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Shadow Of My Former Self

Posted by CFMBabs , 24 February 2009 · 629 views

My life has changed so much y'know -- illness being one
So many years have passed, so many friends have gone
You think you have a special friend and to find that is no more
Like she invited you in for coffee then shows you out the door

Can't say I blame them anyhow, who wants a boring mate
Whose only friends are goats and geese contemplating fate
So now I'm here on my lonesome, not even a girlie chat
Even the postman shuns me and I don't blame him for that
There's been so many ups and downs, more downs to be exact
And I carry on as normal with my nothing's the matter act

You look so well they always say but is it compliment or quip?
I smile and say thank you whilst biting my bottom lip
I do the most outrageous things like trying to prove a point
Then spend the rest of tomorrow rubbing every joint
And I get so tired of told-you-so it's really getting thin
Just like my tired body that I hardly now fit in
It's fair to say I was rounded, I don't mind if you called me fat
For at least those days were healthy and you cannot deny me that!

A shadow of my former self that's how I am today
If I don't rest a little while I just might waste away
I can fit in most designer wear now isn't that a joy?
The figure I always wanted came too late for me to enjoy
So I'm going through life as a statistic with numbers oh so rare
I feel like one in a million, please don't mock me or stare
I may be a bit dilapidated, an old crock and not at all funny
But I'm not done with you yet -- I'd give you a run for your money!

Don't write me off, don't think I'm through
I still have loads of things to do
And whilst I run on liquid feed
You'd best watch out world, take heed
That little tornado up the street?
Me and my rucksack, you just might meet!

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