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Belly problems

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#1 aniwallar


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Posted 23 July 2008 - 11:24 PM

I just have a question....For two or three months I have been having a lot of problems with my belly. I have been very bloated, so much that I look like I am four months pregnant. I thought I was...
I am having many symptoms and I was reading about Colonic Inertia. It sure sounds like me.
Can anyone tell me if scleroderma has anything to do with this? I don't like taking any kind of medication but this is something I would really like fixed. It would be nice to be able to button my pants again.

Thanks for your answers,


#2 Sweet


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Posted 24 July 2008 - 09:20 AM


Sorry you are having this problem. It's one that I suffer with the most. It certainly could be sclero related as bowel involvement is a side effect. I've given you a link. I hope it helps.
Warm and gentle hugs,

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#3 lizzie


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Posted 24 July 2008 - 10:46 AM

Hi Ani, this is a big problem for me as well - I look at least six months pregnant quite a lot of the time! There are some days when elastric waisted clothes are all I can wear - I increase by at least a dress size and my 'normal' clothes just don't fit -or are too uncomfortable to wear. Mine is definitely due to colonic inertia, but is also made worse if I eat gas producing foods such as brocoli, cabbage and beans. I've been very thankful that looser tops have been in fashion this year! I find it quite socially debilitating- I have quite frequently not gone to social events because my clothes don't fit and I feel so uncomfortable. Unfortunately I don't have any solution for it. I take movicol to keep the intestines moving but still get the bloating.


#4 KarenL


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Posted 24 July 2008 - 11:05 AM

Hi Ani,

There are a lot of bowel/stomach/digestive problems that go along with scleroderma. My doctor is doing a study right now on celiac disease and sclero, because me and four other patients have developed celiac during sclero. I went on the celiac diet and my bloat went away. I also had ulcerative colitis and had my colon removed so I know all about digestive involvement. But that pregnant belly thing went away when I got wheat out of my diet. It takes awhile to get a diagnosis, but in the meantime, it can't hurt to cut out wheat as an experiment. Good luck,

#5 smac0719


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Posted 24 July 2008 - 01:13 PM

I suffer from a lot of bloating and gas, but have not been diagnosed whith any GI involvement. The only thing found during my endoscopy was GAVE. I also have a lot of constipation with rectal bleeding and pain due to hemorrhoids (sorry) and my bowel habits seem to change frequently. I was prescribed hydrocort for the roids, but it isn't helping. I also have abdominal cramps quite a bit and can't figure out what causes/triggers it. I have already eliminated the gas producing foods and dairy from my diet. I guess I'll look up the celiac diet to see what else I can eliminate and see if that helps. I'll have to get in to see my gastro soon too. Looks like it's my turn to play musical doctors.!
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#6 smurfette


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Posted 24 July 2008 - 06:35 PM

I completely understand your pain and discomfort. I have a similar issue. I have both irritable bowel and gastric paresis. In fact next month (august) I will be getting Botox shots in the sphincter between my stomach and small intestine to try to control the problem I am having with the gastric paresis. My gastric paresis is so slow that my doctor saw food in my stomach after a 12 hour fast. The food is supposed to be out of the stomach after 2 hours. With that kind of issue I have decided to try the procedure to alleviate the pain, spasms and bloating. The procedure is an off-label use for the Botox but has been used successfully for many years and supposedly can eliminate the problem for 6 mos. to a year. I have also had a bacterial overgrowth that caused bowel problems and that was fixed by taking 2 courses of antibiotics. I have been put on a course of fiber (Citracel) and that is the best of the OTC products because I find that it does not increase gas and bloating and does help the irritable bowel.

It seems that these problems are clearly just one more part of sclero and some of us are just lucky enough to have them. There are some ways to manage these particular symptoms though. If you have the bacterial overgrowth - that does cause the runs - the test is not bothersome - and the cure is easy and only involves antibiotics for a few weeks. The irritable issue was considerably helped for me by the fiber {but fiber can be dangerous for scleroderma patients, as we are prone to bowel obstructions, so please consult your doctor before making any changes at all!}. My doctor was right on that one, just like the bacteria.

There are ways to get some of your discomforts alleviated. Work with your doctor and ask about ways to reduce the bloating. Sometimes we have to be pushy to get what we need to feel better! I hope that you can find relief! I also am glad that my jeans all have stretch and my tops don't need to be tucked in or I think I would have to go out in my nightgown! Good luck and feel well!

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#7 Shelley Ensz

Shelley Ensz

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Posted 25 July 2008 - 05:08 AM

Karen mentioned celiac disease as a cause of scleroderma. We have a page on Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance as being a known cause of scleroderma (and other related illnesses such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis, Sjogren's syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome and so forth).
Warm Hugs,

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#8 aniwallar


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Posted 06 August 2008 - 03:18 AM

Thanks to all for your answers. I have an appointment with my primary care physician aug. 13 and I am going to ask her to give me a referal to see a gastro doctor. These symptoms are driving me crazy. I even think that it is worst than the daily pain. I will let you know what my doctor tells me.

Thanka again,