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Posted by CFMBabs , 29 January 2013 · 1,825 views

Woke up this morning - Ouch!! My back was staying put - I wanted to get up! Sciatica struck at 08.15 on Tuesday 29th January.

So my day begun like a Neanderthal, my knuckles almost dragging the floor. I needed to straighten up, least ways to make coffee which I desperately needed, my mouth like the inside of a Rabbit hutch.

Reaching for the jar of coffee with a little Argh! Just lifting the kettle for water did nothing to help my posture.

Cats gathered around my ankles assuming to be fed and I was having trouble making a drink never mind preparing breakfast for the felines.

With drink in hand and stacked up cushions on the sofa a sat in agony until my husband showed up in dressing gown and slippers; yes, it is his day off, of all days.

"Shall we go out today?" he said. Quite unaware that I was hunched and in pain.

"Can we just take it easy" I said "My Back's out"

"Oh Okay, I'll just have a coffee then" Looking at me to provide his cup.

I think at that point he realised that I wasn't moving so with an about turn he went off to make his own.

I am assuming it's Sciatica and not something I have pulled. My self diagnosis saves me a trip to my general practitioner and I'm afraid that's another story!

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