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Med Wars

Posted by barefut , 07 December 2009 · 968 views

This one gives me temporary pain free mobility and a bit of endurance but also irritability, sleepless nights and weight gain, not to mention silent other evils.

That one helps keep my fingers and toes from falling off but gives me dizziness, nausea and low blood pressure.

This one keeps me from digesting my esophagus but may be the culprit of my irritable bowel.

That one helps keep my body from attacking itself in countless ways but may also be the irritable bowel bandit.

This one actually does a good job on the pain and counteracts the irritable bowel - but in the way of constipation.

And the new one on its way is also supposed to keep my body from attacking itself but takes a month or two to kick in and may come with nausea and a host of other annoyances.

And this pretty one is supposed to help me to endure it all with a smile on my face but may actually do the opposite.

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