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Vitamin B Complex

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#21 WestCoast1


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Posted 06 August 2007 - 03:30 PM

Hi Jen,
I was told to take vitamin supplements by my primary care physician, but never by my rheumatologist. He seems to have a grip on what my system is already going through and he also knows how many pills I have to take on a daily basis.

So I am in the middle about this one. I won't take anything that boosts the immune system because of our immune system being overactive as it is. Before I knew about my autoimmune illness I was taking a natural "cold remedy" that boosts my immune thinking that I would finally feel better...it only made my glands more swollen and I felt 10 times worse.

Now I stick to just the basics...Iron and and B vitamins that deliver the Iron properly. I do take acidopholus for the tummy and amino acids since I dont eat too much meat.

This might not be very helpful since everyone needs something different, but thought I would let ya know anyhow. :)


#22 Alexandra


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Posted 08 August 2007 - 12:03 AM

Hi everyone
This is a very usefull discussion!
Here in the UK at the Sceroderma unit at the Royal Free in London,I was actually given a list of supplements to be prescribed and taken continuously as they had been clinically proven to be beneficial!One of the absolute must takes they insist on is the fish oils,ideally 10g a day!Which is a huge amount.But I now get it from my general practitioner on prescription.I notice a huge difference in my skin and joints when I keep up the dose.Apparently it also helps to remove some of the free radicals and by products of sclerosis that we have floating around after inflammation!Also Vitamin E is very good for us.
Phew I need to rest my brain after that!
love to you all

#23 Clementine


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Posted 08 August 2007 - 04:45 AM

I never knew there was an RX for fish oil. There are several instances when it's not recommended to use. A few are if you are on a beta blocker, blood thinner or if you have an under active thyroid. I am still going to ask my Dr. about it.

Thanks Alexandra!

#24 lizzie


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Posted 08 August 2007 - 10:15 AM

I find the variation in advice ( or lack of it ) given by the doctors very confusing - so much for evidence based medicine! Alexandra , I was interested to read in your post that you got a list of supplements that you should be prescribed and take. yet I'm also in the UK (but not at the Royal Free) and have never been given any guidance on this. I have done my own research and after reading papers on the management of systemic sclerosis by Prof. Denton have started taking the fish oil etc recommended. I do though find it rather worrying that some rheumatologists are not aware of this advice or if they are choose not to pass it on!