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Eye problems-need new glasses?

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#1 erika


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Posted 10 May 2011 - 03:24 AM

Dear all,

I am now in my third year of undiagnosed scleroderma symptoms (of which one and a half since skin changes started). My skin is still relatively stable for a year (changed shiny fingertips, bellybutton, piece of the upper mouth). I have developed starch sensitivity and my food choice is very limited. I can not tolerate pills which contain starch (most of them do). Joints are hurting variably, more or less with no recognizable pattern.I am sometimes on NSAIDs (according to the need).

One month ago I have had strong headaches and have noticed that my eye focus is "running away". Difficult to describe. But it feels like something is disturbing the balance of my sight. I have noticed that mostly when I work on the computer or read something. Like there is something in my brain that doesn't want me to look further at that particular letters. I have to concentrate hard to continue reading and balance the focus again. The headaches are not so strong any more.

In ten days I will go to my rheumatologist and I will raise this question. Of course I will have to see eye doctor. Meanwhile I would like to see if there are any similar experiences in sclero world. Could it be neuro issue caused by sclero? Or tiny blood vessels? Or just need for new glasses? Any advice? Ideas?

Thank you.



#2 Shelley Ensz

Shelley Ensz

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Posted 10 May 2011 - 07:04 AM

Hi Erika,

I'm sorry you are having eye issues and hope they get resolved soon.

Eye problems can/do certainly cause headaches. Just as you said, the way to begin to figure out what is going on to first see an opthalmologist for a complete eye exam, until then it's only pure guesswork on anybody's part. You'd ideally want to see the eye doctor before you see the rheumatologist (because otherwise they might ignore the issue entirely, waiting for your eye exam results.)

Scleroderma can cause some eye problems, see Vision Involvement on our main site, but it is limited to certain things, especially like normal tension glaucoma. However, eye problems (even those that could be caused by scleroderma) are not counted among any of the diagnostic criteria, so even if you do have something wrong with your vision that could be attributable to scleroderma, it wouldn't do anything to advance the cause of getting a diagnosis; which is either good or bad, depending on your perspective (bad not to have a diagnosis, good not to have scleroderma?).

Let us know what you find out, will you? Here are some warm hugs to tide you over.

Warm Hugs,

Shelley Ensz
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#3 Chopper


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Posted 10 May 2011 - 07:59 AM

Hi Erika,

I have positive antibodies for limited sclero, but I haven't received an official diagnosis yet either. A couple months ago I was having a slew of strange things happening to me, and after looking back I believe stress aggravated things. I work at an accounting firm and tax season can get so stressful. One of the things that bothered me, which I went to my eye doctor for, was dry eyes and when I would go to read my vision would be shaky. The eye doctor could tell I had dry eyes, but he seemed to think that stress or eye strain was causing the other trouble. I haven't had much trouble with it since that week. Do you have much eye strain now or are you stressed? Maybe even go to the eye doctor before you see your rheumatologist. Hope it gets better!

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#4 Joelf


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Posted 10 May 2011 - 09:42 AM

Hi Erika,

I'm sorry to hear that you're having eye trouble and headaches.

I don't suffer with vision problems (apart from being a little short sighted) so can't advise you from my own experience. I would certainly mention the eye problem to your rheumatologist when you see him and as the others have said, it's probably better to see an eye doctor first so that your rheumatologist has all the details of your tests in front of him.

Do please keep us informed as to how you get on and here's another :emoticons-group-hug: for you!
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#5 debonair susie

debonair susie

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Posted 10 May 2011 - 03:25 PM

Hi Erika,

My rheumatologist wants my eyes checked yearly, which I don't believe is a bad idea anyway!

I DO have cataracts, along with Sjogrens, so my eyes do get more easily strained as time goes on. (Of course
the more time I spend at my computer, the more obvious the problem, I find).

If it's been more than a year since your last eye exam, you may want to get them checked out...JUST in case ;)
Special Hugs,

Susie Kraft
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#6 erika


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Posted 11 May 2011 - 08:51 AM

Dear Girls,

Thanks for visiting my topic and finding a time to answer. Of course I will go to optamologist but it may be after my rheumatologist since I won't be able to get appointment so soon. It is important to me that this eye problem seems not to be the case in sclero. May be also something else here.

Susie, I am amazed that you have calculated my last eye exam! I would have to check twice to calculate that myself.

I go home now. It is nice sunny day outside. Wishing pleasant evening to nearby sclerodermians and night, morning or afternoon to those further.



#7 enjoytheride


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Posted 13 May 2011 - 08:51 PM

I think I know what you are mentioning. The word sort of seems to drift off to one side until you re-focus on it. And this repeats. But of course it is not the word moving, it is the eye moving.
I can remember it happening to me. It was when I was really stressed at work. It did not last long for me and just disappeared on its own.
Good luck on your appointment.