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"Stop Touching Me!"

Posted by barefut , 02 January 2013 · 1,278 views

Ohhhhhhh my goodness will someone please remind me to never, ever even THINK that I can take my two boys, my eldest's friend and the 7 year old I sometimes babysit on a 45 minute car ride to the next town for shopping - even if it is only to pick up the photo prints I ordered and exchange a gift.

It's only 3:30 pm and I've cracked open a beer for lack of any other sedative in the house. I feel like my head has been through a blender and I really don't know HOW we even got home without an accident. "STOP KICKING MY SEAT!" "STOP CALLING ME A LOSER!" "STOP SPITTING ON ME!" "I'M NOT SPITTING ON YOU!" "YES YOU ARE!" "NO I'M NOT!".........You get the idea.

It would seem to me that 15 year olds would understand the cause and effect logic behind poking a sleeping bear. No different, mind you, than throwing a balled up gum wrapper at a 7 year old in the back seat.

Just when we thought he was settled down....
Two 15 yr. olds: "Shhhhhh! You're too loud! You lose the quiet game! Mom, make him be quiet."
47 yr old: "You poked him just to hear him roar so enjoy the fruits of your labor."

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE watching that little 7 year old. He is a hoot! Smart, smart, smart and asks A LOT of questions - that's why he's so smart. And he remembers everything you tell him - EVERYTHING! I don't mind answering his endless barrage of questions - most of the time. I told him to never stop asking questions even if a grown up tells him to because that's how you become smart. I regretted that the minute it came out of my mouth and the next second found myself telling him he asks too many questions.

I had to explain the difference between a smart question and a, well, a question that he can answer for himself:
"Ya know kiddo, sometimes if you just go with the flow and wait and see, a lot of your questions will be answered before you even ask them."

7 yr. old: "What do you mean?"
Me: "Just wait..."

So my youngest has gone off to his friend's house and the two 15 year olds are outside shooting hoops and "my" little 7 year old just now comes up and gives me an unsolicited hug for no apparent reason.

Awe ♥ I told you I love that kid.

Love it!
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Reminds me of day's gone by with my Daughter and her giggly enterage of friends. Why on earth er got a large car I do not know? I was their personal chauffeur until the age of .. well actually it hasn't stopped! She's learning to drive so maybe I will get some respite.
Great blog I could picture the whole thing

Much love to you

Babs xx
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