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Can't Get No Sleep!

Posted by CFMBabs , 12 March 2009 · 622 views

Skip the coffee, sit down, yawn, stretch -- "Ouch" What a night! Tossing and turning one way then the other, hubby snoring --"Urggh!" -- Need the toilet, feezing floor, freezing toilet seat! I climb back into bed shivering and tug the cover back over to my side which leads to a huge groan from hubby!

One of those horrible nights that never end and every hour marked with a "Dong" from the old clock downstairs. The geese kick off and I pull the cover over my head. My neck is hurting, my shoulder, back, leg and even my little toe throbs with every breath. I have an acid attack in my gullet and I feel like getting out of bed but I'm tired so I keep on sighing and tossing until hubby wakes with a huge snort and angrily turns over with a sound like a wart hog!

So here I am looking like I've been out all night! My hair is spiky, in fact I have horns and resemble one of the goats. My eyes are mere slits and my head won't turn. Every bone creaks and cracks and I have to do a radio show! Sure I'll hide behind the microphone and no one but the DJ will see me, oh! but what a sight!

No mood to write this morning, in fact I'm not in the mood for anything! I might just be sleepwalking!

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