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No Time

Posted by CFMBabs , 09 October 2008 · 781 views

My dietician called with concern
Was very surprised indeed to learn
I've been a very naughty girl
And it turned her head in a whirl

Her neat little plan - her regimen
Was first on my back then off again
You see it's not very easy carrying on my back
A black and unsightly feeding rucksack

You need the calories, and vitamins too
(And all she said I already knew!)
To miss your feeds in such a way
To go without almost every day
Is almost a timebomb waiting to blow
I hung my head and cried -- I know!

You see I have an hectic life
A mother, a daughter and a wife
My dad needs attention as much as myself
Funny as they get old he thinks of himself
And yes I know this selfish way
Doesn't help me through the day

My daughter can't drive and I take her to class
She's a really good kid, my little lass
So I don't have the time of day
To go on my feeds in this way

No sooner I get the rucksack on
Some things happen, opportunity gone
I can't sit down and take a break
Or find any time that I can take
I'm always doing something -- can't slow down
I could hear her sighing and imagine her frown

I wish I was a bit more wise
But I'm not gonna tell no lies
I don't have time to ingest
Or take a well earned longed for rest!

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