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Change Of Life

Posted by CFMBabs , 19 February 2007 · 727 views

I'm feeling kind of low today I didn't sleep a wink
I cannot function properly or have the power to think
I'm doing such stupid things coz my mind is all a blur
This scleroderma thing I have, is more for me to incur
Not only am I changing, my life is weird just coz
I'm 46 and starting my natural menaupause

I'm generally the type of person who always feels the chill
And if the whole family are sweating Y'know I never will
My layers of heavy clothing whilst others wear skimpy gear
I'm often very mistaken, "Look Nanook of the north is here"!
But I've started with an experience, I can't quite get a grip
First I'm freezing my bottom off then out of the bed I slip
I'm sweating from my big toe up like a wave I'm overcome
I'm having a red hot flush just like my good old mum
I never thought I'd be this warm but it isn't really a pleasure
And Oooops! here comes another one just for good measure!

Oh what fun I'm having, my hubby thinks I'm a loon
I'm tearing off all my clothing, down to my knickers soon
And then I start to shiver and back goes on my clothes
And act like nothing happened only mother nature knows!
Yes! I'm on the change of life it's happened to me twice
Once with scleroderma and now something else not nice
How cruel life can sometimes be when you're neither hot nor cold
And nothing to look forward to this life of growing old

Oh ######! I'm not complaining, no Sir, not me, no way
There are far too many people worse off than me today
And what I have is natural only I'd rather it not be yet
I've only just gotten over something I'd rather forget
I know I should be thankful and yes I truly am
My life as yet to flourish not be a hidden sham

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