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Posted by CFMBabs , 24 June 2008 · 761 views

So little time -- so much to do! You'd think we were emigrating rather than going away for a week! I haven't stopped washing, ironing and packing since last week and the most annoying thing has to be when they unpack something to wear just because it happens to be a favourite item of clothing.

I'll be so relieved when we finally get there. Meanwhile, it's all the other bits that concern me! The weeds have grown madly on account of all the wet then sunny weather. My hubby dare not touch any of them for fear of repeating last year's mayhem which insued after being screatched by a blackberry bush.

I have the most hectic of days ahead. My dad is in hospital again with his COPD, my niece came over from Australia on Tuesday, and I have all this work! I look at my rather long list of chores which hangs on my wall in the kitchen, a constant reminder that I shouldn't be sat here writing this; it reads:

Mow the lawns
Weed the yard
Move the chicken pen
Move the chickens
Re-house the goats
Purchase hay for goats
Sort the freezer
Sort the fridge
Make hair appointment
Collect Aunt Mary from home
Make reservation for birthday meal -- Sophie from Aus
Plant flowers at the gate?
Visit dad every day 2.30 -- 3.30
Clean his flat
Collect his mail

The list is endless and growing by the day. The petrol mower broke down, in fact it was ceased up from last year! My weeding gloves have holes and I have so little time to carry out the most minor chores, not to mention that I have a chronic illness to boot, oh no! that never comes into it. The fact that I manage anything at all goes unnoticed. If I don't do something it becomes an issue, when I do it's blatantly ignored, so I make a point of doing it with some style.

I had my hair dyed blonde and now I look like Annie Lennox, my hubby thinks I suit my colour personality wise -- dizzy blonde! I thought that if blondes have more fun -- why not go the whole hog, so I did and there you are!

"It will go green in the sun" My hubby said!

"Yours will go bright red" I said, on account of him having very little on top.

"Why don't you weed the yard tomorrow, no one will do it?" he said.

"I have a hole in my glove and very little time," I said!

With that he left the room and my daughter went, "Ooohhh -- handbags."

If that was meant to be an argument, it never materialised and I didn't push it. He fell asleep on the couch and I just watched TV whilst my daughter used the laptop for most of the evening.

This morning, I have expectations of myself. I will weed the yard if only round the gate with my gloves with the hole. I may even plant some little flowers. The chicken house will have to wait, there is no way I'm lifting a hut! Same goes with the goats.

I'll sort the fridge, throw away anything that won't be eaten before tuesday. Make myself a coffee and then attack the day. Anyone ever feel like a ragdoll?

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