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hey! thx for letting me know. I absolutely will ask. I do not have a single symptom of the disease... the positive blood test was a total shock to me and my rheumatologist. I have found others here like us, too. My current rheumatologist feels a 10% chance of ever getting it, and also it would be mild if we did because we are pos. yet no symptoms. My heart and lungs are normal and naillfolds normal too.
Oct 04 2010 06:44 AM

ladybug → SuzanneL

I too had a positive SCL-70 reading over 2 years ago. I developed ritis and my doctor did blood tests. My ANA was up and my SCL-70 was 233. after more tests by a rheumatologist, he said I did not have Scleroderma and probably never would get it. Still scares the **** out of me. Please ask doctors at Hopkins why so many of us have this marker but not the disease? Will we get it?...
Oct 04 2010 06:23 AM