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Are these symptoms of scleroderma?

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#1 Patty Arche-Hueck

Patty Arche-Hueck

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Posted 17 September 2010 - 07:55 AM

I just read a few replies to welcome me, also some other posting and there it goes.

I can't close my hands, so I cannot write with pen or pencil
My knees get very stiff
My feet and hands get very cold (live in hot Miami)
Losing my hair
Problems to swallow (eat with water)
And now a red hard patch (small) came out in my face

To all add the fibromyalgia pain, the psoriasis in my elbows (also ache) and a lot of brown spots on my arms.

All these are part of the scleroderma? Please let me know.


#2 Shelley Ensz

Shelley Ensz

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Posted 17 September 2010 - 10:07 AM

Hi Patty,

Welcome to Sclero Forums. Please keep in mind that I'm not a doctor, in fact I have no medical training at all.

The symptoms you describe, except for the fibromyalgia and psoriasis, can be a part of scleroderma. The hair loss is probably more typically a medication side effect, perhaps from prednisone. You can look up the list of side effects on your medications and talk to your pharmacist and doctor to figure out the cause in your particular case.

Systemic scleroderma typically onsets very slowly, to the point where many of us have trouble identifying any exact time when we first became ill. However, a very few people experience what is called rapid-onset diffuse scleroderma. You can ask your rheumatologist if you fit that profile, or not.
Warm Hugs,

Shelley Ensz
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#3 Patty Arche-Hueck

Patty Arche-Hueck

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Posted 17 September 2010 - 10:46 AM

Shelley, I tested positive 5.6 on the antinuclear Scl, so my rheumatologist said I got it, but since I am new to this, and I have been reading some posts, I wonder if I got this for sometime now or if it just happened 3 month ago when I got the flare up. Trust me it was ugly and still I am not back on my normal self, that's why I ask.

#4 debonair susie

debonair susie

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Posted 17 September 2010 - 11:13 AM

Hi Patty,

I also would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the forums. As a very LARGE family, from all over the world, I am hopeful you will hear from more folks!

I have Psoriasis, as well as Psoriatic Arthritis and can speak to the elbow Psoriatic pain, which is very painful when inflamed with heat. I also get the pain/inflammation in other joints...the same as the elbow. Fortunately, this has not been something that is ongoing, but occurs only occasionally, in my particular case.

We do have some great links you might want to peruse, but as Shelley metioned, your rheumatologist may be able to speak more specifically to your symptoms.
The good thing is that you are able to be very succinct with your description of symptoms which really helps your dr. Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.
Special Hugs,

Susie Kraft
ISN Support Specialist
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International Scleroderma Network (ISN)