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Vaginal Dryness

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#21 debonair susie

debonair susie

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Posted 15 January 2008 - 07:14 AM

Hi moyashi,

No, I've not tried Replens yet, but I will. As things now are, it's not a good situation.

So... it's up to me, eh? :lol:

Hugs, Susie
Special Hugs,

Susie Kraft
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#22 moyashi



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Posted 15 January 2008 - 05:09 PM

Hi Susie,

Let us know if does help your situation. goodluck! I really hope you get a long time solution.

#23 CFMBabs


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Posted 15 January 2008 - 09:19 PM

Sorry! But I too suffer with this but it made me giggle (if you can't laugh at yourself then no one can) I sort of imagined me and the chip pan taking it to bed.
Seriously though it's not at all funny and I get a lot of irritation not to mention itching with this, usually relieved by a good old soak in the bath -- why I don't know?
I could always mention this to my general practitioner but knowing her she'd probably report me to a social worker or throw me out of the surgery -- Have I mentioned her lack of knowledge and sympathy regarding sclero?

A delicate subject but one I feel needs to be discussed, looks like it a pretty common problem.

Best wishes,


#24 KarenL


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Posted 16 January 2008 - 08:44 AM

I don't think I'm so much dry as just really painful. It almost feels like when my hubby is trying to "get in" that something is blocking him. He says, 'he's in'...(oh my, did I really type that? oh well these people don't REALLY know me LOL) but it feels like sandpaper or like a wall is preventing him. As you can guess, it's made me very hesitant, and like Barb, rather do without than be in pain..who wouldn't??

I thought it was menopause too, it probably is but then again maybe sclero?? I do this with every little symptom, is it this or that. Of course we have anxiety, this disease is baffling!

Anyway, we found a lube that works pretty well, its silicon based and (embarressed again) we found it in a gay men's store in NYC, as we strolled in unawares! It's called 'eros' and made in Germany. The man in the store was very helpful and gave us a free sample as it is very expensive, but maybe there's other silicon based lubes made in the US? Thank goodness for this forum!! It's so amazingly nice to know I am not alone in this disease.
Peace all,


#25 LoriAnn


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Posted 18 January 2008 - 05:24 AM

I saw that this topic was back and wanted to give everyone an update. I went to my gyno and found out that I have a condition called Lichens Sclerosis. It is a skin condition that can cause irritation in the vaginal area. This was such a relief for me because my Dermatologist and rheumatologist could not come up with a cause for my discomfort. I had a biopsy done and the Lichens was confirmed. I used a steroid/cortisone cream 2 times a day for two months, once daily for 1 month and now once or twice a week or more often as needed. I have been able to resume normal intercourse (this made my hubby very happy). I would recommend a discussion with your gyno if you are having any of these symptoms: itching, painful intercourse or vaginal fissures. I was trying to treat it myself and waited 2 years in pain for no reason.

I hope that this helps.

Lori Ann

P.S. I still do use lubrication my preference is Astroglide.
Lori Ann

#26 moyashi



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Posted 20 January 2008 - 05:54 PM

Hi KarenL,

As I have been suggesting to Susie and the rest of the women here, try using replens. You use lubes right before sex which is sometimes, can change the mood, and maybe a little less appealing to your partner/hubby. Replens comes in two variants but I suggest the vaginal moisturizer since it is more convenient to use. You use it every 3 days and no need to apply right before sex. Good luck!!!

#27 dance2live



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Posted 18 December 2011 - 04:37 PM

Hi everyone and thanks so much for all your posts!! I, too, have been suffering with this for 2 plus years. I am still not officially diagnosed with scleroderma but am in the process; currently diagnosed with UCTD (undifferentiated connective tissue disease) with sicca syndrome. Have been going to UCSF for 9 months and they have been incredibly slow at the workup. Have an appointment in February 2012. I am going to copy this post and bring it to my doctors and insist on further help for the dryness.

I see that no one has posted here since 2008 - I hope you guys are still out there!! Good luck to all and thanks again for posting.


#28 Amanda Thorpe

Amanda Thorpe

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Posted 18 December 2011 - 05:52 PM

Hello Cindy

Welcome to the forums! don't have this particular issue but as you have seen from the replies many do and it ain't nice. I hope that you get some relief from your symptoms soon and that your appointment goes well, maybe keep us informed?

Take care and keep posting.
Amanda Thorpe
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#29 Joelf


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Posted 19 December 2011 - 02:02 AM

Hi Cindy,

Welcome to these forums!

Like some of our other members I have also experienced this problem so I can sympathise with you, but would almost definately say in my case that it's age related (sadly! ;) ) and not neccessarily to do with having Scleroderma.

Meanwhile I've included a link to UCTD to give you some more information and please do post again and let us know how you get on with your appointment in February.

Kind regards,
Jo Frowde
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#30 Buttons


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Posted 19 December 2011 - 08:21 AM

I have just started using some steroid cream due to problems of dryness, sore and itching which my general practitioner gave me. It does sound very much like the cream Lori Ann has talked about so I'm hoping its going to help. I do think is a combination of many things for me which has caused these problems for me. I do have Sicca/Sjogrens and have been through a very early menopause etc.

I have to admit it took me an age to pluck up the courage to mention it to my general practitioner.


#31 judyt


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Posted 19 December 2011 - 04:07 PM

Hello All,

I read right back to the beginning of this thread and saw the mention of vegetable oil. It reminded me of when our daughter was tiny and the Pllunket Nurse (home visitor nurse) suggested I use edible oil on her bottom. It made sense to me then that if it was OK to swallow it, it must be OK on the outside too.

I have never thought of using it for this application though - but why not?


#32 miocean


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Posted 19 December 2011 - 11:00 PM

I was told to use olive oil on my dry skin, and I tried coconut oil as well. They are natural.

Actually, one of my first symptoms was it hurt during sex. Then the other things came along. :unsure:

ISN Artist

#33 marsha


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Posted 23 December 2011 - 09:45 AM

Ohhhh Boy!!! I totally feel your pain!!

I have terrible vaginal dryness, inside and out!! It has gotten so bad that when my Gynaecologist did the pap smear this year she had to use the smallest speculum and even that hurt!! Sex is terrible and it is something my husband doesn't understand. I couldn't even think of having it without lubrication and still it's sore! :( I was beginning to feel alone and my Gynaecologist keeps telling me it's perimenopausal. But I am not starting to go through the change yet......