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Posted by CFMBabs , 08 October 2008 · 853 views

Ouch! I grab my shoulder again
I rub away a little pain
What may be agony to other guys
Is just a nuisance, not my demise

You see I suffer many aches
A catalogue it surely makes
Whilst one bit aches beyond compare
My other pains are just not there!

My neck is stiff and hard to turn
A better stance I'll have to learn
Just for today I'll need to rest
Just while I'm not feeling my best

I hate this condition, don't want it no more
Even my knees are feeling sore
I'll get out my thermals and woolly socks
My feet feel like two icy blocks

Oh! look at my fingers all bent and white
They certainly aren't feeling right
A freak of nature, someone to snub
I'll give them a gentle rub

No sympathy I ask, for I'm quite used
My confidence needs no boost
Just another drawn out day
Nothing special about today

Don't feel sorry coz I can cope
I'll get through this day I hope
I know I'm not finished yet
I have a good few years I bet

If I can get out of bed come dawn
Stretch my arms and give a yawn
I know I'm living and care for nothin
And I'm not yet in my grand oak coffin!

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