Causes of Scleroderma: Stress

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Stress and Disease
Stress and Fertility
Stress and Inflammation
Reducing Stress

Overview of Stress and Disease

Stress dramatically slows wound healing.

Fair Fun House by Janet PaulmennStress can cause hormonal and cellular changes in our bodies which can lead to a variety of medical problems.

Chronic stress is thought to be a trigger for the development or exacerbation of autoimmune diseases.

On the other hand, there might also be a positive role for stress in reducing inflammation in some circumstances. (Also see What is Scleroderma? and Emotional Adjustment and Scleroderma)

How Stress Can Make Therapy Sessions More Effective. Therapy is all about learning how to cope and manage difficult situations better, but sessions may not always equip patients with the practical tools they need to face challenges when they occur. Times Healthland, 08/27/2013.

Healthy Lifestyle May Offset Job Stress, Study Finds. Job stress increases the risk of heart disease, but living a healthy lifestyle can significantly reduce that risk. WebMD, 05/13/2013.

Stress and Disease

Depression and Stress Could Be 'Perfect Storm' for Heart Disease Patients. The combination of depression and stress may increase the chance of a patient dying of heart disease. Time Healthland, 03/10/2015. (Also see Depression)

Exploring the Effects of Pain and Stress on Wound Healing. Pain and associated stress may deleteriously affect wound healing through a multitude of mechanisms. Lippincott Nursing Center.

The Immune System and Stress. Dental students volunteered to receive small cuts on the roofs of their mouths and their wounds took 40 percent longer to heal when they were under the stress of exams. HealthDay, 03/11/2015.

Stressed? You're more likely to suffer heart disease from it if you're a woman. Women are at greater risk from heart disease caused by stress than men, according to new research. Mail Online, 10/13/2014.

Immune responses to stress in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and psoriasis. Patients with RA have a different immune response to stress than patients with psoriasis or healthy controls. More needs to be learned about the complex interaction between stress, immune parameters and chronic inflammation. PubMed, Rheumatology (Oxford), 2014 May 20. (Also see Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriasis)

Stress and Fertility

Stress May Affect Fertility. This study indicates that if a woman was having difficulty becoming pregnant, it would be harmless, and might be helpful, to consider stress-reduction techniques. New York Times, 03/24/2014. (Also see Pregnancy and Systemic Scleroderma)

Stress and Inflammation

Stressing out your body could help control chronic inflammation. If you place the human body under enough stress, the immune system will stand down and that, in turn, may calm the systemic inflammation and relieve the pain and disability that comes with a chronically overactive immune response. Crohn's Forum, 05/06/2014. (Also see Autoimmunity)

Reducing Stress

Photo of star ornamentCoping Stategies. A healthy emotional adjustment is an important part of having a good quality of life (QOL). It is even more important when you have a chronic illness such as scleroderma. Maintaining healthy routines such as exercise and diet, taking your medications properly, staying close to family and friends, and knowing how you feel emotionally and physically all contribute to your overall state of being. ISN.

Overview of Coping with Scleroderma
Coping with a Child's Chronic Illness
Coping Strategies
Support Group Stories
Evaluating State of Mind and QOL
Personal Stories
Personal Stories of Child with Scleroderma

It’s NOT all in your head, daily life IS hard but anxiety CAN be good for you. Stress manifests itself differently in different people — but it's not all equal. Mail Online, 11/18/2015.

How Writing Heals Wounds — Of Both the Mind and Body. Talking about difficult experiences can be a way of easing the emotional pain of trauma, but the latest research shows that expressing emotions in words can also speed physical healing. Times Healthland, 07/13/2013.

Feeling Stressed? Then You May Become More Helpful. In communal relationships, the habitual behavior is to take care of each other's needs. Times Healthland, 07/02/2013.

Social support: Tap this tool to reduce stress. Having close friends and family on whom you can count has far-reaching benefits for your health. Here's how to build and maintain these essential relationships. Mayo Clinic.

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