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barefut impressions


On the Blog Again

Posted by barefut , 08 June 2008 · 900 views

Barb you make me feel like a slacker. If our blogs were books, yours would be thick as the dictionary and mine as thin as a comic book. Since I started blogging, yours out number mine 5 or 6 to 1. I can't even keep up reading your blogs. With all that you do, how do you keep up with writing them?!

Mom's endless energy and motivation is also making me feel like a slacker. I SO want to go out and help her in the yard. I want to plant my vegetable garden and the pumpkin patch (yea, I haven't done it YET!) but when it comes to doing the enjoyable stuff I have already used up all of my spoons on the necessary stuff - like bathing.

The miserable weather and insane gas prices are the topic of discussion wherever you go in town and with every customer at the bank. "Did you have a good 3 day weekend?" I asked one of my regulars. "Stayed home. Can't afford to go anywhere", was the reply. "Enjoy the sun," I said as he walked out the door into a downpour.

"Good morning," I say as one of my old favorites comes through the door. "It's always a good morning when my feet hit the floor," he says. These old timers always make me smile. One gentleman calls me precious and one calls me kiddo. The one who calls me precious asked me out to lunch. They always make my day.

I had to leave work early three days last week. Once for a doctor appointment and twice because my attempts to hack up a lung left me dizzy and lightheaded - not to mention that every time I coughed I wet my pants a little. <_< (That said, I'm still all for natural childbirth, ladies)

When I left work Thursday afternoon it was raining and cold as usual. My head was heavy and I could barely keep my eyes open. All I could think about was putting on my jammies and curling up in bed with my favorite blankie and pillow and drifting off into hours and hours of blissful deep sleep. And I did! It was better than chocolate.

By the way, I have to brag -- er -- mention that I actually got in and out of my doctor's office, in and out of the lab and in and out of radiology all in under an hour on Monday! 4:20pm Monday appointments rock! I guess you have to have your doctor's office in the same parking lot as the hospital and live in a small town though.

Doc said I was wheezing and he could hear some crackling in my lungs but the x-rays showed nothing. Was put on antibiotics because white cell count was up, just in case. Feeling much better today (Saturday) and actually made it through all of Friday at work. Still trying to hack up the other lung though.

I am enjoying the most delectable, crunchy, chewey, double chocolate, thin, brownie cookie I have ever had the pleasure of chewing and now I am going to guzzle a gallon of milk and then have some popcorn with my butter and salt. (Yea, okay it's that time of the month - sorry if that's too much information for you men. :blink: ) :lol:


Blogger's Block

Posted by barefut , 25 May 2008 · 932 views

Bla Bla Bla..........

That's about the best I can do right now - unless you want to hear about my adventures in hair removal - but I threw away my notes so you're out of luck.
Incidentally, most of my cosmetic trials and tribulations have to do with hair. Lack of it here... too much of it there....

Unfortunately, I inherited my grandfather's eyebrows. I remember my grandmother trimming his brows when she cut his hair. She would comb them out from his face and snip off about an inch and a half.

It's bad enough to be a woman and have brows thick, dark and bushy but do they have to also grow together? Forget tweezing - I need to use a hedge trimmer! People try to make me feel better by saying, "Oh, no you have great eyebrows - that's the style" I didn't know wearing a wild animal on your face was in style.

I've never been one to start the trendy fads, nor have I been one to follow them. Where am I going with this? I don't know!

I titled this blog before I even started writing it. The well has been dry for weeks it seems. I had no idea what I was going to write when I sat down but I wanted to squeeze something out - anything - in the desperate hope that it might actually trigger an interesting thought and turn into something worth reading.

Writer's block is aptly named, though sometimes I think it feels more like a clog than a block. But "writer's clog" doesn't sound near as sophisticated.

Sometimes I feel as though I am ready to burst with artistic creativity. But I can't paint. Or draw. Or do anything else artistic. So there I sit, creatively constipated with no outlet.

Punctuation seems to be a problem for me at times too as you may well have noticed. I tend to write like I talk and there is no punctuation for that. Using lots of ........dots .........and - dashes - for........dramatic pauses or........to lead you......somewhere....... Seems to be my forte.

What I remember from high school English class about writing:

1. Never start a sentence with "And" or "But"
2. Never end a sentence with a preposition - or was it a proposition?
3. Run-on sentences are bad
4. Two words do not make a sentence (Wanna bet?)
5. Slang is generally frowned upon (Wanna bet?)

Rules are made to be broken and when it comes to writing, I've probably broken them all.



I was wrong

Posted by barefut , 20 May 2008 · 972 views

3am. Aparently I am not responsible or in charge of how much sleep I get. Doesn't seem to matter when I go to bed, or which bed or couch or recliner or floor I sleep on. I said before, no use getting frustrated about it. Might as well use the precious time to my advantage and get some things done - except that mom has already done it all - bless her heart.

I had high hopes for the memory foam matress I purchased. I fantasized about sleeping blissfully through the night and waking up feeling alive, energized and refreshed.

Yea, not so much. Between scleroderma, allergy season, my sons' bad dreams, our new, crazy cat and this nagging cold, I'm up for hours in the night and after finally falling back to sleep at around 5:30 am I am awakened by the boys at 7am, with a bunchy, swollen face, a jaw that won't open, hands that won't close, arms I can't raise above my head and feet I can't walk on.

Okay yea, I'm whining - WAH! :P Nothing else to do at 3:17 am :(



Posted by barefut , 19 May 2008 · 930 views

Over, short, over, short, over, short.........I think I can make a case for disability since I haven't been able to balance for more than 3 days in a row at work. It is so frustrating! Like bowling - if I can get a strike once, then why shouldn't I be able to get a strike every time?

Consistency. That's my problem. I don't have any. About the only thing I am consistent at, is being inconsistent.

If I was consistent I would be thin and firm and fit. I would have perfectly behaved children, my house and yard and vehicle would be immaculate and my grandma would be as pleased punch to have at least one letter a month from me like I vowed that I would write to her when I was 10.

But it's really more than that. Why am I inconsistent? Answer: Too many variables. What are the variables?

Well, let me list some just off the top of my head:

1. Amount of sleep
2. Weather
3. Amount of nourishment
4. Medications
5. Degree of hydration
6. People messing with me
7. Amount of energy
8. Degree of overall pain
9. Type of hair day
10. Time left until perimenopause
11. People messing with me
12. Grams of chocolate ingested

How pathetic. Listing variables as to why I am inconsistent (and therefore coming off as a flake) sounds like a blame game. I really only have myself to blame except when it comes to the weather - or people messing with me. I don't like people messing with me.

I guess perimenopause isn't my fault either. Or my bad haircut since I didn't do it (this time). BUT the amount of sleep I get is my responsibility and something I can control; so I suppose I'd better hit the proverbial hay and try to make tomorrow a better day.

It's all about BALANCE!


Inspirational wishes for my friends

Posted by barefut , 07 May 2008 · 795 views

STRENGTH of body mind and spirit

COURAGE of convictions

FAITH that everything will be all right

CONSISTENCY of actions

MOTIVATION of body mind and spirit

AMBITION to work towards goals

GOALS to achieve fulfillment

FULFILLMENT to achieve happiness

HAPPINESS to achieve peace

PEACE for body mind and spirit


Progress at a price

Posted by barefut , 05 May 2008 · 983 views

One more rare sunny day and actually warm too! I promised to keep y'all updated on my progress in the yard and gardens so here is what I did yesterday...

First I did some catching up on the dog messes in the backyard (Eeew) :P . Then I mowed and edgetrimmed front, back and side yards as well as beyond the back fence, around the campfire pit. I can't tell you how much better that alone made things look around here. It had been 2 weeks since I've been able to mow and it was getting pretty tall.

Then mom and I partially disassembled the swingset and moved it out of the play ground area, which is full of wood chips, and out into the yard. Putting it back together was a bit of a feat but we did it. It is much less wobbily being on solid ground rather than the wood chips.

Since my preschool is no more, I think I can put the playground area to better use as a dog kennel - a huge, super deluxe dog kennel! Next step is to move the sandbox out of the playground and then fence it in. Then the boys can reclaim the back yard as a play area and I can work on filling in the bare patches in the 'lawn'. With dog in kennel I can actually have my raised vegetable garden back again without him digging it up! AND I can have my precious, beloved hammock out without him chewing it up! I love my dog but I love my yard, gardens and hammock too.

Progress is not without its price however....although I did really well pacing myself and having patience at my slow pace, I stepped in a hole coming down a small hill with an armload of stuff and wrenched my hip. It went pop, there was a shooting pain and now it aches like all get out.

So since I can't sleep, I thought it a good time to bore you all with my yard work progress. Maybe if you can't sleep either, you will after reading this! :lol:


Fun in the SUN!

Posted by barefut , 26 April 2008 · 973 views

AHHH yes, wonderful , beautiful, warm, bright, sunny, sun!!!

Perfect weather for the T-ball Jamboree this morning which was very amusing to say the least. My face still hurts from laughing. Here are these 5 and 6 year olds in helmets that their little heads can barely hold up, swinging a bat nearly as long as they are tall, at a ball resting on a rubber tube, and then running the bases as fast as their little legs can carry them, with their little heads bobbling in those giant helmets. Now I know where the baseball bobble heads were inspired from. And me, without my video camera!

At one point, the runner on first chased down the ball himself and proceeded to try and tag his team mate out. The catcher, in all his gear, was totally oblivious to where the ball went every time it was thrown to him and he spun around and around looking for it. Any ball that rolled past the pitching mound was chased by 1/2 the team and the kids fell all over each other and themselves scrambling for it. I am quite surprised that there wasn't any bloodshed. Looking forward to the the next game with a smile on my face and video camera in hand.

Also perfect weather for that yard sale I've been preparing for. So hard to get rid of the preschool toys. I've had to prepare emotionally as well. Mom has been helping gather and organize stuff for the sale. Nope, I'm keeping the battered, little, multi-colored, rubber boots that were big one's and little one's. Keeping the little red sandals too. And the toy mailbox and the plastic alphabet blocks and the majority of the stuffed animals......Ok, just where am I going to store all that stuff then? Maybe I should store it in my mind and just put it all on the sale in the morning.....nah can't do it.

Sis and her hubby are coming over tomorrow too. Can't wait to see them. It's been too long. She's going to take some unruly plants from my front flower beds and plant them on their (soon to be) farm near town. Then I can start working towards that English Cottage garden I've been longing for out front.

In the early afternoon I'll wrap up the yard sale and pack up grandma, the boys and the dog and head out to the property to help sis plant. The boys will ride the 1940 tractor with their Uncle, the dog will run himself wild and jump in the pond and we'll all picnic by the water and eat cake and sing happy birthday to grandma.


Snow on the ground, Fog in my head

Posted by barefut , 20 April 2008 · 934 views


April 20th and snowing in Western Washington. So much for planting the veggie garden or anything else for that matter. Seems like I was looking forward to this spring more than any other, wanting to get a jump on things around the yard, and it snows at sea level a full month into spring.

I have felt like a puddle all weekend, wanting to do nothing but sleep. But sleeping only makes me sleepier. Can't seem to shake the fog out of my head.

Mom has been here 2 full weeks and my house has never been cleaner. Or more organized. I can't find anything. :blink:

I keep noticing more and more things she's done, like dust under the computer printer and the top of the refrigerator. She also nailed back up the pickets that were knocked off the fence in the last windstorm (or was it by soccer balls?) And the household trash cans seem to empty themselves.

Trying to enjoy it without guilt. During the week mom cooks dinner and then won't let me help clean up. She says, "Sit. You've been on your feet all day." I say, "Ok!"

Don't want to take too much advantage though - I could get too used to being pampered and become spoiled and lazy.

Sleepy, foggy headed, no energy, short attention span and a bit bored today. Just want this day to be over.


Dueling Poetry?

Posted by barefut , 19 April 2008 · 1,127 views

Well there's no way I can top that Barb! Not that there's a competition or anything - just reminded me of "Dueling Banjos" for a minute there.

I have to say I have never had anyone write about me, let alone write a poem about me! I feel imortalized. I kind of don't want to blog anything new for awhile because the blog page looks so cute with our title poems about each other posted one over the other.

I am glad I was able to brighten your day. You certainly surprised and brightened mine! :D And by the way, you are no "ordinary" lady. You are EXTRAORDINARY!

Keep on writing....

Love you!


Lady of the farm

Posted by barefut , 16 April 2008 · 924 views

There is a sweet little lady who lives on a farm.
She has so many animals, some causing alarm.

Some people say, just how does she do it?
Some people say, I could never get through it!

But this little lady is a nurturing momma.
If her husband would let her, she'd add some llamas.

Yes this little lady, though with scleroderma,
Seizes the day on terra firma.

Even when she's feeling less than spry,
She'll make her family a berry pie.

She cooks and she cleans and she tears down walls.
She builds fences while freezing in her overalls.

She keeps the fire burning in the old wood stove.
She even has her own radio show!

This little lady stands barely 5 feet,
But as for stature she has most people beat.

Yes, this little lady is not to be messed with.
You give her a "look" and an ear full you're 'blessed' with.

You may not think this story is true.
But it is, just as sure as the sky is blue.

This tough little lady is so funny and sweet.
She is someone that everyone wants to meet.

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