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Clinical Exam

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#1 Kathy D

Kathy D

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Posted 16 October 2009 - 02:35 AM

Happy Friday Morning to all.

I think my exam went well last night. The doctor said it appears I meet the objective criteria, but of course, its not up to him. Think I will know in 6-8 weeks.

For anyone interested, here is my experience. I saw on the internet many are disappointed with short 15 minute exams so went in expecting that, but my exam was over 1/2 hour and more thorough than other doctors I've seen. I didn't know how to prepare so I arrived with discs of pictures, xrays, and a huge file of medical papers from my doctors. Impressive, he held a very thick report that contained all that information. He had studied it prior and was already versed about me! It appears the SSA identified some key criteria for him to examine/verify. Next? I have been having pain in a certain joint and SSA asked for an xray of that exact joint though I didn't mention it in my initial application so many months ago. I am guessing they found something in my more recent medical records from my doctors that mention a problem with that joint. If this is true, I find it quit impressive.

Thank you all for your support through this process. I still get sad/angry over the fact that I once had the ability to earn more than quadruple the amount I qualify for, but at this point even this small fraction of my old income is a huge in sustaining. I hope to return someday soon, several years have gone by already but I still have hope.

Warm gentle hugs,

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#2 Amanda Thorpe

Amanda Thorpe

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Posted 16 October 2009 - 10:50 AM

Hello Kathy

I hope you get every penny in benefit you can! :emoticons-yes: Like yourself I used to earn a whole lot more than the benefits I now get (they just reduced one and are clawing back an "overpayment" from the other!) and find it frustrating. Sometimes it feels like you're being punished for not working even though you don't work because you can't, not because you can't be bothered to. I loved my job and had been there for 20 years, why would I have wanted to be sitting on my butt all day instead?! :emoticon-bang-head:

Having said all that at least I am not having to drag myself into work each day as some of us are struggling to do to make ends meet. Just thinking about what that must be like makes me feel awful.

I hope you hear quickly and that the decision is a favourable one.

Take care.
Amanda Thorpe
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#3 Snowbird


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Posted 17 October 2009 - 08:28 AM

Good luck Kathy...sure hope you get approved soon...and like Amanda said...and that you get every penny you can, after all it is much deserved!
Sending good wishes your way!

#4 Annie20


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Posted 17 October 2009 - 09:39 AM

Hi Kathy,

Best wishes. I hope you're approved soon! Please keep us posted. Thank you :bye:

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#5 Buttons


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Posted 18 October 2009 - 01:41 AM

Hi Kathy

Glad the medical went well for you and hope that you get disability soon. When you have worked for a long period of time you deserve to get the financial help that you need.

Take Care