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Starting Chemotherapy

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debonair susie

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Posted 19 February 2011 - 11:34 AM

Hi Vanessa,

It's so good to hear that you are "less sick", which must feel much better.

Please do take care and thank you so much for keeping us updated on yourself.

Sending across the ocean {{{{Huge Soft Hugs}}}}
Special Hugs,

Susie Kraft
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#22 Cheryl



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Posted 20 February 2011 - 11:34 PM

Hi Vanessa,

I have diffuse Scleroderma with skin involvement, I have just finished 10 Months of treatment for Inflammatory breast cancer.
I had 3 months of Chemo, then a mastectomy, then 3 more months of chemo then 5 weeks of radiation.

The chemo is fine with scleroderma it may even help with the skin and other problems, it is radiation that is the big problem. 2 doctors agreed on radiation and 2 disagreed on radiation, so it was left up to me, I did go ahead . It is 6 months since I finished radiation and things are pretty good, skin tightening a bit and still some cording under my arms, the cording is collagen production so we don't have much luck. I am still having a massage once a week to the chest and under the arm, the doctors would like this for 2 years if possible. Your doctors need to work in close with the cancer doctors, they changed some of my medication to cope with things and put me back on prednisone, (not happy) now down to 5 mg and hoping to came off it in the next 6 months.

I hope things go well and my thoughts are with you,


Diffused Scleroderma, Kidney involvement, stomach issues, Inflammatory Breast cancer

Ladies this form of breast cancer needs no lump just thickening of the skin ( so much like scleroderma)

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Posted 21 February 2011 - 08:29 AM

Hi Cheryl,

A warm welcome to these forums!

I'm very sorry to hear that you've had such a lot of health problems to contend with; it must seem to you to be one thing after the other. :( I do hope that after the treatment you've received for breast cancer, you continue to improve in leaps and bounds.

Regarding Diffuse Scleroderma we have a link here and also a link to kidney involvement and gastrointestinal involvement which I hope you'll find interesting and informative.

Do please keep posting and let us know how you are faring. :)
Jo Frowde
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#24 Amanda Thorpe

Amanda Thorpe

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Posted 21 February 2011 - 04:59 PM

Hello Cheryl

Welcome to the forums! I'm glad that your cancer treatment is over and was successful. :emoticon-congratulations:

Take care and keep posting.

Amanda Thorpe
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Posted 21 February 2011 - 11:42 PM

(((((((Vanessa)))))))) :wub:

#26 miocean


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Posted 22 February 2011 - 08:47 AM


Cheryl and Vanessa, Best wishes for a speedy recovery! :emoticons-group-hug:


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#27 CraigR


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Posted 22 February 2011 - 11:28 AM

I went throught 6 months of chemotherapy with stem cell transplant for Burkitt's Lymphoma 8 years ago.

I had projectile vomiting once - and was very careful to insist on a good dose of anti-nausea medication before the particular drug after that. There is very little notice before one of these episodes, unlike typical nausea.

Chemo levels were, much, much higher than given for sclero or post-transplant treatment. Example: methotrexate treatment later requires "rescue" drug (leucovorin). Other than bone marrow, the immune system is largely wiped ought. To prevent infection, I took antibiotics, anti-virals and anti-fungal medication until white blood cell numbers rise to normal. In addition, it was necessary to avoid sources of infection - other people, animals (don't get near a cat box), dirt (avoid houseplants) and especially, don't eat anything that isn't cooked.

I found the periods after the chemo worse than the treatment. As the effects become manifest, I had what I think of as "feeling like I'd been run over by a truck".

I recall 2 GCSF drugs: "neupogen", used to stimulate the bone marrow to produce white blood cells and procrit to stimulate red cells. Neupogen may require pain medication when the bone marrow starts working. The pain is in the lower back.


#28 Vanessa


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Posted 24 February 2011 - 07:35 AM

Thanks Craig
Yes I have been injecting myself daily with GCSF. I am going to have some bloods taken later to see if that has helped as today is day 10.
I normally run on a very low leukacyte level and had problems when I was on Cellcept because of this.
Before I started the chemo my WBC was 3.4
I do wonder though how these stimulant type drugs will affect my Scleroderma.
Just have to wait and see I guess.
Thanks for all the feedback

#29 KayTee


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Posted 24 February 2011 - 11:34 PM

Hi Vanessa:
I had breast cancer and went through surgeries and treatments 8 years ago. I was diagnosed with scleroderma almost two years ago.
Yes - you can do it.
I was so thankful for my wonderful doctors, new treatment therapies and medications.
Today I am maintaining my health and starting a new life over in a warmer place - California.
Best wishes and warm hugs to you.
Kay Tee