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Hi Annie20 I laughed when I had seen you sent me a message because it must have been esp I was thinking of you the last few weeks. I could not go to Dr. Mendoza because of insurance reasons, he would not have been covered. I saw Dr. Potts in Green Bay, he seemed very good. He did a high resolution cat scan, pul tests, sleep study pre test, all looked pretty good he said, Annie I will email you, OK
Aug 29 2010 01:53 AM

Annie20 → perfect

Hi Susie,
This is Annie20 and I'm hoping all is well with you.
I haven't seen you on chat for quite awhile and wondering if you're o.k.
Just curious if you set up an appointment to see Dr. Mendoza, the pulmonologist whom I recommended. And if you did see him, what was your opinion on him? I still see him and feel he is a very competant pulm., and...
Aug 28 2010 11:09 AM