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sandra → smac0719

Part 2- In canada the Doctors did these tests but first had me drink to clean out all digestive areas of course they found nothing!Have test done while in Pain and NO clean out, they will see what the problem is.
I spent a 4 hr. plane trip the hole time locked in the bathroom!With people banging on the door..then hospitalized.
Good Luck, Sandra
Oct 04 2009 04:50 AM

sandra → smac0719

Smac,I have had bowel related extreme pain, ambulance to hospital and admitted several times,turn out after my trip to the USA to a scleroderma expert, I need a "Motility specialist" who could order an MRI and Ultra sound WHILE having the pain flare-up! Not after it settles- Findings are called "Pseudo Obsruction" In canada the Doctors OUT OF SPACE_SEE PART 2
Oct 04 2009 04:42 AM

sandra → craig.norman

Big hello & Welcome Craig!
Glad that you found us, I recently became a member too, I thought I was all alone with Scleroderma, until I joined all my new friends here, there is everything you would want to know or ask about auto-imune right here , support & caring people got me through my days, and some great laughs too!
Sincere Welcome
Oct 03 2009 04:10 AM


Having high expectations is pointless unless you give people clearer instructions
Oct 02 2009 02:15 PM

sandra → Elizabeth28

Ring Ring Hello Elizabeth, anybody home?
Sandra Calling,
I have been thinking of you lately, and read your last post, I am so thrilled for you that you have gained some peace and comfort with your health, Keep positive, stay comfy, and don't forget we are always here for you, keep in touch OK, Only good wishes for you Elizabeth! Your Friend Sandra
Oct 01 2009 01:50 AM


is wheezing and waving
Sep 28 2009 12:33 PM

sandra → amberjolie

Hi Amberjolie's
Waiting and wondering, have you heard the results of your Lip Biopsy? Hopefully you won't have a scar, was it inside your lip or out? Just thinking about you , and how your doing... Vitamin D & Calcium are always a good thing, I don't know your age , I started these at 47, Doc said your never to old to start.
Let us know how your doing.
We Care, Sa...
Sep 28 2009 02:08 AM

sandra → amberjolie

Hi Amberjolie,
Sandra calling- Me too, I have spells where my mouth is moist, and others where my mouth is sooo dry that I have to "chew gum" to get to sleep! My Eyelid biopsy is next week,Any red spots on your lip?On my "profile" photos you can see my red spots same spots are on my lip.Wow I can't imagine schirmer test without freezing drops! Your a Trooper Amb...
Sep 24 2009 02:32 AM

Patty LaFave → lisashortall

Just to say hello to you also, and to let you know Im from a little town called Ravena, its south of Albany NY
Sep 20 2009 11:51 AM


I am a complete amateur when it comes to this sort of thing. I just spend about an hour writing a post then when I tried to upload it I lost it, so I am fed up and going to bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 18 2009 11:47 PM


has not set their status
Sep 18 2009 07:24 AM

judyt → CarolCNZ

Hi Carol, I am really pleased to hear from somebody in Aotearoa!!! It is very hard to find anybody here to talk to. I am not as badly off as you but I still would like to find somebody with similar problems to mine. I have CREST and am well at the moment. Maybe you will have time to say Hi sometime. judy t
Sep 15 2009 07:46 PM


is loving the cat!
Sep 10 2009 09:56 AM


has not set their status
Sep 10 2009 07:59 AM

janey → LouiseJane1

LouiseJane - Just wanted to say WELCOME! I saw your post under the Magnesium thread. Please start a new thread and tell us a little about yourself. We're glad you've joined our little family. Big Hugs, Janey
Sep 08 2009 03:23 AM