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Shelley Ensz → pduckworth

Hi PD,
The "set status" thing is just there in a useless attempt to drive all of us nuts, wondering what it is there for. It worries me actually. I don't know how to set a status, but if you find out, you could always set yours to "High". <LOL>
Feb 22 2010 03:25 PM


what do I put in the line to have set status?
Dec 31 2009 07:06 PM


Hi Everyone,
I've come to this site many times and decided it's time I become a member, I have found this site very helpful, especially the questions section. I hope to see a rheumatologist in the new year to get a better picture of my situation, and hopefully get some medications to allow me to function. Well, time will tell and of course just look around and you will always find someone...
Dec 27 2009 02:34 PM