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#1 Patty


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Posted 03 May 2007 - 02:26 AM

Hi everyone. I have yet another question for you all. Lately I have a slight wheeze when I exhale and I sometimes cough up some junk. I always need to like clear my throat now from the junk in my lungs or what I think is my lungs. This is new for me. I have always had clear lungs except for the time I had a little of a collapsed one. Is this something I should be concerned about?I am also still getting chest pain at times but that also has been going on for a long time too. I see my general practitioner the 11th so I was going to wait untill then to say something because even though I get short of breath at times I have had that that ( SOB) from day one of this I think.

Thanks for any imput on this! xoxo


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#2 Sam


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Posted 03 May 2007 - 03:08 AM

YOu need to call your doctor you might have upper resporatory infection. I have to do the same thing, I'm wheezing too, alot of people are having problems lately with allergies and sinuses etc.,. Sam

#3 peanut


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Posted 03 May 2007 - 03:10 AM

I'm sorry to hear. You might want to look into seeing a lung doctor to see if it's something that requires antibiotics or perhaps its a scleroderma related issue. My diagnosis came from similar lung conditions except I had crackling instead of wheezing.

I'm SOB all the time. Rest lots, take small steps and listen to you body,


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#4 Sweet


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Posted 03 May 2007 - 03:55 AM

Hi Patty!

Don't wait until the 11th. You need to get that checked out right away. Sounds like pneumonia or some type of URI. By the 11th, you could be very ill. I'm not trying to scare you, but truly it isn't something you should wait on.

Now I'm worried about you!!! Let us know ASAP. :)
Warm and gentle hugs,

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#5 WestCoast1


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Posted 03 May 2007 - 03:39 PM

Hello Patty,
I was just checking in to see if you had recieved treatment, and how you were feeling?

I do get these symptomes from time to time, it usually leads to a pretty bad chest cold, but sometimes it just goes away. It is different for everyone, so do what you think is necessary. Sometimes it is a good idea for the doctor to see you at your worst so that he/she can have a better understanding of your symptoms. Just a thought.