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#1 aniwallar


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Posted 26 September 2007 - 02:10 PM

Yes, I smoke. What a errible thing to do even if you don't have any health problem. My doctor has been asking me to stop for a long time and I know it is hurting me.
Well, I asked my doctor for a pill calles Ziaban. My husband quit that way. I'm supposed to take this pill for two weeks before I stop smoking. I have been very good with the medicine (considering that I hate taking anything) and I am even smoking a lot less. The problem is that this med is an anti depresant and now it's getting me kind of mini anxiety attacks.
I don't know what to do. I was really hopping this med would do the trick for me. I will try to continue for a little longer to see if my body gets used to it. If I have to quit that pill I don't know what I'm going to do with my smoking. Perhaps nicotine patches.
Has anyone have to quit and how did you do it?

#2 barefut


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Posted 26 September 2007 - 04:14 PM

Good Luck Ani,

Quitting smoking is hard to do. I quit 10+ years ago when I found out I was pregnant which did make it easier on me since I was not doing it JUST for me.

Quitting smoking remains one of the big things I am proud of myself for doing. Not too proud about starting in thre FIRST place though! Now if I could just lose 80 pounds!!!

Anyways, Whenever I felt the craving, I would just occupy myself with something else and the craving would pass in about 10 - 15 minutes. It was really hard at work when everyone else was taking a smoke break. I worked a physical job and we would all break at the same time. I had to stay away from my friends so I would have a quick cup of coffee and then go back to work usually cleaning or organizing something. I became known as the organizing queen. And people learned quickly not to leave an unattended coffee cup sitting around when they worked with me....Or I would throw it out! :o

Anyway, that was my strategy and it worked pretty well for me. After awhile second hand smoke bothered me and now it is intolerable for me. There's nothing worse for a smoker than an EX-smoker! :lol:

Hang in there! I know you can do it. If you need to use the patch or gum to help wean you down, there's no shame in that. I commend you for even trying!

Good Luck,

#3 Sheryl


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Posted 26 September 2007 - 05:22 PM

First you have to want to quit. For yourself and no one else. You can't quit because your doctor wants you to. You have to quit because you are sick of spending all that money on cigarettes or from morning cough or some very important reason. I spent several years quitting for everyone except myself. I would cheat and grab a puff here or there. A cigarette here or there. A pack everyone once in awhile until I was right back at it. The only true secret is that you can't have one single puff. If you do you have already given up on yourself. You didn't hold yourself acountable for doing a wrong. You have lost your love for yourself. Use whatever method works. I tried every gimic and even the zyban. I felt when I was in a room with others that I was on the outside of the circle looking in and not understanding what everyone was talking about. I tried the gum. I got hyper and rowdy. Patches made me crabby and irritable. I would use any excuse to start smoking again. Finally one day I decided I wasn't going to give my money to some joker in the business of hooking me on this drug. Yes, this drug. So, I quit for me. It has only been a couple years for me. But, I haven't ever even taken one drag. Sometimes the urge has been strong. But, I have been stronger. I am glad I am finally able to say I'm happier without my (best friend in all the world). Because they weren't my best anything. I gave my cigarettes funerals, burials. Flushings in the toilets. What I finally did was leave an emergency cigarette in the freezer. It's still there. I know I won't ever want it now. But, I keep it there as a reminder of how strong I am. I will throw it away one day, but for the moment I don't need it. I got up one morning using no cruches or special gimics to quit. I brushed my teeth. Made my coffee. Had my coffee. Took a shower. Had another cup of coffee. Brushed my teeth. Drank water. Did my normal daily things. Drank lots of water and brushed my teeth every time I thought about smoking. After the second full day I was getting sick of brushing my teeth so often. So I took a plastic tooth pick and played with it for the next couple of days. Every time I though about cigarettes I got up and walked into the kitchen and got a glass of water. By the third day I thought of them less and less. I was getting sick of getting up to get water. Day four your body is flushed of nicotene. You are well on your way to recovery. You can't sneak one single drag girlfriend. I'm here for you to chat with if you need someone to vent on. Its tough but not tougher than the person we love best in the whole world. Without us we are nothing. Love yourself. Sheryl
Strength and Warmth,

Sheryl Doom
ISN Support Specialist
(Retired) ISN Chat Moderator
International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

#4 barefut


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Posted 26 September 2007 - 06:29 PM


I told myself the same thing:

I was no longer going to pay tobacco companies my hard earned money to kill me.

That is what it is. Here, take my money and kill me.

Feels good to be strong doesn't it? We Win! Congratulations to you!


#5 Buttons


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Posted 26 September 2007 - 09:25 PM

I admire people who have given up because it takes such a lot of strength.

I have never smoked but my husband did - and a lot! I was always getting at him to stop but then I realised it didn't do any good. It had to be when he wanted to do it. But I did say if we had children I would not have him smoking in the house.
Then one new years eve he said he would stop, we'd been out celebrating & won a large box of cigars but he gave them away & never looked back. He found the first 6 months very hard but started to eat a mint when he got a craving but then quickly realised he was getting hooked on them so stopped those. He began to run each day to help clear him of the smokers cough. It is now 25 years on & I know he's never regretted it. He is very anti - smoking & hates being near smokers infact he's very intolerant now & was extremely happy when they brought in the ban on smoking in public places in the UK.

Keep at it but you must want to do it for you.

I know you will succeed.


#6 Vee


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Posted 27 September 2007 - 03:52 AM

Add me in too! It's been 15 years. First I quit "trigger points", like when you get on the phone with a friend, the first thing you do is light up, so I wouldn't let myself smoke while on the phone, then when that became easy, I moved to not smoking in the car, and then after dinner, then not in the house at all, those type of things. When I finally got to where I was just smoking at work, it hit me that it was really stupid and just quit that too. I had to keep my hands busy though. Crocheting, one of those squeezy stress balls, drawing, anything to keep me busy. I even carried an unlit cigarette around with me for awhile, never lit it, just carried it. Once you get the nicotine out of your system, it's the "habit" that is hard to quit. The hand to mouth motion. Keep lots of fresh vegies cut up and in the fridge, ready for you to attack, cause you're gonna wanna keep that hand to mouth action going. Well, I did anyway, and everone else I know who quit.

I'm so proud of you for giving it all you got. It's hard, but soooooo worth the outcome. You're food will taste better, You'll smell better, and best of all, You'lll breath better and LIVE LONGER!!!!!!! :D

Keep up the good work. You'll make it thru!
Happy people don't have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have!

Warm and Happy to you! Vee

#7 susie54


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Posted 28 September 2007 - 01:41 AM

YOU CAN DO IT!! I quit 10 years ago also and it was the hardest thing I ever did but now I can't even imagine how I wanted to do it. I was like Vee slowly moved away from the things that I smoked in or with. Eventually I gave up coffee for a year and drank hot chocolate and was isolated to a small place in the backyard that I would allow myself to smoke. Then one day it was freezing outside and wind blowing,(try to vision this one) I am shaking and can't get the stupid cigarette lit , finally get it lit , am standing there shaking and thinking HOW STUPID IS THIS. That is when I threw it down , the whole pack and walked inside and never went back. I guess I was just disgusted with myself for letting an addiction rule me to that point.
I wish you luck. Get all the support you can get. Susie54