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Wet More Than Once

Posted by CFMBabs , 30 September 2008 · 806 views

I wish I could be one of those persons who profess to enjoy rain pattering down and running in blobs down the window. I wish I could share the same energy when Gene Kelley danced so irritatingly perfect in Singing In The Rain! Since I can do neither, I may as well admit that I hate it with a vengeance and I wish it would stop!

I'm uncomfortably damp all over, getting a soaking each time I stick my head out of the door. I have to go out for fuel for the fire but the rain keeps me a prisoner in my own home. I've tried juggling an umbrella, a shovel and a bucket of coal, only to be drenched when I couldn't hold the brolly upright over my head, multi-tasking you see! And I thought only men couldn't do that?

The wind is howling. It's a nasty day, not even fit to turn the dog out -- now that's a saying! I've had three bath times, one in the bath and two fully clothed in town. Will it ever stop? We had one week of glorious Autumn sunshine and so far that's been our lot. I doubt if we'll be lucky enough to have a repeat of this very rare occasion where you can actually go outdoors and gaze at a blue sky without the need for precaution. It doesn't help the circulation and I have more cause than most to complain -- I think.

Time for winter clothes. The summer ones will have to wait until next year when the only place they'll be suitable will be on some far off island, namely Crete.

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