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Joelf → charliehorse

Hi Charliehorse
It does show my age but the early series was circa. 1965!! Ian Carmichael (an English actor whom I've always liked) was fairly true to the character of Bertie; he was a teeny bit old as I've always thought that Bertie was supposed to be in his mid-twenties & Ian Carmichael was 40ish when he played the part.
The humour has always appealed to me.
Oct 18 2009 02:20 AM

charliehorse → Joelf

Hi Joelf,
I didn't know there was an earlier series. How exciting. I'm currently reading "The World of Jeeves" an omnibus collection of Jeeves. Like you, I love the bumbling Wooster and the inimitable Jeeves. Such fun!
Cheers, Charliehorse
Oct 17 2009 09:14 PM

sandra → hippychik

Hello Hippchik!
Came across your post, How are things going with you? Hope your comfy and coping...
Send us an Update - we care.
Oct 16 2009 03:03 AM

sandra → janey

Janey, luv the avitar!So peaceful,this must be your veiw? I wish I was there SIX days from now.. I would make you Grits & Greenies for breaky!
Phuphinita, Sandra
Oct 16 2009 02:36 AM

sandra → amberjolie

Hellooz Amberjolie
Sandra callin,I realized it was'nt you without freezing after I cliked "Post!" Woops, Today stitches come out, eyelids! The good thing about too many doctor appts,is "they still are trying to help,I wish all my appts could all be in one day! Instead of one a day!Wish I knew you sooner,we were there, we stayed in a haunted hotel-Icecream on Wo...
Oct 16 2009 02:14 AM

sandra → ozzy69

Hi, Sandra callin
Me too- wrists n ankles still a little bonus Diarea, seems weird being able to write these things to people who actually understand it, lucky to have you as a good buddy. Eyelid sutures removal this friday, hopefully results will be ready.I wonder what the damage is doin to our joints?? Are we going to end up gimped, hmm I will ask my Doctors- let ya know.
Oct 13 2009 04:26 AM

sandra → ozzy69

Ring Ring.. Hellooooo
Nina there?
Sandra callin, Just checking in to see how's the wrists and ankles, mine are still achey! Not likin it a bit! Still waking up at 1:30 - 2:30 am Really whats up with that? No wonder we drag our ourselves around like ZOMBIES all day, Just one full good nights sleep is all I ask! Nina I get my eyelid biopsie results this Friday and stitch...
Oct 12 2009 03:43 AM

Deb1million → Cal

hello Cal
Welcome to the best sclero place on the web. I read in your post that you have had it for some years. Hope you are getting on ok. Keep posting, as its great to know we are not alone with this rare condition.
take care
Oct 11 2009 12:02 PM


I am a native New Yorker now living in Virginia. Dx with Scleroderma several years ago. Had some real discomfort but now not too bad except for the fatigue which is overwhelming.
I am happy to be on the forum.
Oct 11 2009 07:30 AM

the only Y

Searching for HOPE.
Oct 11 2009 06:51 AM

charliehorse → Buttons

Hi Buttons, I just responded to your lovely message - I hope you get my response. I have no idea where they end up, but it's not on this page so who knows? Charliehorse :-)
Oct 08 2009 11:27 PM

charliehorse → Buttons

Hi Buttons, I notice you are on here at the same time I am. Am I right that you too are from Australia? Charliehorse.
Oct 07 2009 09:16 PM

sandra → Amanda Thorpe

Me too Amanda!
I don't look disabled, but when I go grocery shopping and hang the card on my mirror, every once in a while (usually seniors) come to my car angry "YOU DON'T LOOK DISABLED AND ITS AGAINST THE LAW TO USE YOUR GRANDMOTHERS CARD! They they scowel at me in the store, should I stand there & explain myself to them... Twisted inners Sandra
Oct 06 2009 02:42 AM

sandra → smac0719

Hi smac
Oct 05 2009 03:12 AM


: Sometimes we break the unbreakable, sometimes.
Oct 04 2009 10:48 PM