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Its Like a Switch Has Been Flicked!

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#1 miocean


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Posted 22 October 2015 - 04:11 PM

I have had a difficult time of it the past six months, suffering from food poisoning, going into acute renal failure twice, a hospital stay, another day of fluid infusions, suffering extreme fatigue and weakness, an increase of shortness of breath, chronic diarrhea, rapid weight loss, going to doctors and for tests including a kidney biopsy...I was beginning to get depressed and didn't want to read anything about scleroderma or post very much.


But today it was like a switch was flicked and I feel like me again. My labs are "stable" although my creatine is still high at 1.87. My urine is not quite as foamy. The changes in medications have reduced the diarrhea so for the first time in years I am not constantly in the bathroom. I started physical therapy and already feel a little stronger. I went to my chiropractor today and the receptionist commented on how good I looked. I went to my salon for my massage and nails and several people also commented on how good I looked. Someone asked me if I got new glasses, which I haven't, and said I looked different.These are people who see me every week.  I was able to go shopping tonight to a big store and walk around slowly without my oxygen.


I have no idea what tomorrow will bring. My pattern recently has been a good day followed by a day of needing to rest. I will gladly take the gift of today and hope for many more like it. I just had to share this will all of you!



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#2 Joelf


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Posted 22 October 2015 - 07:57 PM

Dear Miocean,


I'm really happy to read your post and am delighted to hear that you've improved so much and are feeling such a lot better. :woo-hoo:


I think that we never realise how bad we feel until we do start to feel better and I really hope that you will continue on this upward spiral and the good days will keep on coming!


Thanks very much for sharing this with us.




Best wishes,

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#3 Shelley Ensz

Shelley Ensz

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Posted 25 October 2015 - 09:54 AM

Hi Miocean,


I'm absolutely delighted to hear that you are on the upswing!  I also know that feeling of a switch being flipped. I have a hunch that it is because the inflamation has been quelled, for whatever reason.  It seems that whenever I'm feeling my worst, my inflammatory markers are also high.


About 40 years ago, I had been very ill for over a year and then finally had a major surgery that resolved the situation.  Three weeks after that, when most people would still be moping about and complaining about how long and slow recovery was, I opened my door one morning and was overwhelmed with how crystal clear and beautiful the whole world looked.  I was flooded with a sense of wellbeing, and then with the dawning realization that I had not felt that healthy in many years.


To think, that's how healthy people feel, all the time, without ever realizing how precious that feeling is!  I still cherish all the fleeting moments of energy, or a pain-free spell.  Maybe with chronic illness we learn to appreciate normal far more than any normal people do.


I'm very glad that you got to experience another burst of feel-good, and I hope you have many more as you continue to recover from this round.



Warm Hugs,

Shelley Ensz
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#4 Buttons


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Posted 27 October 2015 - 03:32 AM

That sounds wonderful news that you are feeling so much better! I think Shelley is right about the inflammatory markers because mine have at last become stable and I do feel so much better for it.


Do take care of yourself.


#5 Sweet


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Posted 27 October 2015 - 08:32 AM

Love to hear of good days! We take them and enjoy them when they bless us :)

Warm and gentle hugs,

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#6 judyt


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Posted 28 October 2015 - 09:53 AM

These posts made me think of my Dad and my brother.   In the early 1980's when Dad was about 66 or so my brother was involved in a light plane crash which injured him and quite a few of the rescuers go hurt too - long story!!


A couple of years later Dad had a health crisis which lead eventually to his demise.   In the meantime we spent as much time as we could together as family and I well remember Dad and Russ talking about having looked death in the eye.   It makes so much difference to your view of life to realise what a great world it can be out there if you can only see it.