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March 2005 ISN News

04-30-05: Bogotá, Columbiana

Colombiana Support Group Tenemos programada nuestra proxima reunion para el dia Sabado 30 de Abril en en la Carrera 9 A No 99-02 Y, Bogotá, Columbiana. Allí daremos inicio a nuestro Programa Esclerodermia con Calidad de Vida. Posted 04-18-05.

Welcome Dr. Tafazzul e-Haque Mahmud, ISN Medical Advisory Board

Dr. Tafazzul e-Haque Mahmud, ISN Medical Advisory Board. I am Assistant Professor and in charge of the Rheumatology Unit at Shaikh Zayed Federal Postgraduate Medical Institute, a teaching hospital in Lahore, Pakistan. Rheumatology is my passion and I wish to be involved in any opportunity for research and learning. New page, posted 04-05-05.

Welcome Dee Dee Hunt: ISN Support Specialist for Sclero MSN

Dee Dee Hunt: ISN Support Specialist. I was diagnosed with scleroderma in 1990. I moderated an online support group from 1996 until 2003. I met many of you, my online friends, through that group. New page, 03-29-05.

In Loving Memory of Ruth Blommel

The International Scleroderma Network thanks the following people for their research donations in loving memory of Ruth Blommel.

Jean & Walt Blakey
Joe & Shirley Cabla
Marina Foster
Mr. & Mrs. Heck
Jeanne Henderson
Pauline Houghland
Joseph and Martha Jones
Darren & Tracey Kent
Jim & Karen Kent
Linda Lair
Joe and Lois Linzmaier
Albert and Mary Scholl
Adelia Smith
Melissa & Steven Taterus
James & Linda Vanden Berg

Welcome Dr. Yasir Elsanousi: ISN Arabic Translator

Dr. Yasir Elsanousi: ISN Arabic Translator. I work as a Specialist of Tropical Medicine and Health. I had my postgraduate specialization (DTM&H) from Mahidol University in Bangkok, 1998. My interest in online volunteering especially in the medical field led me to join this team of successful achievers. New page, posted 03-27-05.

In Loving Memory of Patricia "Pat" Evans

The International Scleroderma Network thanks Marie Parham for her donation in loving memory of Patricia "Pat" Evans. Posted 03-27-05. (Also see ISN: In Loving Memory)

New Page: Remembrance Resources

Remembrance Resources. Ways in which we have dealt with our grief include donating in memory of our loved one; supporting medical research; writing a story in remembrance of them for posting on our website; and volunteering for scleroderma organizations. ISN. New Page, 03-25-05.

In Loving Memory of Rosanna DiMarco

The International Scleroderma Network thanks Sal DiMarco for his research donation in loving memory of Rosanna DiMarco. Posted 03-25-05.

New Page: Tissue Donation

Tissue Donation. Postmortem tissue donation means willing or donating your tissues for use in transplants or medical research, upon your death. Tissues , in this instance, refers to such things as eyes, bones, ligaments, tendons, skin, and heart valves. New Page, 03-23-05.

03-31-05: Bogotá, Columbiana

Colombiana Support Group Realizaremos nuestra próxima reunión el Sábado 31 de Marzo en la Carrera 9 A No 99-02 Y, Bogot á, Columbiana, y contaremos con la asistencia del Dr. Alexander Vivanco, Reumatologo. Allí daremos inicio a nuestro Programa Esclerodermia con Calidad de Vida. Posted 03-23-05.

Welcome Jenny Juarez: ISN Support Specialist

Jenny Juarez: ISN Support Specialist. I'm delighted to volunteer as an ISN Support Specialist. I'm really looking forward to supporting others with scleroderma and sharing my experience. New page, posted 03-21-05.

New Page: Organ Donation

Organ Donation. If you want to be an organ donor, in most countries it is very important to legally specify that before you die, so there is no question at the time of your death as it can be very difficult for families and loved ones to try to make this decision on your behalf when they are in the worst throes of grief. New Page, 03-18-05.

New ISN Giftshop for Voices of Scleroderma Volume 2

New ISN Giftshop for Voices of Scleroderma Volume 2. The lovely book cover for Volume 2, which was painted by ISN Artist Ione Bridgman, graces the many items in our new giftshop, with "sclero" gifts for people of all ages. This is a wonderful way to raise awareness of scleroderma and our book series. New Shop, 3-17-05.

New Page: Cadaver Research for Scleroderma

Cadaver Research. Cadaver research is basically an autopsy but with the additional intent of trying to discover more about a particular disease process. New Page, 03-16-05. ISN.

Thank You to Donor, Lizzy Cotton

The International Scleroderma Network extends our thanks to Lizzy Cotton for her donation. Posted 03-16-05. (Also see ISN Donations)

In Loving Memory of Maxine Gail Mackler

The International Scleroderma Network thanks Gerald Mackler for his March donation in loving memory of Maxine Gail Mackler. Posted 03-16-05. (Also see ISN: In Loving Memory)

New Page: Causes of Scleroderma: T Cells

Causes of Scleroderma: T Cells. T cells are white blood cells that help stimulate an immune response to infections. Sometimes T cells become overactive, which is suspected as being part of the process that leads to autoimmune diseases. A protein known as H2-DM may help regulate T cells, so studies are underway with genetically altered mice to investigate the potential links between H2-DM and T cells. New Page, 03-15-05. ISN.

Lisa Bulman: ISN Support Specialist

Lisa Bulman: ISN Support Specialist. I have recently been given the opportunity to become an ISN Support Specialist! I am very excited about this new challenge and being able to offer my support to others affected with scleroderma. New Page, Posted 03-10-05.

In Loving Memory of Dr. Joseph Korn

The International Scleroderma Network thanks Sharon Deutsch for her research donation in loving memory of Dr. Joseph Korn who passed away on Sunday, March 6, 2005. Posted 03-10-05.

In Loving Memory of Dr. Joseph Korn

The International Scleroderma Network thanks Gene and Shelley Ensz for their research donation in loving memory of Dr. Joseph Korn , who passed away on Sunday, March 6, 2005. Posted 03-09-05.

New Page: Autopsy

Autopsy. Autopsy is a surgical procedure to try to figure out the cause of a person's death, or to confirm the presumed cause of death. Autopsies can be ordered by family members, even when there is no legal question as to the cause of death (such as in a homicide investigation). New Page, 03-08-05. ISN.

New Page: Availability of Voices of Scleroderma Books, by Country

Voices of Scleroderma Books: Availability by Country and Currency.

The ISN's Voices of Scleroderma books are now available all around the world—in Canada, France, Japan, the Netherlands, UK, and all other major currencies, so order your copies today! New Page, 03-03-05. ISN.

Overview France, EUR
Netherlands and Belgium
United Kingdom
UK for Libraries/Bookstores
United States
All Other Countries Currencies!
By Mail to ISN

Open Position: ISN Support Specialist

Open Position: ISN Support Specialist. Volunteer applications are now being accepted for Support Specialists to serve on the nonprofit International Scleroderma Network's Sclero Forums. Responsibilities include serving as a moderator in responding to ISN Sclero Forums member messages, and approving/declining new members and messages. Full training provided. See Position Description. To apply, send an email to [email protected] and we will send you an application. Posted 03-01-05.

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