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Itching relief

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#1 summer


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Posted 07 April 2008 - 06:18 PM

I seem to break out in eczema all over my body, it comes in bouts. I can get it for weeks then it disappears for a week or so then it's back.

I have seen posts in the past about Scleroderma which can cause itching of the skin. I do not have any skin hardening as yet, everything is internal at this stage.

Can Scleroderma cause eczema?, the itch becomes very intense and I scratch so much that it leaves red welts on my body.

I have tried sorbeline, cortisone cream and calamine lotion, these help for a little while then it is back again full blown.

Many thanks

#2 barefut


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Posted 08 April 2008 - 12:02 AM


I don't know about sclero causing eczema but a lot of people suffer from intense itching that may come and go. I know I do. Sometimes my skin burns.

I have only used over the counter remedies which have helped for me. Things like oatmeal baths and oatmeal based moisturizers.

Have you seen a dermatologist ? I have also heard that eczema can be brought on by stress. Hope you are not stressing! Hope you find relief very soon it sure sounds misreable.

#3 relicmom1


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Posted 08 April 2008 - 01:44 AM

I don't know about the eczema either, but I do know I from time to time get awful red rashes that itch to high heaven!! I usually get it ot the "belly" part of my forearm. I had to go to the dr a couple of weeks ago with one because all the OTC things I tried weren't working. He gave me that new antihistimine and a strong steroid cream. It took about a week, but it finally subsided. I also have the terribly itchy skin that all of us have. I use Eucerine Itch relief lotion (recommended by my rheumatologist). that helps. Good luck "cause I know what it's like to scratch until you have bruises! :P
Peace :)
Barbara aka relicmom1

#4 Karenlee


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Posted 08 April 2008 - 02:25 AM


I do not have itching from the sclero per se, but when I had the reaction to the Prednisone, I took an oatmal bath and over the counter antihistamine and that seemed to help.

I did see a Dermatologist a few weeks ago and he gave me Dovonex which is used to treat eczema (which I do not have). My rheumatologist says that will do nothing to help my Sclero but maybe it would help you with your eczema.

Hope you find some relief soon!!

#5 debonair susie

debonair susie

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Posted 08 April 2008 - 06:05 AM


If you haven't seen a dermatologist about this, the suggestions about oatmeal baths really does help.
Our skin can take on changes, that's for sure! :blink:

When I went into a flare... the Sclero and Psoriasis were at "war" with each other... I had to go to the ER and get an epinepherine shot in order to get the itching, burning swelling ... calmed down!

I sure empathize with what you have been experiencing and hope you can find something that works for YOU...

Big Hugs,
Special Hugs,

Susie Kraft
ISN Support Specialist
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International Scleroderma Network (ISN)

#6 Alice02


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Posted 10 April 2008 - 02:29 PM

Very interested! I remembered that I suffered from eczema on my hands for while. Later on I developed others Scleroderma's Symptoms. I’m not sure if there is any connection between Scleroderma and eczema.


#7 summer


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Posted 11 April 2008 - 02:50 PM

Thanks everyone for replying to my post.

When I am well enough, I will go out to the Chemist and see whether they have oatmeal soap or something similar. I live in Australia so there probably won't be a large selection to choose from.


#8 Karenlee


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Posted 13 April 2008 - 04:44 AM


If you can't find an oatmeal soap, all you have to do is grind up some quick cooking oats in a processor until it's powder like, then dump a bunch in a warm bath. It really does work. I'm usually sceptical of home type remedies, thinking they won't work but this one really does.

Good luck.