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Gastrointestional Issues

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#1 barefut


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Posted 02 February 2010 - 09:21 AM

Hi All,

On the subject of GI issues, I know everyone is different but has anyone found certain foods to aggravate or help with bowel issues?

I know that every time I drink coffee, even decaf, I am bothered like 20 minutes later with cramps and other...

I also seem to have issues with raw foods. I'm so bummed because I love salads, not to mention my coffee!

Yogurt does seem to help.

Thanks for your replies,

#2 Jeannie McClelland

Jeannie McClelland

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Posted 02 February 2010 - 01:52 PM

Hi Barefut,

Coffee produces the same effect for me. I love the taste and smell of the stuff, but unless it is well diluted with milk it isn't worth the discomfort I have after drinking it. Soft breads seem to be one of my problem foods. I have trouble swallowing anything stodgy and too much bread seems to take forever to clear my system. Anything very rough like some of the granola bars cause me some pain and very hot/spicy foods are off my list of OK things.

Since I underwent a full fundoplication, I am no longer aware of any reflux, but I'm getting stomach and upper intestinal pain more often. I also have the constipation/diarrhea cycle.
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#3 summer


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Posted 02 February 2010 - 04:52 PM

Hi Barefut,

Sorry to read that you as well are having problems with food.

I was just wondering whether you or anyone else has tried eating soups, or milk or any type of liquid, without eating solids.

I'm at the stage now that I am seriously looking at giving this a trial.

I'll be interested to know what type of response you will get from this post.

Kind regards,


#4 Buttons


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Posted 03 February 2010 - 01:59 AM

I'm like Jeannie and find that stodgy food seems very slow at going down. I love fresh bread but struggle to eat that now especially wholemeal bread, strangely though I can eat bread if it's toasted. I also take capsules of acidophilus, which the Lower GI doctor suggested to try and help some of my bowel issues.


#5 erika


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Posted 03 February 2010 - 04:37 AM

I already wrote a lot about my food issues (afraid to become boring) but as this is my favourite subject here I go again. For ten years I had serious gastritis, reflux, bowell problems (diarrhea, constipation mixed I shifts). I could not eat any raw vegetables, no fruit at all (maybe bananas sometimes), nothing red from tomato or pepper, nothing spicy. What I liked mostly for breakfast was warm toast with butter. It seemed very good to my digestion. However, I paid privately for food intolerance test (they take blood and analyse it) for about 100 food stuffs. It is IGG testing if I remember correctly. It came out that I do not tolerate cows milk, wheat, barley, strawberries and few other fruits. Then I went to another doctor and he confirmed IGG findings and concluded that my toast and butter theory is a complete failure. He advised to eat fruit for breakfast, vegetable soup for lunch and lettuce or vegetables with some cooked or fried meat/fish (not fried on any kind of fat!!!). He advised me to never eat fruit after a meal and not to eat bread with yeast. There are some breads in special shops made without yeast. This advice sounded terrible to me. I had not eaten fruit for years. First I completely stopped with bread. Instead of bread I took some vegetables as a side dish. My reflux calmed down in few days. I started eating fruit! Red grapefruit and peaches were first. I was afraid with a first bite. But nothing happened. I can now eat almost everything (except bread, cows milk, wheat and few others).

I do not have disturbed motility (yet?) in which case the treatment is different but there is for sure food which is easily digested and which goes quickly through digestion system (fruit, vegetables).

Digestive enzymes help me. Consult a nutritionist! There are also a lot of nutritional advices on internet.
Feed well!


#6 enjoytheride


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Posted 03 February 2010 - 05:55 AM

I dream of chocolate- but that's all now. :( Chocolate's off the list. I have trouble with bread but have found a haven with english muffins (why I have no idea.)

I like salads too. If I cut the carrots small (or even shred them), I have no problem. But I tend to use a simple homemade dressing that is not spicy. Luckily it's my favorite.

Since yogurt works for you, have you tried a yogurt dressing?
But I keep eating popcorn even though that is slow going too. Got to get some discipline here. :)

#7 enjoytheride


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Posted 03 February 2010 - 05:57 AM

Oh I forgot- I have found some relief with eating foods that have fat and carbs or fat and protein but not fat, protein and carbs at the same time. The protein and carbs use different digestive processes and spacing what goes in at the same time can help, at least for me.

#8 alice1


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Posted 03 February 2010 - 12:40 PM

Sounds silly but after six years. of bowel problems, I have found my solution, nuts. I eat a handful of cashew every day or every other day. It works for me....alice

#9 MaryFanPhilly


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Posted 05 February 2010 - 10:44 AM

Yep, this is a common problem alright, and so many different issues.... personally I struggle with almost everything I eat. Not only do I have problems actually eating because my mouth has shrunk and my jaw is so tight, but have had to learn what I can eat, when I can eat and how I have to eat. I won't even get into my digestive problems but they make life miserable.

Chocolate and caffeine aren't a problem for me, but perhaps it's because I don't eat them much? I do have problems with processed foods, like canned soup. There must be some spice or perhaps a preservative that bothers me in particular. Any milk or ice cream is bothersome. So I've gotten used to soy milk and frozen soy, which aren't bad.

I also must eat slowly and soft foods are more easily tolerated. More and more I find myself making a big pot of home made soup and eating it all week. Raw fruits and vegs also give me a fiber attack... unpleasant. Meats are difficult. I try to keep a lot of vegetable proteins in my diet like lentils and beans.

I guess it's a trial and error deal with all of us. My issues are even more complicated because I am also diabetic. No doubt the food/digestive issues are some of the hardest to deal with.... try to find a good GI who can help! I also take a probiotic daily and it seems to help, along with the twice daily nexium. Any help is good help!
Lots of luck,
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#10 lizzie


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Posted 06 February 2010 - 01:08 AM

Hi Serena, I used to suffer really badly with bowel cramps- even missed work some days because in too much pain. That was before I discovered the culprit- Aspartamine.Once I stopped eating sugarless chewing gum , sugarfree mints and diet soft drinks, the cramps all but disappeared.

#11 Sharonvandee


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Posted 06 February 2010 - 02:13 AM

Wow this really is a big issue for many of us and made trickier I think by the fact that food is our enjoyment, relaxation, its our social activity and our reward or comfort, so when the skids are put on life comes to a bit of a temporary halt. :wacko:

I personally can not handle any raw fruits/vergetables unless juiced, which I find is a great source of goodness(I self-juice, not buy commercial)

I can no longer tolerate coffee, or my beloved chocolate :crying: .

I agree it is trial and error and working out what stage your body is at, but we are lucky to have others to share with and get ideas from so we feel less isolated and alone.

Kindest regards Shaz
Kindest Regards


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