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Adding Lyrica To My Meds Roster

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#1 docmartenmom


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Posted 14 June 2011 - 07:49 AM

Hi Everyone,

I saw my rheumatologist doctor at the Hospital for Special Surgery yesterday and she is adding Lyrica to my roster of meds. As of now, I take 400 mg/Hydroxychloroquine, 80 mg/Nexium, 15mg/Meloxicam, weekly B-12 injections and weekly Vitamin D 50,000 units. diagnosis so far is Barrett's Esophagus, pernicious anemia, atrophic gastritis, Rheumatoid, connective tissue disease, Raynaud's, Sjogren's, fibromyalgia. Still trying to figure out if I have systemic sclerosis or SLE (lupus). I have heard mixed reviews about Lyrica, but my doctor is advising me to take it, starting with 75mg/day and working up to 150mg/day by next week.

Have any of you taken Lyrica and has it helped?

Thanks and be well,


#2 Joelf


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Posted 14 June 2011 - 11:01 AM

Hi Lori,

I'm afraid I've never taken Lyrica myself, so can't really help you on that score but I've no doubt some of our other members will be able to advise you from personal experience.

I do hope that the medication will be helpful to you. :)
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#3 Margaret


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Posted 14 June 2011 - 03:29 PM

Hi Lori ,

Please, don't take this as a *don't try this med* but Gareth had a horrible reaction to Lyrica when the doctor added it to his Dilantin, for siezures. Within 2 weeks, his thyroid shut down, his liver numbers skyrocketed, and he was hallucinating. He'd look right at me in total fear and say *I want my Mom*. To him I was a robot trying to kill him!!!

You will be able to voice the fact that the med isn't doing you well....he couldn't. Just be careful....like you said, it's got mixed reviews.

Take care, Everyone.

#4 Amanda Thorpe

Amanda Thorpe

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Posted 14 June 2011 - 04:10 PM

Hello Lori

I've never come across Lyrica but have a look at what Netdoctor says about it.

Every medication we take has side effects and it's a constant balancing act between benefits and side effects, only you can judge this for yourself because what one person may experience other won't and what one person may be able to take as a side effect others may not.

Take care.
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#5 smac0719


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Posted 14 June 2011 - 09:22 PM

I took Lyrica before I was officially diagnosed and did not have any known side effects from it. I have not taken it for a few years now.
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#6 docmartenmom


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Posted 19 June 2011 - 08:02 AM

Hi Everyone, sorry I haven't responded sooner - thanks for all of your input - I am taking it to heart. Margaret, I am so sorry Gareth went through that - how terrifying AND heartbreaking - thank goodness the stopping of that medicine made his symptoms stop too.

It's Sunday afternoon and I haven't started the Lyrica yet, but since my all over pain doesn't seem to be subsiding with the meds I am already on, I am going to try 75mg at bedtime. Here's hoping I can make it into work tomorrow - the possible side effects are pretty alarming. I'm relieved that some of you haven taken Lyrica without incident. Thanks again and (((hugs))) Lori