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Reaction To Cold (poem)

Posted by CFMBabs , 18 September 2007 · 788 views

I'm writing from a personal experience with the public toilets in town. Sometimes these little havens can be a very cold place, particulary if you have Rayaud's and people know nothing of the condition. I'm not blaming individuals here, but it kind of makes you aware of the lack of understanding and awareness of the condition. I have sclero too, but it presents itself with no visible scars, unlike some conditions. I don't think it's pity we're after, just an understanding that being cold is not just about putting on extra layers or shivering, it's about the very real effects the cold can do to people who have this kind of reaction to it.

There's no fun living in a cold climate, no sir! no fun at all
For someone who has Raynaud's and heading for the fall
The summer sun never came this year, in fact, we've had none
And now the season's changing and the hope of respite gone

My fingers tell a story and I swear with each attack
I spend my hopeless day trying to get the critters back
My toes have gone in spasm, I'm marching on the spot
People think I'm barmy and they tend to stare a lot

Can't bear my useless digits as I fiddle in my purse
I didn't have a wee back home and now the feeling's worse
I really need a piddle and 20p's a joke
Why can't I be just like the other folk?
I finally grab a coin and place it in the slot
But I can't get my pants down, my finger's hurt a lot
Oh what a palaver just to have a pee
I nearly didn't make it and what a fool I'd be

I'm heading for the dryers, the air will ease my pain
And a snotty woman says "hurry or I'll need to go again"
On go my little black gloves, relief at least for now
I'll be glad to make it home, today sometime, somehow
I'm walking on blocks of ice my feet just won't relent
The socks I wear not warm enough, they're what my auntie sent

I'm such a funny woman I'm sure I'm not alone
There can't be just little old me out there on my own
My funny hat, my clothes and shoes, would suit an expedition
But I'm only going shopping, and that's become a mission
47, and like my gran, as to my car I go
Thank goodness for the heater, I'll have it on full blow

Now you think that I'm complaining and I guess that's how it goes
But how would you like frozen fingers and frozen little toes
How would you feel if you were like me, frozen to the core
Just going to the toilet can sometimes be a chore
And simple things we take for granted become an impossible task
To go outdoors without any pain is simply not too much to ask

The moral of this rhyme is just, be thankful it's not you
Or I'd switch off the hand dryer and leave you there wet through!

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