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The Great Escape!

Posted by CFMBabs , 26 March 2008 · 703 views

Okay! Looking after my menagerie of animals can be quite a task, particulary when they tend to roam exactly where you don't want them to.

Our land expansion is fairly vast so who would think that a small area to the front of our home which lies beside the road, would be an ideal congregating place for a flock of geese, herd of goats, 8 chickens, 1 cat and a stupid dog? Well let me tell you that's just what happens!

My hubby could sleep through a nuclear explosion, not that I would wish that to happen! but you get the picture. Myself, on the other hand, would wake to a tiptoeing mouse with slippers on. No surprise then that I'm awake most of the night whilst my nocturnal geese honk, fight, and flap right under my bedroom window.

My worst nightmare came to fruition the other day when my flock of animals decided to go walkabout up the lane. 5 goats followed by 9 geese, 7 chickens -- one was sitting on her nest, closely followed by the dog and cat, which was precariously sniggering at the daft dog who was being pecked half to death as it continued to stagger alongside the geese.

To my horror I watched them climb the steep hill after they squeezed throough the main gate at the end of the drive. What could I do? I couldn't chase them, they'd simply run faster, and I couldn't coax them back with my impressionable cry of "C'mon!" They ignored my desperate pleas. To my absolute relief, a van came down the hill which startled the goats to retreat -- now I had a stampede! With arms outstretched to make myself appear much bigger than I am, I darted from side to side like I was doing some kind of manic greek dance in the middle of the road, trying to direct the herd into the farmyard. They ran up the banking, flapped, bleated, honked, clucked -- all manner of noises. The dog barked relentlessly which added to the confusion because the goats and geese hate the dog and avoid it like the plague. There were feathers flying and an enormous amount of dung being spread across the road. The dog barked on!

Finally one of the goats decided that playime was over and he trotted back into the yard with the enterage behind him. I was in a state of a dithering wreck as the last animal -- the dog ran up the drive, still barking as the cat was cleaning itself on the wall as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

I waved a gesture of thanks to the van driver who was beaming with delight in my feat. He would have plenty to talk about over lunch today I thought as he drove off down the lane. Of course there was a stream of traffic behind him all wondering what had happened as they slowly passed by my gate.

My thoughts turned to a well earned cup of tea and a much needed chill before I took on the rest of the day. All animals present and correct and life was as normal. The geese happily honked, the goats grazed in the field, the chickens scratched around the yard and the dog who was quite hoarse, lay under the tree with a watchful eye. The cat was sleeping curled around a bush in the garden with one paw on a mouse which she caught earlier and I was cradling a warm cup of tea and thinking life was grand -- then hubby came home for lunch!

"What have you done today" Looking at the cold cup of coffee he'd left this morning, and Ijust knew he was being flippant.

"If you really want to know. I've been chasing the escape committee up the hill and back into the yard."

"Oh," He said like it was no big deal.

Oh! I give up! Why do I bother? I'm just a stay at home wife who just drinks tea, plays on the computer and watches TV all day. Why would I want to do that when my life is much more interesting than I'm given credit for -- well at least you know that, it's just a pity that my family don't!

Time to make evening meal, then collect my daughter from college. I won't even mention my day to her because the reaction would be the same. The only topic of conversation will be -- "Have you washed my clothes, made an appointment with the hairdresser and, oh! did you book that holiday to Greece?" -- Oh ****! That's just reminded me.

Yehah! Greece, well that's brightened my day. Excuse me, guys, warm climes beckon!


Just Getting On With It!

Posted by CFMBabs , 17 March 2008 · 704 views

I can't remember ever writing two blogs in one day. You may think I'm bored or have nothing better to do, you could not be further from the truth! Truth is I have far too much to do but I have neither the interest nor strength to do even the slightest chore.

I fed the animals, then found a sick chicken which now resides by my fire. Warmth sometimes is all they need -- I know exactly how they feel! I feel like a sick chicken myself. I was up too early this morning, got cold and it pretty much condemned my day to sluggish behaviour and an overwhelming urge just to sit and take things easy. Of course my family will not see it from my point of view and I'll be accused of laziness before they stop to think that I might just be ill.

That's the problem with me! My biggest problem by far is just to carry on regardless and believe me that's not always the best policy. My hubby thinks that I'm normal and I suppose that's a good thing in many respects but I just don't do cold! I don't do lifting and carrying either but somehow I always end up in the cold where I ought not to be and lifting things I shouldn't. I don't think he realises that having a tube in my stomach doesn't exactly help. It doesn't help that my muscles have flopped into usless flabby skin or my wellbeing isn't that great. The job has to be done and one way or another I have to get involved.

I wish I had a job sometimes. I'd feel like I was contributing far more to the family both financially and beneficially. A stay at home mum was something I was never cut out to do but somehow that's my current position. It was all fine when I was really ill because expectations of me were none, but now I'm only slightly ill and that makes me alright to carry on. I may sound like the moaning minnie my hubby selfishly makes me out to be, but in fact I never complain.

Take this morning for instance. The temperature was a minus something and I was outdoors with hubby at 4.30 am putting up a fence. In excrutiating pain I lifted and carried corrugated sheets of metal, which were extremely cold to touch, and helped erect a pen for the goats. My fingers were hurting so much but did I moan? Well, not out loud but my head was telling me to get indoors and warm up. I could never imagine my hubby putting up with that sort of pain and carrying on. Before I end up sounding like "The Old Soldier" I'm not blowing my own trumpet for bravery, just stupidity!

I just had an urge, mind you it was only a passing of mind, to go downstairs and put on the washing. I'm sure that my family use towels like they're going out of fashion. I can't keep up! No matter how many towels I have, be it kitchen cloths or bathroom towels, there's never enough. I suppose it's a done deal and my day will have to start somewhere. Forget illness just get on with it, and there I go again!


Menagerie Of Animals

Posted by CFMBabs , 16 March 2008 · 757 views

By all accounts, yesterday was anything but normal. I arose from slumber with a sickly feeling that was to last for most of the day. We were expecting new arrivals but my hubby was at work leaving me to cope with anything that might happen in between. Goats were on my mind -- where to put them if they arrived unexpectedly? I was on tenterhooks. Finally my hubby rang to say he was on his way home to pick up the trailer, at least now the situation was partly under control.

I couldn't help thinking that this was all my fault, my mad cap idea had worked. My hubby had tried for months to obtain some goats, I just put an advert in the local mill and, well the rest is history as they say. Five little pygmy goats with cute little names, why did I have such a bad feeling? It's true to say that we really weren't ready for goats. You'd think that having 22 acres it wouldn't be a problem; well let me tell you that it is! It's a problem because you have to have control -- where they roam, shelter and eat. We have so much crammed into such a small space on account of varying stages of renovation that we can hardly get down the drive to collect mail.

My hubby came home around half past three. We're still in the clutches of winter and the light begins to fade come 5pm. Lucky then that the goats were quite local and the idea was almost a good one to hook the horse trailer on the back of the van. We hit our first problem almost immediately. The towing hook lock was missing a key and after frantically hunting through the house, the decision was made to break the lock since the keys could not be found.

Second problem came as we tried to move the trailer. The jockey wheel would not wind up the trailer and came nowhere near the towing bracket on the van. My hubby was fast losing patience as the light began to dwindle. Finally my very red faced spouse somehow got the trailer hitched and he was off up the hill before I could wave him goodbye -- something told me he was in a very unhappy mood.

An hour passed by and no sign of hubby, van or goats. I began to worry if the trailer had come off and had visions of a runaway box bleating goats trundling down the highway. Trying not to think the worst I carried on making dinner until I heard the van pull up and the door bang. All was quiet in the trailer and I wondered if they had arrived at all. My hubby's beaming face answered my question without the need to ask.

Third problem. How do we get them out without them making off up field. The decision was to leave them in the trailer and pull it up to a makeshift pen, but the light by now had gone and car headlights were never going to provide enough light to work. We threw some hay and straw into the trailer and decided to get up early light, after all they'd be fine in the horse box.

4.30 am, the alarm rang and we climbed out of bed rather reluctantly, but the job had to be done. We placed a pen of corrugated sheets and mesh around the trailer. It was a frosty start and I was almost in tears with pain in my hands and feet. The goats came out slowly, one at first and then one mad rush. They were out!

My drive looks like an auction mart, you couldn't possibly get anything else in the yard. My car is beyond the gate and it's a good job I'm not weighty because I can just slip by the pen. Hubby's back at work and then when he comes home, it all begins again. The pen is a temporary measure but it will probably be there in summer. I'm beginning to wonder who is caged in -- me or the animals! At least they're here and now our menagerie is finally becoming a zoo.


Mini Zoo

Posted by CFMBabs , 14 March 2008 · 783 views

Your wish, barefut, is my command! I read your blog and thought, Would an extension to my mini zoo really be that difficult? True my condition is such that I can no longer run faster than an irate gander, or jump on a goose so as to clip it's wings but I like to think that my youthful looks (er! what do you mean, "Who are you kidding?") and athletic figure could cope with perhaps a couple of cute little pygmy goats.

I set about my quest after numerous attempts by my gormless hubby to obtain any kind of animal other than a cat, and true to my indomitable form -- I got five pygmy goats! I put an advert in the local corn mill: "Wanted -- Goats. Any breed, any quantity." The call came yesterday and like a kid going to the sweet shop, I dragged my bemused hubby from work and proceeded to a little farm in the next village.

I gazed in awe as I peered over the fence because not only did I see goats, but lpacas and llamas. "Oh My," I whispered (OK, it was something to that effect). They were the most beautiful animals I've ever seen. They came over and stood head and shoulder above me with their melting eyes, long eyelashes and gorgeous faces. "I WANT ONE!" I screamed. But hubby was long gone and in conversation with the farmer.

"Tractors," I heard my hubby say as I neared a huge shed and indeed there were many. "Goats," I said as I entered with a huge beaming face and bursting to tell him about the alpacas. But tractors were on the menu and I stood listening to horse power ratios, drive shafts and cog wheels.

By this time my fingers had long gone from use. My toes were ice cubes and I was stomping around like I needed the toilet. Finally we got around to goats! They all have names, 2 billies, 3 nannies and very friendly apparently. We arranged to collect them on Sunday, then we were quickly back to tractors.

I mumbled in total love for the alpacas in the background "Oh, what gorgeous eyes and the coat, so soft, beautiful faces, please can I have one?" My hubby glanced towards me and with eyes close together he uttered a resounding, "NO" And for fear of sounding childlike I kept my awww! to myself

Why is it that most males assume that women are stupid when it comes to mechanical things. I had to remind my hubby that I was driving tractors at the tender age of 12 and I was not the dumb blonde I appeared to be. Sure the tractor then was an old grey Fergie, it went forwards and backwards, had three gears and started with a lighted touchpaper, honestly it did! My uncles used to run out of the farmhouse with a flaming newspaper and stuff it into the funnel. Bang! It was off and it never stopped running all day.

Maybe my finger problems started back then. Perhaps I have vibration white finger from all that shaking on that tractor. It did vibrate quite a lot as I remember. The steering wheel was like a lump of jelly and the gearstick wobbled around cracking my knee every now and then. But they were happy times and we made hay, so don't tell me about tractors when my hubby never had the pleasure of driving one.

So, Sunday we'll have goats but alas no alpacas! At £4,000 each they can look beautiful in someone else's field. I'll stick to goats for now along with my bantam chickens, irate geese and love struck teenager, not forgetting my gormless hubby!


Tea Break

Posted by CFMBabs , 11 March 2008 · 758 views

The weather they say is all wrong! Earthquakes, Hurricanes and Twisters are all from lands much further afield from ours. They may be common place for some but please, ENGLAND! It barely breaks with sunshine, is very friendlly with the rain and the cold just loves to reside here long into summer.

Tonight we are bracing for one of the worst storms ever predicted. 80 miles per hour winds, hail and rain -- batten down the hatches and tie the chickens down if all comes to fruition. Of course neighbouring Scotland will bare the brunt of it, Ireland too but I'm on the border and facing both those two countries, so spare a thought for us in the North.

I can hear the wind swirling around the yard as I tap away on my favourite part of the day (Tea break, computer!) This unfinished house will have to stand up to the impending doom of the next few hours, and that reminds me that the first job this summer will have to be new windows. I can see the curtains move in the draught, but I suppose that's the least of our worries as my thoughts wander to the roof which by all standards is far from complete in our never ending quest of renovation.

I just saw a chicken hurry past the window. I don't think it meant to but the gust behind it propelled it across the yard -- it's somewhere up the field by now! I hope it wasn't the prolific egg layer that graces my hubby's plate with a fried egg now and then. the other chickens are just coming into lay, that's if they aren't half way to Cumbria by now.

Tea break over and back downstairs for a much needed scorch by the fire. Daughter to pick up shortly, hope the weather holds for a couple more hours. Roll on Summer!


Macho Males

Posted by CFMBabs , 02 March 2008 · 750 views

So much can happen in the space of one week! The weather can go from pleasantly mild to arctic conditions overnight, and we've even had an earthquake to boot. Thankfully the quake did nothing but wake a few folk and yes! the earth moved for me.

The background noise is one of crowing chickens and honking geese, the black cockerel may well have cause to crow in fact! The truth is if I hadn't got home when I did yesterday, my white cockerel would have been in a much worse state than he was. Somehow my black chickens got out of their pen and Mr tough guy white bantam went right over and picked a fight. Now my black cockerel is huge in comparison so it was bound to be no contest. I came home to find a very sad looking bird indeed who was still strutting around goading the black cockerel to have another go. I swiftly returned the black ones to their pen and put Mr toughy back in his shed to nurse his wounds.

This morning the hens are all clucking away having laid my hubby's breakfast, blissfully none the worse for the white cockerel's ordeal. Mrs hen may have had a few choice words but straight back over to the pen he went to have a right old go. My black cockerel seems disconcerned and carried on scratching around in the grass.

My geese on the other hand are vicious beyond belief. 'The mob' I call them cause they are. The mean one stands taller than the rest and he's had a go at me this morning. They too sense that spring is in the air but don't know wether to sit and run the risk of hyperthermia or go and tuck themselves in the barn, such is the nature of the weather. For me it's the same, should I go out or stay indoors in front of a warm cozy fire -- methinks the latter!

As for hubby and co, well they've all had an entertaining weekend. Hubby was sober for about 12 hours, my dad too, who is becoming a bad influence on my hubby. He's taking this son in law thing a bit too far by treating him to several pints of beer before evening dinner -- I've not had to do at much cooking this weekend because my daughter has been over at friends and the two guys in my life have been over at the pub, I think I'm missing something here but I think it's a male bonding thing, I just wish my two cockerels would feel the same.

The only bonding I'm interested in is my nice warm bed and at the risk of sounding boring, what else can I do when the weather is cold and I'm feeling tired. Male bonding is fine just leave me out of it!


Vegetarian Chicken?

Posted by CFMBabs , 23 February 2008 · 813 views

It's 7am Saturday morning -- why am I up so early then? Well it's not your usual sclero problems, more the necessity to commandeer the computer before my daughter wakes from slumber. Yes! She's found a whole new world out there in the form of friends on the net on a site geered up for instant messaging and all her friends from college are signed up to it.

I don't mind the fact that she spends endless hours tapping away on my keyboard. Who am I to complain when I do exactly the same thing myself? And in a way it's a good thing that she can spend some time chatting to her friends on an otherwise boring night in with mum and dad.

As far as it goes with me, I've had the most hectic week imaginable. My dad was admitted to hospital with angina, hubby bought a new van, new chickens arrived along with new housing, greenhouse erected and daughter on holiday from college, so all in all a whirlwind of a week!

I also have to secretly report that my little girl has now got a boyfriend! I say secretly because she'd sulk for Britain if I told a soul, especially her father. Oh, it's not that he'd mind, more that she'd face a thousand questions like the Spanish inquisition and quite frankly neither myself or her are up to that just yet. The one saving grace, is that the poor lad is going into the British army in March and he'll probably be posted overseas. If I was his mother I'd be out of my mind with worry -- luckily he's only training!

On an up side I suppose meeting my old friend, an ex school teacher, on Friday made up for a dull but eventful week. We went out for a meal, typical! I just tasted a few dishes and drank coffee all evening. It was such a tonic to listen to a coversation, completely sober whilst everyone else was, dare I say -- drunk! I laughed so much when my friend asked if I would come over to meet her old friend and her new hubby next week.

"She's a vegetarian, Y'know but she likes a bit of chicken"

Pardon me, but if you're vegetarian -- you don't eat meat or any flesh off any animal do you? Or should I ask at the supermarket for vegetarian chicken, it made me so laugh! Lock up the chickens she's on her way! And her new husband is a rambler, likes train spotting, bird watching and jigsaw puzzles, and I apologise at this point if I'm describing your husband but if she expects my hubby to share a conversation with him. then she's in for a very different evening indeed. I can hardly wait!

You can probably guess that I enjoyed my evening with my friend and a good old laugh does wonders for your esteem, even if it is at someone else's expense. It's great to be one of the girls again and have a giggle or two.


Something For Nothing -- No Way!

Posted by CFMBabs , 14 February 2008 · 712 views

It's that time of year again! -- Oh, I'm not complaining because when the geese get the hots for each other, I know that spring is just around the corner. Problem is that they become so vicious, and a nasty nip from that huge gander is the last thing I need right now.

Yesterday I was outdoors when the phone rang, typical huh!. My dad flustered and began shouting for me to come indoors as there was someone wishing to talk to me. I dashed across the lawn in my own style -- more a fast walk really, then as I got close to the house I slipped on some goose poo, and fell on a housebrick onto my knee which was also covered in goose poo! My knee was grazed and my whole knee cap went numb but hurt like crazy as well -- work that one out? I was livid!

I limped into the house, dirty knees and with a voice sounding like I was being garotted, I tell you it was sore. My dad cried "What have you done" but I just raised my hand in gesture and picked up the receiver.

"Hello! Mrs Lowe -- I'm pleased to tell you that you've won an holiday for 4."

I must get a hundred of these calls evey week and quite honestly I'm tired of explaining myself. You see they're a kind of 'spam' call. I haven't won anything really and although it's not against the law to cold call someone, it is highly irritating.

"I'm not interested" I said, rubbing my knee and cringing with pain.

"Not interested in a free holiday Mrs Lowe? Do you understand what I'm offering?"

At this point I was neither bothered if I'd won a trip around the world, to the moon, or to Lapland, I just didn't buy it! I reiterated as I always do: "You don't get nothing for free love -- I'm living proof of that. I had a sex change on the cheap and now I pee backwards and my husband's run off with the trading standards wife -- lost his job, and the the trading officer's after his guts and frozen our assets..." I went on and on with a load of dribble until I heard the 'click brrrr' of the phone being put down on the other end.

You may think I was being awful but enough is enough. These people are ruthless con artists who steal, yes steal, money from honest decent working people without any conscience. I've heard of many old folk losing their life savings to these people and also the sick and disabled who think that they've won something really special for once, only to find they have been cheated.

I guess we're all prey to this cold calling culture, and with a disease like this, it's easy to fall into that trap. The promise of warmer climes, the fact that you've won something for the family, is all the con artist will think of when he/she calls you.

Beware, take care and if it sounds too good to be true -- then it probably is!


Memories That Make Me Smile

Posted by CFMBabs , 13 February 2008 · 732 views

My decision to reinstate the family business has given me new hope that I have something to focus on and make myself useful. I only wish my family had the same view. The negative response from my daughter and also my hubby to a degree, has given me a little self doubt overnight. Will I be able to keep up, will I be able to work long hours and run a household, am I being completely stupid or just simply adventurous?

I found it difficult to even get out of bed this morning, another "I told you so" quickly followed. But the fact remained that I did get out of bed, not for myself but to get the whole family off to their daily routine. My assumption therefore is, it's okay for me to do it for them but not for myself! Such selfishness, I thought. So in fact I'm now doubly determined to start my own business in the form it once was!

It's true that I have run my own business before and also true that I had to let it go because of ill health. But that was 5 years ago (Wow! was it really that long ago?). And I was working long hours and employing people, and doing the books, the tax, the office work, oh! and also the housework, cooking, cleaning etc! Yes! I was wonderwoman! Small wonder I had to give the business up then.

My new idea is slightly less intensive, after all, plants grow themselves, with a little intervention of course. I won't be running around, lifting heavy boxes and working until the wee small hours as before, neither will I be employing the services of other people, except my Dad, of course, who is jumping for joy at the idea! Hopefully it will involve not doing VAT or huge sales and expenditure books and most of all not doing salaries. Actually I sound really callous in saying that! but I really liked all my staff and I guess they liked me because they still keep in touch and still ask if I'll ever start my old business again, so the general feeling is that I must have been doing something right.

Thinking back it was fun amidst all the aggravation. I always had a sense of purpose and my confidence was sky high. I had times of worry though and I think that's common in all forms of business -- cash flow was the most worrysome, bad payers another and just meeting the monthly bills sometimes became more than an headache.

The more I write about the negative side the more I want to shut it out! So let's be positive and think about all the good times which far outweigh the bad. And with that a smile has spread across my face. I remember when we first set up. It was an old disused school and each of the classrooms had been turned into individual units. I had the smallest to begin with, later I learned it was the bathroom, so I guess we started life in the toilet and that pretty much explains why we had so much you know what! from the beginning.

Next door was a small cafe, and the smell of bacon in the morning was just too much -- no wonder I put on weight. We were first introduced to the other businesses in a corridor. One by one they'd arrive for their bacon butties in the morning and one guy in particular was very slow walking and very quiet. "He's a blind man," someone said, so after that when he walked by we'd always leave plenty of room for him to pass. The centre as it was known, had several disabled people who had set up their own workshop, so there were all kinds of folk frequenting the halls. I spoke to everyone each morning but never knew how to speak to the blind guy -- do I just go up to him and frighten him half to death, or wait until I was introduced? Anyway we just carried on as normal until the oppurtunity arose. One day he was walking slowly up the corridor. My husband and I stood back flat against the wall to let him pass. I uttered, "Good Morning," and he stopped dead.

"Whats wrong with you guys" He said. " Why do you pin yourself to the wall when I walk by?"

Somewhat puzzled I asked a question that happened to be the stupidest thing I ever said in my entire life, "Can you see us?" He glared at us and asked if we were okay or a bit crazy!

"But I thought you were, er, blind!" I said feeling very uneasy.

"You are crazy" he said. "I make blinds. Y'know horizontal, vertical, roller... blinds for windows."

We weren't aware at the time but an audience had gathered in the corridor and at that moment they erupted with laughter. "They throught he was blind!"

After that the ice was broke and it was days like that I will always remember. I could write a sitcom on just the antics that went on there. Those are my good points and you wonder why I miss my business so much -- But that was only half the story!


Tomatoes Or Cabbages?

Posted by CFMBabs , 12 February 2008 · 771 views

I guess with too much time on your hands, your mind begins to wander. I was sat alone in my living room, reminiscing about days gone by. I could hear voices in my head (Don't worry I'm not schizophrenic -- yet!). My Uncle John holloring across the yard to my Uncle Joe -- " Cow's in the veg, Joe!"

Back then they grew tomatoes, sold the plants and grew rows upon rows of them in greenhouses spanning the entire length of the garden. The garden was just a small piece of land put aside -- the rest was for hay and there are 22 acres of that.

I used to moan as a kid. The endless trail of vehicles turning up in the yard to buy my Uncle's plants and it wasn't only tomatoes he grew, he grew bedding plants as well. Both my Uncles were slightly reclusive and very shy. I was their salesperson, spokeswoman and general slave to the cause. In summer the trade was relentless and because I was the only person around, I had to deal with the customers. I was 14 and running a business that wasn't my own and I got so sick of serving folk that one day I messed things up so bad that the whole thing almost fell apart.

It was a very windy day as I recall. My Uncles were in the greenhouse labelling all the boxes of plants. There must of been thousands of trays, all neatly planted in rows and in packs of 12. Twelve little plants to one tray! A regular customer drew his vehicle up the drive and asked for the usual, 12 tomato plants, 2 boxes of Alyssum, 2 boxes of Anthirhinum, 2 boxes of Sweet Scented Phlox -- I remember the order to this day!
I'd earlier taken some of the trays outside, but the wind had blown the labels away and in my slight experience, I guessed what was in the trays?

The guy was waiting by his car with his boot open and ready to accept his order. I darted there and back with his plants -- he paid me and off he went! It was a busy weekend, I never got paid for my efforts, never asked for a wage, I just did it because, well I don't know why -- I just did. It was autumn, the tomatoes were ripe and ready to pick. We had lots of customers for those too, so in the autumn I sold the fruit!

A familliar face came one day and instead of his usual 2lbs of tomatoes, he ordered 3lbs instead.
"I didn't get my toms this year," he said. "I got cabbages."

I looked at him slightly bewildered "I thought you bought tomato plants," I said.

"So did I, love, but you gave me cabbages."

I thought back to that day in question -- how could I have mistaken tomato plants for cabbages? Then I remembered how windy it had been and my lack of knowledge in recognising various plant varieties.
It became a regular complaint over the following weeks. Most who had bought plants from us came back to tell us that they'd had some surprises in their gardens this year. Needless to say, while I saw the funny side, my Uncles certainly did not!

I have an idea this year, hairbrained I know, but I'm going to get myself some seeds and start selling plants again. I'm quite experienced now and won't be mistaking cabbages for tomatoes anymore. I've got to do something to get me out of the house. I used to run my own business and employ people, it should be a piece of cake -- or will it!

My first 250 plants have been planted, I have 1000 to go. My daughter will be busy pricking them out for me -- she doesn't know that yet! The selling bit, well I have it off to a tee! If memories are all it will bring then it will have been worth the effort.

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