures below normal a mere 12 degrees celcius that's about 52 degrees fahrenheit but will feel cooler in the wind."

This is June for goodness sake! And with that I put on another log!


Outlook Fine!

Posted by CFMBabs , 02 June 2008 · 751 views

Since my goostly happenings, everything is back to normal! My telephone line repaired and I'm online once more much to the delight of my daughter who spent the whole of yesterday tapping away to her hearts delight but not to mine I'm afraid!

Monday morning, it's wet and a bit miserable unlike myself who feels like the cat that's got the cream! Personal triumphs are part of my exsistance these days, getting over one thing and then overcoming another has become as part of my everyday life. I find that worrying about tomorrow effects the way you feel today, so I very much live for the here and now! I hope that makes sense?

I've had much to fight for ovr the last 12 months. My Father has been in a state of bewilderment since my Mum tragicaly died last year. I've taken over the role of "Mum" doing all the things she used to do. The latest battle has been with the authorities to re-house my Dad in a residence more apt for his needs. I've succeeded in securing a little home not too far away with one bedroom and a little garden. It looks rather quaint and he's over the moon!

I wish I could say the same for my abode. I still have a huge hole in my gable on account of the weather and we're no nearer completion as I write!
To have the wildlife indoors is novel. Birds nesting in what will be my bedroom is about as close to nature as you can get. The dawn chorus however sweet, is a bit much when they seem to be doing a personal show for you. 5 am they start, so who needs an alarm clock?

Looking out of my window and it's finally stopped raining. It rained the entire day yesterday! The foundations we laid were full of water and the geese were bathing in the trench. My husband despaired shouting at the sky and shaking his fist -- it get's you that way and at least I now know that I'm not the only one going bonkers! But c'est la vie.

With the day looking better, we may get something done but there's a guy on the TV predicting more wet weather, in fact it sounds more like a monsoon, the only thing missing is snow and I say that quietly because this is England and anything can happen, weatherwise!

Back to reality. Boots, scruffy clothes and a hopeful heart. Trowel in hand, brick in the other. I'm on it! Eating worms and bugs on breakfast TV?? I'm off, whatever next?



Posted by CFMBabs , 31 May 2008 · 786 views

I'm quite used to all eerie happenings and things that go bump in the night! It's no surprise when a lightbulb in a bedroom suddenly switches itself on and likewise off again without any satisfactory explanation. Unexplained footsteps up and down the stairs, around the outside of the gable and doors opening without a breeze. My usual cry is to shout, "Come in." Whether they do or not, they seem to bring nothing but a total sense of ease and certainly no fear.

My daughter fully accepts that her light may switch on by itself just in time for bed and that certain items of jewelry mysteriously disappear, then turn up in a completely different place. I have wondered if we had a cheeky but nosey spirit wandering around our home.

It was a usual Wednesday morning. I'd been up and around since dawn. Had taken my daugher to college, waved hubby off to work and 9.30 am was my sit down with a coffee time. With the TV switched on, coffee in hand, I sat down to watch the usual rubbish morning TV has to offer. I flicked the channels over hoping to find something other than some house buying, house renovating or some cheap chat show with a false-tanned irritating presenter and equally irritating guests who could do with a job or something more meaningful than flirting with every Tom, Dick or Harry and having umpteen kids in tow, not knowing who the father is or caring!

I decided that if this was going to be my quality time, the TV was going to be switched to standby and I'd have a moment of solitary peace with no noise. I was in just one of those far off moments when I jumped right out of my skin as I watched in horror the telephone fly off the sideboard and smack into the wall at the opposite side of the room with such force that the reciever smashed and with it my ceramic pig ornament.

"Yikes!" That was a bit strong for a mellow kind of ghost -- did he or she like the TV programme or was the presence trying to agreee with my decision that the TV was rubbish and it was trying to smash the screen? My heart raced with fear realising that this was the first time that I'd felt threatened by our friendly visitor.

I watched in disbelief as the telephone jerked like it was trying to get out through the wall and then finally it stopped. I picked up what was left of the broken receiver and checked if it still worked; of course it didn't and I wasn't in the least bit surprised.
I looked around the room and uttered "Okay you've had your fun -- what was all that about?" I heard a "Honk" and then a fracas and an awful lot of flapping outside. The geese were kicking off again. I went to the window to check that they hadn't got our supernatural being up against the fence and what I saw began to make sense. The gander had a rather long piece of wire in it's beak and was playing tug of war with another goose. My telephone line had been ripped off the wall and the gander had made a break for it, even more infuriating was witnessing the line break and with it my telephone service fell silent.

Of course it affected my broadband service as well, much to the dismay of my daughter who spends the entire evening chatting over the net with her friends.
The geese have not been flavour of the month. It's true my daughter hates them and vice-versa, although she did see the humourous side when the telephone engineer arrived and I had to explain the reason why my line lay snapped on the lawn. It tickled her to hear the engineer's cry for help as the geese gathered around the bottom of his ladder making noises.

No communication for 4 whole days,cut off from the outside world. My day of peace certainly became more than just a moment. Poultrygeest at their best!


Blog About Blogs

Posted by CFMBabs , 21 May 2008 · 776 views

When I was first asked to write on the blog section of ISN Sclero Forums, I didn't know what a blog was? I asked my hubby if he knew, and of course being the clever so-and-so he makes out to be, went on to explain that it's something politicians and well known people do all the time! "Look online and you'll see what I mean."

That was quite a long time ago now and I remember to not admitting that I didn't know what I was doing, instead I replied with a resounding, "Sure -- No problem!"

Here I am some years down the line, still writing rubbish. Aren't you guys fed up with me yet? Some day's I have absolutely nothing to report, such is my uneventful life at the moment. Some days I'm bursting with things I need to say! And you must pardon my jargon on such a day as that.

I spent most of my 30s just hating myself. I was fat and frumpy and dealing with something no one knew much about! I guess my head was elsewhere rather than giving myself justice. I spent my 40th birthday in a thoroughly miserable state of emotion. I couldn't bear to look at photographs, I looked so old and done for! I felt like a nobody and I suppose I behaved like that too! And in amongst all that came my wilderness years.

Water under the bridge now! I quite like myself at last. I'm happy with the diagnosis, able to accept what I've become and most of all I look better, feel better and I can look at photographs without judgement. I have a figure I could never have imagined ever owning again. I was a slim girl in my teens and all of my twenties but when I hit my thirties, they were horrible.

I guess I ate because I was depressed with illness. I'd been through so much all at once and then was looked down upon by my family and health professionals who saw me as some kind of hypochondriac. I was never a complainer, even now. I get on with life and if you don't know me, you'd never know my secret! Every twinge of pain is irrelevant compared to other aliments I own. I never mention a headache or the fact I'm nausious most of the time, I just take it for granted, and if that's the model of a hypochondriac then hypochondriac I am!

Size 8 jeans (probably a zero in most parts of the world) and the only worry about food these days is the lack of it! My dietitian worries about my weight being on the borderline, such a far cry from obesity that I once fringed upon. Not so much now that I watch the pounds coming off for different reasons. Once I'd be over the moon with a couple of pounds shed. Now I'd be mighty worried and try to conceal the fact. Every weigh in at the clinic has me in a state of nervous disposition hoping that I'd be the same as last time, hopefully a little heavier!

The one huge plus is that I get to wear all of my daughter's cast offs, so now I'm not only slim, but trendy with it as well! I'll be wearing my bikinis this summer in Crete without feeling frumpy, and the only embarassment I'll feel is when I reveal my tummy tube, so it's a different kind of shyness and I've yet to experience someone asking me what exactly it is?


Never Judge A Book By The Cover!

Posted by CFMBabs , 19 May 2008 · 766 views

I guess in all of my 47 years. I should have learned that there are certain things you can and cannot do! I'm an expert and an exception to the rule when it comes to plain old common sense, and when brains were being handed out -- I was probably behind my hubby -- way behind!

My heart tells me that I'm still the extrovert 18 year old, my head says, "Pull yourself together woman and act your age." But what does a 47 year old woman really act like? Am I condemmed to a life of slippers, knitting, and baking bread? I think not!

Okay! so is building a house considered a task too far? My enthusiasm spurs me on with the thought that the end is in sight. My back moans and creaks like a rusty old wheel, my elbows lock, and my legs feel like I've just run a marathon! Sat slumped in a chair with every move a premeditated request, and the need for assistance to rise, is not an ideal situation when you have other things to do, like make dinner or answer the phone! I could do neither last night and I concluded that overall, the day spent helping my hubby shift sand was something I should not have done!

The alarm rang this morning and two old codgers rolled out of bed -- if this is getting old I don't think I like it! At this rate we'll be building using our walking frames and that is something I always joked would happen! Stiff, tired and feeling like a pile of bricks are stacked upon my head, is how I feel today! Just getting in and out of the car was a feat worth a photograph, and my daughter sat unimpressed as the time ticked on towards school. I got her there eventually but every gear change was a jolt forward it was a very uncomfortable passage through traffic! I think she was quite happy to see the college gate, but I dropped her off somewhat short because I couldn't swivel my neck enough to pull out on the road safely.

Back home after firstly paying my weekly visit to the local market. I could have well done without the hustle and bustle of a parking space and then to have been frowned upon by a gentleman with a stick and a limp, as I climbed gingerly out of my vehicle. My heart raced, my head told me to give him what for! But in the end I just ignored him and walked by him hoping he would challenge my parking in a disabled bay -- he didn't so I was cool -- as my daughter would say!

I hate being scorned for parking in a disabled bay. I have the right to be disabled, I earned it with this condition! I may not have a stick, I may not limp -- yet! and I may look quite well on the outside but I'd change my condition for a limp any day and if that sounds totally arrogant well, I simply don't care! If they can scorn me I can be flippant too!

I'd love to scroll up my shirt and shout, "Look, would you like one of these?" But I wouldn't do that because that's the way I am. I don't want anyone to know what's under my clothes. The the old cliche of 'Never Judge A Book By Its Cover' has to apply to me! I'd never judge anyone for having a disability badge just by the way they look!

Back to the building project. Tonight my hubby will fill the foundations with concrete prior to laying the bricks. The weather has been quite kind but you always suspect the worst is just around the corner. Our weather is so unpredictable and given that last year was a washout, our confidence is running a little low. We almost built a boat rather than a house in 2007 and it would have been quite useful with the amount of rainfall we had. Hopefully this summer will be much drier and I may finally have the house of my dreams -- if I could only shake off this stiffness!



Posted by CFMBabs , 13 May 2008 · 820 views

The weather is holding on to that sunshine for a while longer yet! It's not nearly as warm as yesterday and even then I was feezing.

I've just had fun and games with the goats who decided that the grass was definitely greener on the other side of the fence! Sat in my living room, I just glanced up and looked through my window to see an evil glare staring back at me. Goats have such evil eyes! "Oh no" I thought -- "On my own and 5 goats to herd into a pen."

I rushed to put on my boots falling over myself as I did so -- where is my hubby when you need him most? I was hoping they wouldn't charge me, so I took a stick with me just in case. The geese stood in a group in the corner of the yard -- cowards! They hooted and honked all the same but I had no time for games.

The dog was running around in circles -- daft dog, barking and making the goats even more nervous. I opened the door to the pen in the hope they would return of their own accord. I decided to take it easy and not spook them any more than they already were. The ring leader was the Billy and luckily he's quite affectionate. He came right over to me for a good old rub round the horns and once calm was established I ushered him in the direction of the pen. To my absolute amazement they all walked in one by one, now my next job was to investigate where they'd managed to escape from?

Looking around the pen I noticed a huge hole which they'd obviously been working on for quite some time. My leg was stinging with a nettle rash and the blackberry bush had scratched my arm. The goats had done me no harm but nature had! The flora and fauna have certainly grown in the last couple of days, I simply don't know where all this weed has come from? No wonder the goats are feeling restless -- look at all the vegetation around them, it's just waiting to be munched.

I'm wearing 2 jumpers today. This attack of Raynauds is just freaking me out! I've been given some vasodilators which I need to collect from the chemist. My hubby's walking around in shorts and beads of sweat collect on his brow -- me! I'm like an ice cube, can't get warm! He nearly shot out of bed last night when my frozen feet touched his leg. That'll teach him to believe that it's possible to feel cold in 70 degrees!

I can't wait to lie in the sun in Crete. Six more weeks and I'll be there like a starfish on a sunbed beside the pool. I bet I won't even break sweat!

"Come in the pool to cool down" They shout!

No way! I'm warm for once and they won't take this feeling away from me until sundown.

I'm drifting off into holiday mode and then reality kicks in. Back to the goats and the problem with the fence. My hubby will be home in 3 hours -- how do I keep them entertained until then? I kind of feel sorry for them, if they would behave themselves and stay on the garden, I'd let them eat all they want and put them back later, but we have the M6 motorway not too far away and if they decide to make a run for it, my guess is they'll head straight for the road services.

Roll on Crete, I think as I rub my very stingy irratable leg. I've got about 9 lumps of the rash and I'm dying to scratch them. Highlight of the day so far?



Posted by CFMBabs , 12 May 2008 · 732 views

What am I doing sat indoors on such a superb day as this? 70 degrees, no breeze and certainly no place to go of any consequence! I have a full blown Raynauds attack in my feet and in both hands -- seems like it holds no barriers for me! Come rain or shine I walk around in less winter clothing rather than less clothing in general. Can't abide not wearing socks or a jumper albeit a thin wooly one! I'm certainly not 'with it' in a fashion sense!

My self esteem may be running a little low but a confidence booster happened completely out of the blue yesterday. I may be hitting a midlife crisis but you have to make an effort sometimes. A day out with my hubby turned out to be quite eventful. I never intended to dress up or slap on make up and I don't know why I suddenly decided to do just that!

The day could not be any better. Lovely warm sunshine and a place in the pub which was warm and cozy. We'd gone simply to watch the soccer on TV. The atmosphere is so much better than staying at home cheering on your team. Unfortunately we lost but it mattered not because we met some old friends and made some new ones too!

My hubby was slightly tipsy towards the end of the game and his toilet trips were becoming more frequent and more lengthy due to the amount of talking he was doing at the bar. I found myself sitting virtually on my own but not feeling as vulnerable as you may think. A guy came over and began talking to me. I was being chatted up! Normally I'd have run a mile but I have to confess I quite enjoyed it! After all, I've spent the last three years looking like death itself and about as attractive as Gollom. Here I was being admired for once, and I have to say it was so flattering.

Long before my hubby came back, he'd moved on with his friends but not before a little peck on the cheek. I suddenly felt like a cheat. It wasn't like I was about to start an affair, I just enjoyed the right sort of attention for a change. He didn't know that I had a feeding tube, scleroderma or anything wrong with me, on the contrary he saw me as a bit of alright and I'm chuffed!

My hubby returned. Big smile upon his face -- "Guess who I've been talking to?" Mmmm guess who I've been talking to? I thought! He went on about all the news he'd gathered at the bar and then apologised for taking so long. I just smiled as he handed me a soft drink which by then was warm and without fizz.

I might make an effort every time I go out in future -- that sort of attention is something I need every day! I feel like Cinderella today because I'm back in my socks, jumpers and looking old and dowdy. Yesterday I was a princess!


Spring Cleaning?

Posted by CFMBabs , 09 May 2008 · 752 views

I don't need Spring to come indoors -- literally. Oh! I love Spring don't get me wrong, when it's happening out there, when it's happening in your spare bedroom, well that's another matter!

I thought I was dreaming this morning when bird song seemed much closer, louder and more intense than normal. 6am and I had the dawn chorus in full surround sound. Lovely as it may seem, it's a bit disturbing when you open your bedroom door to a huge hole in the side of your house and witness being in the trees with them. All manner of species were sitting on my beams with beaks open giving it all! And the mess they have made excrement wise, well lets just say if the old saying muck for luck is true -- I'm expecting a lottery win!

Will I ever get a lie in? I think the answer to that is self evident. The geese kick off around 4am, the birds around 5 and then we have the cockerels adding their two penny worth not long after. I'm usually up and about come 7.30 even earlier in the week. I'd love to lie in a little longer at weekends, after all I have nothing to get up for.

I had a rather busy day yesterday. Back to the hospital to have my monitor taken off, then taking my daughter to her friends. I was driving for most of the day. Then my hubby decided to go out for dinner so of course that meant more driving for me. He would have driven home but decided to have a drink instead, which meant I had to drive! I was getting really tired by 9.30 and he seems to forget that I run on very little fuel these days, especially as I take my nutrition off when I go out somewhere special -- I wouldn't want my pump whirring! away whilst other folk were eating! Nor do I want to appear attached to a tube because no matter how much you try, you cannot hide the fact that something ain't right with yourself and people do notice!

The dietician gave me a call to say she'd pay me a visit next Friday! This meeting always makes me tell the worst lies. I'm supposed to keep my feeding pack on during the day and take things easy, well of course I do that! -- not. I lead such a busy life in one way or another and although I try to stick to a regime, it doesn't always work out that way. It's an hinderence to my denial! I want to be normal like everyone else and I certainly don't want the sympathy that seems to be put upon me when I wear my rucksack! Surely no one can deny me that. My weight is stable but when it dips below slightly, I behave myself. That's how you manage or at least that's how I manage!

Well! seeing as I'm up, dressed and ready for the day, I'd better greet the day with a smile -- as always! Get my mop and bucket and clean the mess the birds made. Feed the chickens, geese and goats and then wake my daughter so she can get ready to go out, yet again? Saturday mornings are just wondeful when you have nature on your doorstep or full on in your home!

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