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Cramping In Hands

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#1 lizzyp



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Posted 09 November 2007 - 04:55 PM

I was diagnosed with CREST 2 years ago and have thick swollen fingers and the white patches over my knuckles have increased. I have joint pain in my hands and raynauds and have become much more clumsy lately dropping things etc.

Lately at night I have been waking up and both hands are numb despite not sleeping with them above my head. I have also started experiencing painful hand cramps whereby my hands seem to cramp at weird angles without much warning. This has been a little scary and I am wondering if this means my hands will start curling now? Can anyone who has experienced sclerodactyly give me any insight into the actual process?

#2 barefut


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Posted 09 November 2007 - 09:31 PM

Hi Lizzy,

I can't give you any insight into the process of curling but I can tell you I have experienced the hand cramping as well as muscle fatigue in my hands.

My rheumatologist said muscle cramping is a sign of possible potassium deficiency, which she checked me for, which I did not have.

My personal opinion is that it's just the collagen messing with the tendons etc in there. Do some stretching exercises a couple times a day. It does help. Also, heat.

Take Care,

#3 jefa


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Posted 09 November 2007 - 10:16 PM

Hi, Lizzy. My hands have behaved similarly for about two years and I still don't have any curling, except for a minor inward twist at the ends of my index fingers. If you haven't looked already, perhaps you will find some answers on our Sclerodactyly page. One thing mentioned there is the importance of keeping your fingers active and flexed. Another is to keep your Raynaud's under control.

I am glad you found us here at the ISN Sclero Forums. We welcome you with warm hugs.
Warm wishes,

Carrie Maddoux
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#4 Sheryl


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Posted 10 November 2007 - 03:21 AM

Lizzyp, sounds like carpal tunnel to me. That is exactly how mine started. It continued to get worse until I had surgery on my left hand. The doctors were going to do the right hand after the left one healed. The right hand got well on its own. Sometimes that happens. Read up on the carpal tunnel and see if the symptoms are the same. There are special test to find out the severity of carpal tunnel. I was constantly laying my fingers flat on the bed or my legs when sleeping. I was afraid they were starting to curl. I would wake up at night and conciously uncurl my fingers and lay them flat. During the day a stretch them wide open or lay them flat when ever I can. (Sheryl)
Strength and Warmth,

Sheryl Doom
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#5 Peggy


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Posted 10 November 2007 - 07:03 AM

I don't have the cramping but I do have the ends of my fingers curling = the right hand is worse than the left, especially the index and pinky. Does this mean I will have curling of my hands? My doctor said "no" and I was unclear at the time how she could know what beingthe curling of my fingertips has gotten worse on all fingers which I know is a sign of that. Any ideas if she is wrong or right and what I need to look out for????

#6 Gidget


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Posted 10 November 2007 - 12:38 PM

The cramping in my hands is more of a "locking up" feeling. I may be holding something and then a finger or two will "lock up" and it hurts to unlock it. Stretching definitely helps avoid this from happening. Good luck. Gidget