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E.R. again for gut problems

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#1 willow


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Posted 03 January 2010 - 08:47 PM

Hello friends,

I ended up in the emergency room for the second time in a month yesterday for stomach pain and violent vomiting. They gave me IV fluids and several drugs to stop the vomiting. I was also shivering and shaking as if I was freezing, though I was not. Has that happened to any of you? They always ask if I am cold and I say no, I do not know why I am shaking like this! I had terrible pain in my spine, neck and head, it felt like so much pressure in my head. My blood pressure was dropping really low, they thought from being dehydrated maybe. I had no fever though, I never get a fever.

It is kind of scary because even the doctors at the hospital don't seem to know much about this disease or what to do for it. They almost gave me a drug that stops intestinal contractions and I asked if that was a good idea for scleroderma, so they checked and changed their minds and gave me one that helped food move through faster instead.

I'm not sure if this is a pseudo-blockage? All I know is my guts seem to have just stopped working. After some weeks my body just goes nuts trying to empty itself out?

Today I am glad to be home and finally strong enough to get up and to feel hungry and eat again, even if just baby food.

#2 tngrits


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Posted 04 January 2010 - 06:24 AM

Hi Willow - Two years ago I went to the emergency room for the same thing. I had dehydrated to the point they said my kidneys had stopped working. The paramedics could not even get a blood pressure reading. Every two to three weeks I go through periods of diahrrea. It does not matter what I eat within 15 minutes the diahrrea starts. It is getting worse so I am having a colonoscopy tomorrow morning. Today I get to prep for that - ugh! I am sorry you are having so much trouble. Sounds like your doctor may need to do some tests. I know what you mean about some doctors not knowing much about this disease. They are so specialized now I don't think they get a lot of training in this field unless they are going to be a rheumatologist. I have had a couple of really good doctors and then some rheumatologists that just didn't know very much about it. I now ask upfront if they deal with many scleroderma cases. If not I try someone else. Right now I don't even have one. There are some great doctors out there who do know a lot about scleroderma but you mostly find them in really large cities.
Hoping you have a better day. :happy-day:


#3 willow


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Posted 04 January 2010 - 07:59 PM

Linda, I will be thinking about you and hope your procedure goes well and without too much discomfort and you recover quickly! And they find the information they need to help you.

My rheumatologist says I am going to need a complete G.I. workup and I am not looking forward to it.

#4 smac0719


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Posted 05 January 2010 - 12:52 PM


I am sorry to hear you are having such problems. I hope you are able to find a cause and treatment some time soon.
I may have Scleroderma, but Scleroderma doesn't have me!

#5 Jeannie McClelland

Jeannie McClelland

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Posted 05 January 2010 - 01:21 PM

Hi Willow and Linda,

I'm sorry you are having GI problems. The work-ups aren't pleasant, but the alternatives to not pin-pointing the problem and getting the proper treatment can be so much worse.

I remember reading a description years ago of the human body being one big 'tube'. I don't think I really appreciated the description until scleroderman GI complications made me all too aware of how true it is.
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Here's hoping you both get through the tests and on to the treatment and have good results.

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#6 Snowbird


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Posted 05 January 2010 - 02:44 PM

Hi Willow...sorry to hear you are having such an awful time with things. I hope you get some relief and answers soon.

Hi Linda...I'm a little late chiming in...sure hope your procedure went well today and that we hear back from you soon!
Sending good wishes your way!

#7 enjoytheride


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Posted 05 January 2010 - 04:47 PM

For last four years, I have had bouts with vomiting and horrible cramps. I feel what happens to me is that, if it has been awhile since I have eaten anything, then I have a meal, my stomach 'wants' to push it along but my intestines say that they are not going to go any faster and please quit pushing. So the stomach decides that since it can't go one way, it is just going to take it's ball and go home- it sends the contents back the way they came. This usually happens about 20 minutes or so after I eat.
But the longest this has happened with me so far is two to three hours. Sometime followed by diarrhea.
Your problem does sound a lot worse. I went to the urgent care with this one time because I thought it might be a heart attack or something but they came up with nothing. So now I just put up with my acquaintance with the bathroom floor.