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My Life

Posted by CFMBabs , 28 November 2006 · 788 views

I love reminiscing, I have many happy memories to share
Like when I met my hubby, in a pub with all my friends there
He was kind of popular, I was just shy and coy
We were such an odd couple, he was just a boy
My friends all dared me to speak to him and make the very first move
But I was slowly diminishing, my bravery I had none to prove
So I stood on my lonesome and looked around the room
Just waiting to be whisked away or face my pending doom
Then a solitary figure stood right beside my glass
Said, I haven't seen you here before, on your own lass?
I turned right round to face him and it was the very same lad
Those friends of mine in the corner had told him I was mad

I was pretty shell-shocked and didn't know what to say
So I began about the weather and what I'd done today
But he just kept on staring and looking in my eyes
And from that very moment I knew that he was nice
Well we talked until closing and then I took him home
He didn't have a car back then and I wasn't leaving alone
I'll see you tomorrow he said with a smile if that's okay with you
I nodded with a heart that was racing what else could I do
I traveled home that night shocked and in a daze
I hoped that this little meeting wasn't just a phase

Well, we met each night after work and at weekend too
This was just the real thing I guess right then I knew
He had a black mustache; it was the eighties he was cool
His hair was long and flowing and always played the fool
He had a silver jacket the butt of many joke
And always made me laugh every time he spoke
Our life was an adventure the things we used do
Go away on holidays and in the winter too
We were young and careless and still quite wild
Never thought of marriage or having a child
Then he just proposed my heart went in a flutter
Those words rang in my ears although just a mutter

It was Autumn 1989 when we walked down the isle
You couldn't see my face for the huge smile
We went to Cyprus on honeymoon and went to Egypt too
Took in a trip to Israel, what a life before us if only we knew
Our little girl was born in February ninety one
That little precious baby and our freedom gone
But it wasn't such a price to pay for a little ray of light
She's filled our world with happiness we did everything right
To make a special person, you need a good mum and dad
And she tells us every day we're the best she's ever had
Of course she's only joking she knows there's only us
And we're her loving parents whom over her we fuss
We've created a little gemstone, between us we did fine
Her eyes and nose belong to him the mouth is definitely mine

Oh it's so good to reminisce and lovely memories not bad
How a young lad in the eighties became my hubby and dad
And I thank my lucky stars today, even though this life is cruel
Even though I'm not the girl he married he still thinks I am cool
So go away scleroderma, you won't change my life
I'll always be a loving mum and equally loving wife

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