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Wet Sunday!

Posted by CFMBabs , 27 April 2008 · 725 views

Wet Sunday morning, expectations are low
The day will never get going it has no place to go
All the plans we made last night suddenly in free fall
We'll never finish this old house or that stupid wall

Puddles of dirty water collect in driven rain
looks like the sun will never come out again
This is good old England I say! as I squeeze my sodden mop
When it starts raining here, it doesn't know when to stop!

The skies look grey and heavy, and the outlook isn't good
All we need is a thunderstorm and then there'll be a flood
It's not a wall we'll be building but a ship to be precise
And all that's left to stop us is a bit of snow and ice.

My motto in life is no regrets but I'm afraid I have to yield
A great big hole on my landing staring into the field
It isn't very private and boy! there is a draught
To take away the gable seems to be quite daft

All in the cause of renovation that never seems to end
A huge and timely project for us to try and mend.

Rain, Rain go away and please give us some sun
Cause bulding in the pouring rain sure is no fun!

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