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Silent Clock Tick Tock!

Posted by CFMBabs , 13 August 2008 · 714 views

A little treat was given to me, a day around the fayre
Myself, my daughter and my dad were with me there
I suddenly stopped and gazed in awe
A lovely old clock was what I saw
Oh! wouldn't it look lovely on my wall
As we stood and gazed at the stall

"Cheap at half the price he said!"
I already had a price in my head
"I'll do you a deal, it's Victorian Y'Know"
My excitement began to grow
My hubby will kill me I'm sure
If this deal he makes secure

I thought a while and pictured it so
With all my decor it would go
An old ticking clock with a sweet chime too
Was tempting my purse. What should I do?
"Oh get it" said dad and with it a smile
I hadn't bought anything for a while
So I finally said yes and the clock was mine
I've got a place where it will look fine

I eagerly rushed home with my beautiful clock
Avoiding the bumps and avoiding a knock
I hung it on a bare plain wall
Being careful that it wouldn't fall
I wound it up then felt quite sick
No matter how much I tried it would not tick
I set it for the correct time
But all it did was slowly chime
It wasn't working despite his word
And a silent clock is all I heard.

I feel a sense of sorrow, dismay
About my purchase yesterday
Salesperson's skills I certainly lack
Today I have to take it back
"You were out of your mind" said my hubby with disgust
"Buying antiques from someone with no trust"
"I bet he laughed all the way to the bank"
"And for that he had you to thank"

My sad old clock is flat on the table
My little dream became a fable
It did look nice on the wall of brick
But it never began to tock or tick!
And now I'm eating humble pie
Back it goes, bye, bye

So much for my antique find
I never even got to wind!

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