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Ode To Barefut

Posted by CFMBabs , 17 April 2008 · 754 views

Thank you to Barefut for the cutest little rhyme
I thought I'd reply to you whilst I had a little time
You really are remarkable, you make my day complete
And doing all the things you do is certainly no mean feat

You run a home and family a great mum to your boys
I bet you roll around the floor, and play with all their toys
It's not just me that appears unique, but you my friend are too!
We may be a small minority but we always get through

You seem to be the greatest mum, by far you are a treat
Maybe one day in the future in person we will meet
We'll have a good old chin wag and exchange a smile or two
We'll spend the day just cruising, with lot's of things to do

It's a pity we live so far apart and our only contact is text
Because I feel I already know you, better than the next
I love to read your writing though not always a happy end
But it's a pleasure just to know you and consider you a friend
If ever there was a cure my dear, I'd send it in a bow
You deserve to own it and that I'd like you to know!

My life is very happy, some say that I am mad
But life's not like that always and some days can be bad
For living on a farm is like writing an open book
You never know the next chapter, but I'd like to have a look
It's not as idyllic as the picture that I paint
A little stone farmhouse in an area so quaint

I'm really not that special, if you look around and see
That within yourself you'll find a much greater being than me
For I am nothing but normal no exception to the rule
A average type of woman and a silly old fool
I share my love of writing along with you my dear
The two little bloggers who write on this board here

I guess the reason of this rhyme is to thank you once again
You took away my sadness and eased all my pain
You gave me so much gratitude and so much confidence
That I tapped on my computer, came down from that old fence
May you always be loving and fill your home with laughter
I'm right there with you honey, here and ever after!

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