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United States


Dr. Barri J. Fessler, University of Alabama at Birmingham. The UAB's Kirklin Clinic accepts most insurance plans and also has a Charity Care Plan. ISN.


Los Angeles
Scleroderma Center at UCLA. This scleroderma center specializes in treating adults who have systemic sclerosis (not juveniles or localized forms, such as morphea or linear.) ISN.
Redwood City
Stanford University School of Medicine. This team consists of Dr. David Fiorentino, a dermatologist, and Dr. Lorinda Chung, a rheumatologist. ISN.
San Francisco
University of California, San Francisco Scleroderma Clinic. This team is led by Dr. Tamiko Katsumoto. They treat all types of scleroderma, both localized and systemic, in adults. ISN.


National Jewish Health and University of Colorado Scleroderma Clinics. This center is for adults with systemic scleroderma. Dr. Fischer is very involved in clinical trials for scleroderma lung disease. ISN.

District of Columbia

Dr. Virginia Steen, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, D.C. This is a particularly good center for systemic scleroderma patients who have pulmonary hypertension (PH/PAH). ISN.


Northwestern Scleroderma Program in Chicago. This center serves adult scleroderma patients from throughout the Midwest. They are dedicated to providing exceptional care while pursuing research toward a cure for scleroderma. ISN.


Scleroderma and Sarcoidosis Patient Care and Research Center at LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans. This center is interested in providing early diagnosis and treatment for scleroderma patients. ISN.


Johns Hopkins Scleroderma Center. This center is led by Dr. Frederick Wigley. Johns Hopkins is a major U.S. medical center that ranks tops in many fields, including rheumatology. ISN.


The Scleroderma Center at Boston University School of Medicine (BUMC). This center is led by Dr. Robert Simms, and it is recognized as an international leader for the diagnosis and treatment of adults who have systemic sclerosis. ISN.


University Of Michigan Scleroderma Program in Ann Arbor. This is scleroderma center is led by Dr. Dinesh Khanna. ISN.
Scleroderma Specialty Clinic in Grand Rapids treats all types of scleroderma and all ages, which makes them an especially good center for juvenile (childhood) scleroderma morphea, linear, en coup, or systemic). ISN.


Scleroderma Center at the University of Minnesota Physicians. This scleroderma center is led by Dr. Jerry Molitor. They treat adults with any type of scleroderma (not juveniles). ISN.

New Jersey

UMDNJ Scleroderma Program. This scleroderma center is led by Dr. Vivien Hsu, who has over 25 years of experience in this field. This is a good center for adults who have any type of scleroderma, either localized (such as linear or morphea) or systemic. ISN.

New York

Lake Success
The Scleroderma and Raynaud's Treatment Center, Led by Dr. Avram Golldberg, in Lake Success, New York. This center in the Rheumatology Department of North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System treats adults with any type of scleroderma (localized or systemic). ISN.
New York
The Scleroderma and Vasculitis Center, Led by Dr. Robert Spiera at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. This center treats adults with any type of scleroderma (either localized or systemic). ISN.
Saratoga Springs
The Center for Rheumatology, Saratoga Springs (upstate New York near Albany). Led by Dr. Lee Shapiro, they treat both juveniles and adults, and accept both Medicare and Medicaid. ISN.


Cleveland Clinic Scleroderma Program. This scleroderma center is led by Dr. Soumya Chatterjee and handles adults with any type of scleroderma, either localized or systemic. ISN.


Scleroderma Clinic at George Washington University. This center treats juvenile and adult scleroderma (of all types) and other rare skin and fibrosing diseases. ISN.

Rhode Island

Dr. Edward Lally is a rheumatologist at Brown University School of Medicine in Providence, Rhode Island. He diagnoses and treats all types of scleroderma including localized (morphea, linear, en coup) and (limited or diffuse) systemic sclerosis. ISN.

South Carolina

Scleroderma Experts at the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC). This is a good center for juvenile scleroderma, for rare scleroderma-like illnesses, and for adults with scleroderma lung involvement. ISN.


Scleroderma Center at University of Texas - Houston. This scleroderma center is led by Dr. Maureen Mayes, for adults with any type of scleroderma (either localized or systemic). ISN.


University of Utah Systemic Sclerosis Program. This scleroderma center is particularly good for adults with systemic scleroderma lung involvement. ISN.


Dr. Kevin McKown, University of Wisconsin at Madison. This scleroderma treats adults with systemic forms of scleroderma. ISN.
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