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sandra → amberjolie

Hi Amberjolie's
Waiting and wondering, have you heard the results of your Lip Biopsy? Hopefully you won't have a scar, was it inside your lip or out? Just thinking about you , and how your doing... Vitamin D & Calcium are always a good thing, I don't know your age , I started these at 47, Doc said your never to old to start.
Let us know how your doing.
We Care, Sa...
Sep 28 2009 02:08 AM

sandra → amberjolie

Hi Amberjolie,
Sandra calling- Me too, I have spells where my mouth is moist, and others where my mouth is sooo dry that I have to "chew gum" to get to sleep! My Eyelid biopsy is next week,Any red spots on your lip?On my "profile" photos you can see my red spots same spots are on my lip.Wow I can't imagine schirmer test without freezing drops! Your a Trooper Amb...
Sep 24 2009 02:32 AM