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Can't Get No Sleep!

Posted by CFMBabs , 12 March 2009 · 783 views

Skip the coffee, sit down, yawn, stretch -- "Ouch" What a night! Tossing and turning one way then the other, hubby snoring --"Urggh!" -- Need the toilet, feezing floor, freezing toilet seat! I climb back into bed shivering and tug the cover back over to my side which leads to a huge groan from hubby!

One of those horrible nights that never end and every hour marked with a "Dong" from the old clock downstairs. The geese kick off and I pull the cover over my head. My neck is hurting, my shoulder, back, leg and even my little toe throbs with every breath. I have an acid attack in my gullet and I feel like getting out of bed but I'm tired so I keep on sighing and tossing until hubby wakes with a huge snort and angrily turns over with a sound like a wart hog!

So here I am looking like I've been out all night! My hair is spiky, in fact I have horns and resemble one of the goats. My eyes are mere slits and my head won't turn. Every bone creaks and cracks and I have to do a radio show! Sure I'll hide behind the microphone and no one but the DJ will see me, oh! but what a sight!

No mood to write this morning, in fact I'm not in the mood for anything! I might just be sleepwalking!


Learner Driver!

Posted by CFMBabs , 11 March 2009 · 941 views

Yuck! Just made myself a rotten horrible coffee, or is it my taste buds that are not up to it this morning. I really should get out of the habit -- get up, kettle on, coffee!

I'm sat here in dressing gown and slippers waiting fer her majesty to rise, for she has spoken! "Mum will you take me to the shops?" The shops being of the clothing type, in the next town and accessible only by car.
Oh how I wish she was more advanced with her driving; truth is and she'd kill me for sure if I told you -- she's not very good! She's had 10 lessons on the road. I thought that she'd at least be able to stop the car safely -- I thought wrong. The fact that she drove from the local shop in 2nd gear and then raced up the hill towards my home with me pinned back in my seat, like I was flying supersonically! And when she slammed on the brakes at the gate I almost had whiplash, leads me to believe that either she's not ready for the open road or the instructor needs a good dose of my scorn.

Her skill as a driver leaves a lot to be desired. My hubby keeps asking "When are you putting in for your test?" My daughter just sulks and walks away! No wonder really. Of course the episode with the terror ride from the shop was somehow my fault as always with teenagers! I didn't tell her to find her biting point on the clutch, actually I was more concerned about the brake! I kept trying to explain that when you need to stop it's not always instantly. You can if you wish, slow down, use the gears and foot brake, but oh no, slam on the brakes, stall the car, get out and sulk. My days as a copilot are over -- better confront Mr Driving Instructor!

I'll be driving to the next town of course. My daughter thinks it's "Ace" that I can park almost in front of the shops. The only thing is, I use my disabled badges for the cause and although great for me, it's not so "Hip" for Steph. "Take em off Mum, that's Phil over there and he's with his mates and Oh no there's Katie somebody or other---Quick hide"

I'm not ashamed of using my badges but I find myself cowering and looking the other way -- Hold on what am I doing? Those badges are for my benefit -- like it or lump it they're staying and I don't care what Steph's friends may think!

No doubt we'll be coming home with bags upon bags of stuff -- all hers I might add! If I hear "I've got nothing to wear for this weekend," I'll scream. Her wardrobe is bursting and she's got drawers that won't close. I have all her cast off clothes in my room and there's no more room in my wardrobe for mine and Steve's clothes. In fact Steve's clothes are folded and stacked on a chair which caused a minor row last week when he opened the wardrobe door and several items of clothing fell out.

I have to admit that we only have the bare minimum furniture. I refuse to buy good stuff or more of it until the house is finished. Steph has one single wardrobe, we have one double so it's easy to outgrow. Never the less the clothing problem grows each week with Steph wanting something new to go out in, and before I condemn my daughter's interest in clothing, I have to look back to my teens and Yep! I was just like that too.

Back to the driving. I shan't be letting her loose behind the wheel today. My nerves have just recovered from yesterday. I've never approached my home like a guided missile before or ever sat next to a squadron leader. It was a wonder she managed to stop 1cm from the gate without hitting it. I think I'll drive into town and show her how it's really done. With clothes on her mind it will be in one ear and out the other!

Back to the drawing board I think!



Posted by CFMBabs , 10 March 2009 · 848 views

I hate going shopping and with good reason too
I can't think of anything I'd much rather do
For once a pleasure, a womans perogative they say
Is now just pure torture on a cold blustery day

To stand at the stall grasping your purse
Perish the thought there's nothing worse
With hands like ice and fingers so numb
It's hardly a wonder I'm looking so glum

The pain unrelenting no relief will commence
Fiddling with coins and dropping the pence
Got rid of the purse with the horrible clasp
But still have a problem with coins I can't grasp

I feel so clumsy that much is true
I get odd looks when I'm in a queue
A wave of embarrasment whilst waiting to pay
I'm sure they are saying "We haven't got all day"

Fingers frozen, feet like ice
A hot drink would be nice
But I can't go to the cafe coz I can't walk any more
The walk is too far and my feet are too sore
My hands are just throbbing and home is so far
I think I'll get back to my warm little car

Standing frustrated--- "Oh silly me"
I don't know which pocket I put my key
With fingers so white I can't feel at all
And then all bags on the floor they fall
With onions rolling and out come my wares
A man beside me just looks and stares

A shoppng nightmare and all too surreal
That's how a normal day for me woud feel
I'm really no use when my fingers are dead
It affects my whole body and even my head
I act so stupid, folk think I'm dumb
Surprising what happens when your fingers are numb

Finally home and so grateful I feel
Driving the car without feeling the wheel
It's even a challenge to open the door
And I'm not going out any more!


Typical Day!

Posted by CFMBabs , 10 March 2009 · 870 views

If there was ever such a thing as a typical daily routine, then I guess Tuesday has go to be it! The local outdoor market sounds like one to be avoided if you have Raynaud's especially in winter! So why do I persist in making a journey to the car parks, get out and walk round like I didn't have a care in the world. Of course my fingers by then would be completely white, numb and painful and no amount of rubbing or shaking would make them feel any better. I fumble with keys and always end up weighted down like a deep sea diver with pockets of coins and the reason for that is, it's easier to give bank notes than mess around for change in my purse!

I go to the cheese stall, my favourite! Real Lancashire creamy cheese, I buy 1lb. The lady say's "£3.62." I have a £20.00 note. "Oooh have you nothing less?" My pocket is bulging with copper and silver but my hands are numb. I smile and delve into my pocket, a wilderness of hard objects, must be coins or keys. I grab a handful and with it comes paper, a button and small change. I can't pick it up, my hand frozen like a statue.

"Can you take the money from me?" I ask rather pathetically!

"Oh look at your fingers," said the lady -- "Are they painful? I don't want to touch you!" She gently picked the coins out of the rubbish I had in my hand, counted it and then handed me my cheese. I felt so helpless.

"Shall I put it in a bag for you love? Here, let me help you!" I felt so guilty, here was I "Miss Independent" allowing someone to help me. I thanked her with a smile and then scurried off into the crowd.

The next challenge was to be opening my car door. I knew I had my keys somewhere in my pocket but which one? I rummaged, fumbled, delved, dropping my bags in the process -- there goes my onions! one rolled under the next car and the rest, well just rolled! My ham shank was wrapped but on the floor, so too was my bread and cheese. "Urgggh." The frustration. "Where are those rotten keys?" My finger scraped a sharp object. "Ah ah, my keys!"

My frozen fingers clenched the fob and then they fiddled with the key. Into the lock it went. I turned my whole body with the key like I was unscrewing the tightest jar. I picked my onions up, except the one under the next car, and placed my bags on the rear seat. The boot would have been a challenge too far.

On my way home the fuel light flashed and the needle pointed to almost empty -- could I make it home or should I make a trip to the station? The petrol station drew closer and my dilemma was turn in or go home, I turned in!

My heater had been on full since leaving the market. My fingers were still frozen and throbbing really bad by now. I really didn't want to put fuel in my car but what else could I do. To run out on the way home would have been worse. I switched my engine off, removed the key and got out of the car next to the pump. The wind cut like a knife, my hair blew into my eyes. The pump handle felt like ice and my petrol cap was almost welded on. I struggled. Tears ran down my cheeks with cold and pain, until finally the cap came off and I managed to fill the tank.

At last, on my way. The heater was warm and both vents were turned to blow on my hands. My feet felt numb too but since all they had to do was press the foot pedals I wasn't too concerned. My home looked so inviting until I looked at all the shopping on the back seat of my car. I decided to just go inside, leave the bags and get warmed up before struggling again.

Typical day in the life of a Raynaud's sufferer.



Posted by CFMBabs , 08 March 2009 · 854 views

What would you be doing on a Sunday afternoon -- putting dinner in the oven, going for a nice drive in the car, even relaxing with a book or a soppy film on TV? Oh no not me! I'm putting beams back up in the kitchen, painting the ceiling and having one of those "If you won't do it -- I will" moments. I was venting my anger at hubby who without saying a word got out his hammer drill and blew off the cobwebs!

The weather was appalling and not fit to do anything structural outside. Not phased by another seemingly wasted day, I started moaning about the kitchen and the unfinished ceiling, not to mention the lighting above the cooker which was permanently disabled because there was nowhere for it to terminate. To say it was like cooking dinner in a cave is probably a good way to express it.

The kitchen had been left unfinished for almost 3 years, with wires hanging from a ceiling by a hair. My nagging finally paid off when I jumped up, grabbed a paint brush and manoeuvred 6 heavy oak beams into the room all numbered and ready to go back to their original place. For fear of making a mess, my hubby got the point and relented. It took a full afternoon but now I'm more than thrilled to say that I actually have a kitchen fit for a queen with bright lights which now show dust in places I never knew I had. I no longer have to rely on Braille to read my cook books or remove pans from the hob and place under the central light to know when a meal is cooked properly. In fact I need sunglasses and sun lotion under those lights and I never realised my hubby was so bald, not to mention the true colour of the cat!

No more expeditions in the cupboards or hunting for a utensil in a drawer that's been out so many times it's hardly worth putting back! My domain is probably the kitchen and now it's finally the kitchen of my dreams.
Now I realise that the only way to finish this house is to threaten my hubby with my DIY skills -- now where did I put that builder's trowel? I may even fill the cement mixer tomorrow, you never know!

I'm so tired that bed seems so inviting. Two jobs completed this week. Roses round the door seems a likely prospect sooner rather than later!



Posted by CFMBabs , 06 March 2009 · 818 views

The sun comes out and it reminds me of where I ought to be! My mind starts thinking about Crete and little butterflies begin fluttering around. I'm tempted to press the button marked "Book" as I browse the tour company website, only the thought of things more urgent forbid me to go ahead and do it!
It's like I have a naughty gremlin sat on my shoulder "Go on -- do it, press the button, give Raynaud's a rest" whilst on the other shoulder my conscience says "Don't you dare." I'm tempted and my fingers anxiously hover over the keys, but my conscience gets the better of me and the laptop is switched off out of sight.

My stint on the radio calmed my ambitions a little this morning. I arrived at the station a little early sporting new headphones which I purchased myself. The regular DJ was off sick so a new one stood in her place. He wasn't exactly new, I know him which made the broadcast much easier. I was asked to learn the board, which roughly means they want me to do an entire show on my own! I don't know if I'm ready for that yet, it all seems rather complicated to me.

I stood with blank expression as he pointed to every little switch and every song on the play list. It became a complete blur at times and in the back of my mind I was thinking -- "This is too much for me to take in." I'm not exactly computer literate so to ask me to perform such tasks is like learning to read and write all over again. I'll give it a go -- They don't know what they've let themselves in for, do they?

I have a million things to do today and I realise I haven't fulfilled any of them as yet! I need to go to the bank, pick my daughter up, see my Aunt, visit my Dad and go shopping. It's 1.30pm and not a pot washed as they say! My goats are chewing in the field and the geese give an occasional honk! The dog is elsewhere but quiet for a change. I suppose this is the part where I make the decision to go out, or perhaps not! Either way I ain't getting anything done and that will never do.

Decision made! I'm off out before I book a holiday to Crete -- Oooh! the temptation is killing me!


The Fire Is So Delightful!

Posted by CFMBabs , 04 March 2009 · 893 views

Just when you thought it safe to announce Spring, Winter returns with snow and ice! The geese are quite confused. Strange sight looking at a nesting goose when all you can see is an orange beak against a snowy background.

My Raynaud's is just loving it. If there were Oscars for the greatest appearances then mine would be awarded for the most prestigious I'm sure? I can't actually remember a day gone by without at least one attack, with the exception of my longed for vacations in Crete which feel ever more inviting as the days of winter drag on. I'm so cold that even if I perched directly over the fire I'd still be shivering!

It's totally not safe to put away my thermal vests yet. I seem to shiver whenever I think about it! There's no doubt that this last winter has been the longest and harshest of all for years. I honestly think it began last June -- question is, When will springtime begin?

All the signs are there. The little buds on the hedgerow, geese laying, grass growing and birds singing sweetly, not to mention the days are getting longer. It was quite light at 6am this morning. I couldn't help notice the white cast on the roof of my car and with one toe out of bed I realised that there had been quite a severe frost overnight.

I thought we'd done with scraping ice off the windscreen. I thought that driving my daughter to college with heater on full blast and sensible driving speeds were a thing of the past for this year. I also wondered why most cars travelling in the opposite direction were full of snow. All became apparent as I listened to the local radio station announce that there was heavy snow falling in the next town. I could see the sky was full and I was heading into it! Thankfully I never hit the snow, it was moving much faster than I was, but I was relieved nevertheless to get home and mighty glad that I didn't get caught up in a snowstorm.

It's times like this that I really miss not being able to eat a hot meal. Hot drinks just don't hit the spot when you feel cold through to the bone. Overall I don't think I've done too badly having escaped the winter flu virus and all manner of ailments that seem to keep circulating the area. It's amazing really since I'm prone to collecting every nasty bug that's ever been known, not to have been laid up once. I'm not complaining, I'm actually boasting that I came through unscathed!

Log fire cracking and spitting and my face all red down one side. I'm bracing myself for another trip outdoors -- my daughter's college. Shame to leave such a good fire but when needs must....


Say Cheese!

Posted by CFMBabs , 03 March 2009 · 877 views

I had a few hobbies when I was young, photography being one of them. You'd never guess that I used to take photographs for numerous projects including a magazine article on the Beatles of all people! Living fairly close to Liverpool, some 23 miles away, I was asked by an American friend to take shots of the new Beatle City Exhibition. I shot the whole thing in black and white and the result was amazing.

I shot weddings too, mostly for friends, in fact, that's how I kind of got into cake decorating, then flower arranging. I was almost a one man show wedding planner, or woman I should say! As the years went on, I got married, had a child and then the rest is history as they say! My cameras lay idle at the back of the cupboard and then progressed to a cardboard box, finally the shed! Since then it's been birthday pictures, holiday snaps, and an handbag item for my daughter whenever she goes out in the evening. A small compact digital camera we bought a few years ago, not worth much just handy to keep as a little memory box is the only thing we use it for these days.

My case for a new camera was highlighted when all the snapshots of my daughter's recent 18th birthday all came out blurred and not very good. In my day it would be called "Camera Shake" and indeed that's what it is. The camera has an anti shake device built in but it seems like it's stopped working, hence the out of focus portraits!

I toddled off down to the market and called into our local camera shop, armed only with the limited knowledge I have of pixels, megabytes and digital terminology. Still, better I go than hubby because he doesn't understand cameras at all. I was faced with literally hundreds of cameras in every colour, size and price. I stood quite gormless with my finger touching my lip studying the different makes and accessories.

"Can I help you madam?" This man appeared from nowhere and gave me quite a flinching shock.

"I'm looking for a new camera, one which will do all the things we want it to." There that should be enough information I thought!

"Well!" said the man. "How many pixels, what features do you want, how much do you want to pay -- what exactly do you want it for?"

Yikes! I never thought there was that much to it. Gone have the days when you went into a camera shop, chose the body and then the lens to suit the occasion. Here I'm being offered all singing and dancing!

"Err! holidays, snapshots, well Y'know that sort of thing!"

"Ah, so it's for family shots and travelling!" Well that's what I said wasn't it?

He reached for a little black camera with "Special Offer" written underneath. He placed it on the counter and told me to photograph him.

"Look at the back of the camera not through the window!" he said as I picked it up. What did he take me for, I'm not that ancient. I'm surprised that he didn't ask where my black sheet and tripod was and if I needed a light to ignite my flash.

I smiled and raised my arms to take the picture. I framed his face but couldn't resist the temptation since he obviously thought I was a stupid woman, to cut the top of his head off! I handed it back and he pressed a button to retrieve the photo.

"Oh!, not quite in the middle but never mind, you understand how it works"

I giggled to myself before he replaced it on the shelf. I quite liked the feel of the camera and I admit it was good quality. The price was a little high, just slightly more than I was willing to pay but I said I would think about it and left the shop.

I went to the cheese stall next -- how fitting, "Say cheese!" I bought a huge slab of Lancashire cheese, my family's favourite! The cheese stall holder knows me quite well and asked if I'd been up to any mischief lately?

"Who me? --- No! good girl am I, now wrap me up that cheese."

Back home to a roaring fire, cup of coffee and just enough time to write this before picking my daughter up from college. Typical Tuesday!


Pampered Pooch

Posted by CFMBabs , 01 March 2009 · 813 views

What do you do when some well meaning soul knocks on your door returning your pooch with a sweet shampooed smell. To say I was a bit confused was no exaggeration! Our daft dog that runs amock chasing geese, the postman and just about anything that moves, was treated to a salon style makeover by a passer by who saw her asleep under a tree in the field.

The morning had started unusually quiet. The goats were standing without noise in their pen. The geese were on their nests and we presumed that the dog was asleep in the barn, well where else would she be? It was around 2pm, I know that because I was about to go out, when a guy turned up in a big white van.

"Have you lost a dog?" He asked My mind was pretty blank. We hadn't actually lost our dog, because we didn't know she was missing.

"What kind of dog?" I asked with the most stupid of questions. "We have a small Jack Russell Terrier."

The man smiled and nodded."What colour is it may I ask?"

"Well it's brown and white and answers to Lucy," I said even more bewildered.

"Is this yours?" as he produced my dog from the van.

By then I was extremely confused. She was gleamingly clean like she'd had a lick of paint, but was none the less happy to see me. I can honestly say that no one has ever taken one of my animals home, fed and bathed it before! I cheekily offered him my goats as well. I should have offered him my cat too and asked him to come back next week when Lucy will have rolled around in the goose poo a few times and swum in the pond more than once.

What else could I do but thank him?. What does one do in a situation like this? Lucy came indoors parading around in her new shiny coat -- no doubt she'd go and jump straight into the little stream as soon as she was let free. My husband joked, "Are you sure it's our dog?"

This morning she was up and around the yard barking at the other animals and chasing my car down the drive. I think the postman would have been eternally grateful to the guy who dognapped our pooch, if he hadn't brought it back at all. Fact is she's a farm dog, won't stay indoors and certainly won't be pampered. Stranger still is that my goats have behaved themselves, even though they find the electric fence no challenge at all!

"Watch this" said the farmer who put the fence up. "They'll not stray now" First through the fence was Apple followed by Lilac, Max, Bertha, and Paddy! -- "Oh!" he said "Perhaps not!"

My daughter was bitten by the gander. My car has been damaged, I do not know how. My dad is in hospital and I cannot control my bowels -- is it any wonder? An eventful weekend don't you think?


Back To The Future!

Posted by CFMBabs , 26 February 2009 · 804 views

Back To The Future -- Hey! -- Remember that film? I remember sitting in the cinema with my fella, who now happens to be my other half, marvelling at the special effects and tapping my toe to Power of Love -- Huey Lewis And The News, Wow! How long ago was that?

Memories whilst shopping with my daughter this morning came flooding back as I helped her choose accessories for an outfit she'll be wearing this weekend -- The 80's are back! Remember the leg warmers, baggy shirts, net gloves, beaded necklaces and hair so high you could get a radio reception? Oh yes, I remember those days only too well. My favourite top was a leopard print design and khaki pants. My hair was extremely curly and I had every colour of beaded necklace you could buy.

My mum used to scornfully nag, "You're not going out like that are you?" as did other mums no doubt. The 80's were a bit weird in the fashion sense and I can't believe how stupid I must have looked copying the outfit of Olivia Newton John or going out like an early Madonna round the social scene in town. Back then Madonna looked older than me, these days she looks a whole lot younger. Do you think there is something about having got lots of money or is she just a natural ageless wonder?

I've kind of been there and done that! if you know what I mean but I was a great help to my daughter when she tried to recreate the look! If I look back, the only thing that has changed is me. I now look like my mother did back then and that's a bit scary. I remember my dad sitting in the front room, not saying a word but glancing me up and down. I see Steve doing that but he usually has an input. "What on earth is that supposed to be? Get something warm on!"

Reminiscing is such a great thing. I've just waved my daughter off at the gate as she sped up the hill with her driving instructor. It's almost déjà vu, just like I did in the 80's. And the music is so similar, dare I say she loves Duran Duran and Lionel Ritchie. It's scary when she knows all the words to the Pet Shop Boys -- West End Girls! even more scary when you don't.

I guess I'll have to rummage through my record collection, buy something to play them on and then rummage through some old clothes I'm sure I still have. I know I have the beads in an old drawer!

This old material girl is dusting off her trinkets!

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