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#1 Patty


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Posted 19 July 2007 - 08:46 AM

I went for my checkup with my rheumatologist today and I asked her for more pain meds because the meds I was taking are not helping enough for my liking. She said she can't give me anymore so I started to cry. long story short, she did a different exam on me and said that I have fibro and that's what is causing all my unexplained pain. This is just too much for me to deal with right now. I have scleroderma and dermatomyositis and thyroid, now I have fibro too. I feel like I am living a bad dream. You all know that saying about he who dies with the most toys wins, well I feel like she who has the more illnesses looses.

i am off to go have a good cry and then be done with it.


If Life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Limited scleroderma, Dermatomyositis. Diastolic Dysfunction, dysphagia, Fibro, restless leg. Lupus is a maybe.

#2 Sweet


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Posted 19 July 2007 - 09:04 AM

Hi Patty,

Big warm gentle hug for you. I know how discouraging this can be at times. I began with Lupus, then Sclero, then Sjogrens and then fibro. The diagnosis of the last two didn't even phase me as I had given up a long time ago, (or maybe given in, not sure which) on trying to figure out which symptom was caused by which disease. I figured "it's there, it is what it is, I treat it and then try to move on". It can be quite overwhelming at times though I know.

I hope you had a good cry, you deserve that and then I know you'll be busy making lemonade. :)
Warm and gentle hugs,

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#3 WestCoast1


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Posted 19 July 2007 - 12:13 PM

Oh Patty,
I am so sorry that you are dealing with yet one more thing. A few years back I was diagnosed by a specialis with Fibro like illness (what is the difference, I will never know!). I was prescribed Flexeril for the pain and stiffness. I didn't like that fact that it made me feel so tired...however it did relieve alot of the pain/stiffness. Since then, no doctors have even mentioned Fibro. I think that Sclero and fibro (along with so many other things), share symptoms...the pain is intertwined. I really can't tell one from the next. I would be curious to see what my rheumatologist says now about having fibro along with MCTD. I take a pain med when needed and Plaquenil along with Prilosec and Naproxen for inflammation.

I really dont think too much about what I have as long as I can treat what I am experiencing at the time. This saves me a few grey hairs....and takes a huge load off of my back. I hope that you can find some peace in this....and a good cry always helps too!

Hang in there...


#4 Elehos


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Posted 19 July 2007 - 12:34 PM

Hi Patty,

It seems that so many things can cause fibro, from infections to car accidents, so it's really not a surprise for it to come up at some point. I've received a mixed diagnosis on that one, still waiting on certain things for the 100% diagnosis lupus, sclero, and polymyositis, but it may also be a type of muscular dystrophy wreaking havoc. Always something with us, huh?

As far as "whoever has the most illnesses loses" is more of a matter of perspective though, and there are days I admit that I would agree with that statement wholeheartedly. If I hadn't gone through so many things throughout my entire life, I may never have developed depth, character, and compassion, and a freaky sense of humor, which are far more important than just having a healthy body. You've also got a treasure chest building up. Would I like to feel good just for once? YES! But not at the risk of losing everything else. I'm so sorry that your posts are helpful because you're suffering too, but your presence here is far more important than you know, and you're far from a loser. If anyone else would like to put in their two cents as well, please do!

I do hope you find relief from the pain, and that your doctor will be more cooperative as well.

Hugs and best wishes,


#5 nan


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Posted 19 July 2007 - 03:56 PM

I was first diagnosis with Fibromyalgia in 1998 along with Sjogren's. I got the CREST/limited scleroderma diagnosis in 2006. I will never forget the rheumatologist at Johns Hopkins saying that she was so sorry that I had CREST, that it was very unfortunate for me. She then said," Fibromyalgia is just a nuisance. I had never thought of it that way because it is so painful. I guess she looks at it from the perspective that it isn't life threatening like scleroderma can be. Keep your chin up and I hope that you will see happier days. I send good vibes your way. :D

#6 emmie


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Posted 19 July 2007 - 04:50 PM


Pinch, poke, you owe me a coke! I had the same diagnosis added today!!! How wierd is that!!! I'm too tired and hurting too much (ha!) to report on the rest of my 6 hour day at various doctor's offices having ever so much fun.

Don't worry, honey, we'll deal with this just like all the others do: with a smile on our faces and a song in our hearts and a pitchfork ready for anyone who gets in our way. Oops--did I say that? Must be time for bed. At least we have answers for the pain that hasn't been fitting into the "other neat little boxes". Sleep well.

xoxo emmie