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Two Sick Bloggers

Posted by barefut , 07 April 2009 · 855 views

There once were two bloggers with colds in their heads
People kept telling them that they should be in bed
"Whatever will my family do then?" they said
Whatever will your family do when you're dead?

For that's surely their fate if they kept running 'round
They were driving themselves right into the ground
That is not where their families want them to be found!
They need those bloggers with a body that's sound

So off to bed they did go that day
And in their beds they loved to stay
What bliss it was for them to lay
And have things brought to them on tray

Their families worked just like a team
They even cleaned the carpets with steam
And brought their sick bloggers warm cocoa with cream
POOF! It was only just a dream

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