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Radio Ga Ga

Posted by CFMBabs , 16 February 2007 · 709 views

Rushing round the house, scraps of paper in my hand
Finding bit's of info wrapped up in a rubber band
I'm going on the radio -- what ever will I wear
I could sit and have the interview with nothing on -- bare!
For no one will ever see me except the presenter and the mike
What a horrible dream I'm having the thought never the like
I'll put on my best trousers or perhaps a little dress
I'm going to highlight Raynauds not going to impress

I have my little speech in hand, things I have to say
But I'm dreading going on the air I'll have plenty nerves that day
But I'll put it all behind me and give it my best shot
And tell the rest of England about this condition that I've got
I hope the studio is nice and warm or else I might cease to function
I'll have my rucksack on my back to feed my daily luncheon
I'll tell them all about my day, the cold weather and winter too
And how my little fingers become so dead and tinged with blue

Yes! I'm quite excited and nervous to say the least
To go on air and talk about this awesome little beast
But if it makes the difference to someone who feels lost
It will be a little bonus whatever the action cost
If that one lonely person knows they're not alone
And doesn't feel it terrible to give a little moan
Then it will all have been worth it to speak my mind you see
And respect the right to grumble and know its not just me

I'm on the radio on Wednesday lunch -- please wish me luck thank you
And know that I will be speaking for every one of you!

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