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Sheryl → Amanda Thorpe

Are they giving you any natural vitamins for your chronic fatigue? I was given CoEmzymeQ10 and some other natural vitamin and before I knew it I was doing well again. Also cut down on sweet things. Any types of sugary foods for awhile. You will be surprised how much less fatigue you have.
May 25 2010 11:07 AM

Sheryl → susieq40

Susie I went to facebook and typed in the name you gave me. There were several people with your first and last name. Then I went to the other susie's and looked for your name or picture under her 155 friends and family. I didn't find you. So, you can send me the invite. SherylDoom is all you have to put in. There should be a picture that you are familiar with there. Good luck.
May 02 2010 03:29 PM


has not set their status
Sep 18 2009 07:24 AM