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Funny Person

Posted by CFMBabs , 07 October 2006 · 876 views

Funny Person

I'm perhaps a little scatty, some say that's my age, oh yes
Some say that I am witty and never in a stress
I do the most incredible things, get everything mostly wrong
Like trying on a pair of shorts that look more like a thong
I drop so many items, my cupboard is almost bare
And when I go out for a meal, people often stare
I might have a mid life crisis, who knows who cares anyway!
And I will have one more trial to get me through today.
The sun is shining and out comes the skimpy wear
But not for me, oh no, for those I dare not wear
I'm happy in my hat and scarf, and gloves all to match
With not so much of a hot flush, nor bare skin not a patch
I look a proper idiot, the high school geek no doubt
And friends all seem to wonder why I want to go out.
I'd opt for a coffee or just a cup of hot tea
Whilst they all drink their beer right in front of me
They laugh and make merry and seem to think it's bliss
And try to make me jealous over the good time that I miss
But I can have a giggle no matter what I drink
I'll have another cup of tea, and a coffee next I think

So who am I and what makes me different, I guess my skin is firmer
The doctor told me years ago that I have scleroderma
Sclero - what! my friends all say, We've never heard of that
Is that what makes you sit around in your gloves, scarf and hat
Or is it that what makes you younger, we envy your complexion
We'd love to look like that too, Can you give us the infection!
And why are you always ill when a cold is all you get!
You're such a funny person, the strangest one we've met
With fingers that do funny tricks and you don't drink or smoke
And if we go out for a meal at the menu you will poke
I can't eat this, I can't that, why! what will it do!
You say that it will stick in your throat and set just like glue
You're always at the doctors I bet you have your own seat
And sit beside the heater absorbing all the heat
What does the general practitioner think of you, are they tired of your trials!
I think your doctor must have a desk full of your files
No room in his cupboard you have a shelf of your own
What do you find to talk about if all you do is moan!
But I never say how bad I feel it would be worse if it were they
I'm sure they'd be much worse than me in every single way.
And who are they to mock me I was once normal not ill not I
I was just your average person who'd give anything a try
I was first to arrange a girls' night out, the first to go to the bar
The first to jump on the dance floor, first to drive a car
First one to go up the aisle, and first to have a child
I guess my teenage years took toll I was kinda wild
So now I'm in my middle years and memories are in my mind
And so called friends are very few and very hard to find
Who wants a friend who's never well or looks different from the rest
And wears thick clothing all year round and jeans and hats for best
And what's the use of restaurants they're places I do not go
They don't give you a discount for eating very slow
They hover round the table like vultures stalking prey
And wonder if you're going to finish the meal in front of you today
Are you very fussy ma'am or don't you like the food!
I can tell they're getting anxious, I think they're very rude
And when we finally leave for home I ask for my hat and coat
Dressed up like a sailor upon the Atlantic on a boat
Yes, I'm a funny person but in a humorous sort of way
For that is all I have to offer, not much else to say
Except I have a wonderful life, a good family and home
And I don't feel isolated don't even feel alone
This disease has gotten hold of me, but it chose the wrong guy
And I won't lie down defeated and watch my life go by
I'll live my life a day at time, and fight it till the end
And the person who is dear to me I shall call them friend
It's not pity I need, and I'd like you to know
That if there is a party I'd be the first to go.
So who is this person I talk about, I bet you're wondering who!
Well, it's the person reading this poem now, my friend -- it's you!

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