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October 2011 Media News

Art's role in easing autoimmune illness symptoms. An innovative Newcastle research project is measuring the impact of creating art on the symptoms and overall wellbeing of people living with an autoimmune illness. HealthCanal. 10/04/2011. (Also see: Emotional Adjustment)
Fruits and Vegetables Could Modify Gene Linked to Heart Disease. Eating a healthy amount of greens could have an effect on genes linked to heart disease. ABC News. 10/11/2011. (Also see: Scleroderma Food Guide and Heart Involvement)
Vitamins and Supplements Linked to Higher Risk of Death in Older Women. If you think you're doing your body good by popping a daily multivitamin or supplementing with extra vitamin C or E, think again. Time Healthland. 10/11/2011. (Also see: Scleroderma Supplement Guide)
Can Your Toothbrush Make You Sick? Toothbrushes should be clean: After all, their whole purpose is to scrub all the germs out of your mouth. But as it turns out, dirty toothbrushes could make you sick. Sniffle Solutions. (Also see: Dental Involvement)
Nobel Prize winning immunity research may lead to new vaccines. The scientists' 1990 landmark discoveries enabled the development of improved vaccines against infectious diseases. In the long term they could also help treat cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and chronic inflammatory diseases. HealthPop. 10/03/2011.
Glass half full may not be the best idea. If you are always seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, be warned - it could be an oncoming train. The study concludes that our well-known penchant for donning rose-tinted glasses may be a failure to store risk awareness in a key part of the brain. ABC Science. 10/10/2011. (Also see: Emotional Adjustment: Attitude)
Fish oil and chemotherapy, the bigger picture. Until much stronger evidence counters both my experience and the existing favorable data. I will continue to recommend fish oil to our patients. As always, I will suggest they use only those fish oils that have been molecularly distilled, while confirming that any and all supplements they take have undergone and passed independent testing. Keith I. Block, MD. 09/26/2011. (Also see: Supplement Guide for Systemic Scleroderma)
Do you have a ‘coin' in your lungs? Frequently, patients see their doctors bringing their chest X-ray plates showing a “spot” in their lungs. Also called a “coin” lesion by doctors, a “spot” is a solitary lung nodule which is round or oval, as seen with a chest X-ray or CT scan. Inquirer Business. 09/16/2011.
Concern Is Growing That The Elderly Get Too Many Medical Tests. Critics say there is little evidence of benefit -- and considerable risk -- from common tests for colon, breast and prostate cancer, particularly for those with serious problems such as heart disease or dementia that are more likely to kill them. Kaiser Health News. 09/12/2011.
How do your local health care providers rate? Research and rate your doctors using online tools such as HealthGrades. Reports include five star doctors and hospitals, as well as disciplinary reports. Health Grades. 10/12/2011. (Also see: Find a Scleroderma Expert)
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