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#1 Snowbird


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Posted 25 January 2008 - 12:57 PM


Another question please....back when someone mentioned to me on this site to keep track of everything, blemishes, etc, no matter how small but naturally, I can't remember who it was. Anyway, I noticed 2 small spots (not too big, maybe half the size of your baby fingernail??)...and they are a weird colour; kind of yellowish, almost like a bruise...not sure how to describe them....anyone start out with anything like that? I have SS Limited CREST. Thanks again.
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#2 truman


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Posted 25 January 2008 - 01:38 PM

Sounds like the beginning of the calcium deposits. They start out amber and flat, then elevate and eventually (2-3 months) fall off. Some are painful depending where they are located and how much they are "bumped". My doctor has me on gout medicine to reduce the number of deposits. Presently they are only on my right forearm on top and underneath.

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#3 Jordan's Mommy

Jordan's Mommy

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Posted 25 January 2008 - 02:01 PM

My daughter's sclero started out as a few unusually colored spots on her left shoulder. 2 months later, it shot down her entire left arm overnight--it looked like she had been beaten. It looked like a huge bruise, which is still what it looks like 2 years later. I would make sure to point them out to your doctor for photos and measurement if they don't go away.


#4 Snowbird


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Posted 26 January 2008 - 04:22 PM

Thanks Truman and Jennifer....I have my next appointment in February with my rheumatologist.... I'll be sure to ask him about them....in a way, I kind of hope they are still there just so he can see what I'm talking about...I had one on my arm for about a week and it just disappeared...then these 2 popped up on my chest...
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#5 Sd53


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Posted 26 January 2008 - 05:04 PM

Hi, I don't want to downplay anything that should be looked at by the doctor, but sometimes depending on age, we can get spots and blemishes besides sclero problems. Of course I have my share of the CREST, I forgot what they are called, but the red spots that first came out on my upper left arm, then my upper chest and have come out ever since. They go away if you push in on them and then reappear (I think they are spider veins from the tightening skin??) Anyway, I also, since my skin has tightened, have other spots that have come out of no where. They look like age spots, but aren't really dark brown, sort of a tan color, then there are the age spots or darker looking freckles(used to be called sun spots?) I hope that's all you might have. Not too serious, but of course it always feels better and is better to know from the doctor, what could be happening as our skin changes. Mine is feeling like stretched sandpaper these days. It's better to know for sure! You're not alone :huh: :blink: